The Boy Who Returned from the Sea

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The ensuing frantic search is unsuccessful, and Beth goes through a sustained nervous breakdown. Unable to cope with her devastation, Beth unintentionally neglects her other children, Vincent and Kerry.

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After nine years, the family has seemingly accepted that Ben has gone forever, when a familiar-looking boy turns up at their house, introducing himself as Sam and offers to mow their lawn. Beth is convinced that Sam is actually her son, and begins an investigation that culminates in the discovery that Ben was kidnapped at the ill-fated high school reunion years ago, by a mentally unstable woman who was a high school classmate of Beth's.

This woman brought up Ben as her own child, until she committed suicide. The attempted re-integration of Ben back into the Cappadora family produces painful results for all involved.

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Eventually, the family decides that what's best for Ben is to return him to his adoptive father, and Beth returns him to his house. One night, Vincent leaves the house and Beth wakes up to a phone call at 4 in the morning to find out Vincent is in prison. Candy, Beth and Pat speak about whether Vincent's actions are taking it too far, and while Beth is entering the visitor area, she speaks to Candy whether Vincent hates her or not, and Candy reassures her he loves her.

After speaking with him during visitor hours, she reveals a man's car was totaled and Vincent could've died because of what he did, which leads to the conclusion Vincent was drunk driving. They hold hands and reconcile their mother and son relationship. During the days Vincent is in prison, Beth and Pat develop relationship problems and start sleeping in separate beds, after arguing about what Pat sees of their future, Vincent and Ben, and whether he loves her or not. Another visitor appears days later and it's Sam, mostly known as Ben and he reveals that he remembered something from before his abduction, playing with Vincent and Vincent finding him, causing him to feel safe.

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After Pat bailing Vincent, one night Vincent finds Sam playing basketball outside. Vincent, who has carried guilt for letting go of Ben at the reunion, is forgiven by Ben who decides to return to living with his real family, but first plays a game of basketball with his brother with their parents secretly watching from the living room window. According to a small behind-the-scenes booklet featured on the DVD release, the film began production on October 27, and was predominantly shot in Los Angeles.

Oprah Winfrey was considered for the role of Det. Candace "Candy" Bliss before Whoopi Goldberg was cast. A different ending was filmed which tested poorly with audiences who felt it was too grim. Despite being the original ending of the book, not to mention producer Michelle Pfeiffer 's preferred ending, the studio opted for the more conventional happy ending.

Grosbard mercifully avoids melodrama. And he paces the film so simply and determinedly that its early scenes are like a string of picture postcards, each one depicting a new phase of the family's ordeal.

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Only when the film seeks tidy resolution for a tangled set of problems does this restraint seem overwhelmed by the complexity of the situation. But the only real false notes are musical ones, from a score by Elmer Bernstein that turns familiar and trite when the film does not.

In Variety , Emanuel Levy praised all aspects of the film: In the first reel, Pfeiffer is brilliant as an anxious mother consumed with finding her lost son. Dominating scene after scene, she conveys anguish and guilt in an all-out performance that ranks with her best It convincingly conveys the unspoken bond that exists between people and their animal friends. Jack is not the only human on the island: The mysterious and dangerous Blackburn Jukes is there, too, searching for the valuable amber hidden in the bogs of the island.

Moxie and Jack soon realize that they must work together in order to protect themselves and their island from this intruder in this action-filled novel. Clay Morgan grew up a free-range child in Idaho, where summers had one rule: Be home by dark. After college, he became a Forest Service smokejumper, parachuting to fight wildfires in the western US and Alaska.

He married his college… More about Clay Morgan.

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Also by Clay Morgan. Inspired by Your Browsing History. The Evil Wizard Smallbone. Delia Sherman and Delia Sherman. Douglas Holgate and Max Brallier.

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