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The students murmur, some adamantly believe that the teacher will change his mind and berate anyone who goes back on their word, so they voice their previous opinion louder. Others confusedly hold their opinions in check, in case the teacher proves them wrong. The teacher smiles, and then in one single movement shows us the other side of the paper, the one that was not facing us, but the one that was, until then, facing him.

The page was empty. The teacher was right. Perspectives Why is perspective so elusive? In a world of differing perspectives, which are the absolute truths? Or is there anything known as absolute truth? Perspectivism falls among those philosophical views that give rise to more questions than answers, especially considering we never truly have a particular method of inquiry or a structural theory of knowledge. The view was first coined by Friedrich Nietzche. Every drive is a kind of lust to rule; each one has its perspective that it would like to compel all the other drives to accept as a norm.

A husband who despises low-fat milk would still drive around way out of his regular trip back home to get his wife her desired beverage, only so that he gets to be in the right. And so, that becomes his norm, and the wife lives oblivious to the fact that he despises low-fat milk. Let me come back to this a bit later. Cooley's Looking-glass Self The above meme is a perfect example of looking-glass self. The social psychological concept of the looking-glass self describes the development of one's self and of one's identity through one's interpersonal interactions within the context of society.

Charles Horton Cooley clarified that society is an interweaving and inter-working of mental selves. The looking-glass self comprises three main components. But where's the review? The novel had a rather long and difficult period of gestation. Pirandello began writing it in In an autobiographical letter, published in , the author refers to this work as the " Moscarda one, no one and one hundred thousand. The plot is built on three differing perspectives: One , the belief that our self is one and the only self that we know ourselves to be.

A Hundred Thousand , meaning that we live a hundred thousand lives in the hundred thousand perspectives we come to face in the minds of the people in our lives, in turn giving rise to hundred thousand unique selves. None , signifying that none of these are really a true self and that nothing holds true to test in the end. The Story Vitangelo Moscarda's world falls into complete disarray when, one day, by an innocent question, he's confronted with the reality that he isn't exactly of the same image he thought he had.

Meaning, he looked different from his own mind-view of himself. And hence, Moscarda was to move into this never-ending soul-searching journey where he tries to find "the true self", the one who he believes is his original persona. Moscarda chooses to expose his true self by behaving contrary to his usual self in everyday aspects of his life, breaking down the fake images of Moscarda built to please the people in his life, exposing his true, darker desires.

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This, leads him to a journey towards madness and rediscovery. I really enjoyed this book as I've always had a profound interest in the underlying themes in the story. I'd definitely recommend it if you're into existentialist literature and enjoy absurdist fiction. View all 10 comments. This is one of those books that blows you away.

Uno, Nessuno, Centomila

Pirandello's novel is one of those that will make you doubt about who you are for years. This is the book I would pick up if I were asked to choose the one novel which has taught me the most about life. This novel is not an easy read. However, whenever you find yourself not understanding, there will be something further ahead telling you that you are on the right track. Only by deconstructing yourself, you will be able to open your m This is one of those books that blows you away. Only by deconstructing yourself, you will be able to open your mind and learn about yourself.

Keep this in mind; otherwise, frustration won't let you enjoy and appreciate this novel. Am I who I really think I am? These sides are the many versions of yourself, which can only be seen by the people around you. After reading this book, all I was sure of is that nothing in this world is objective. Life is just an illusion. An illusion that changes with time as our perceptions sharpen up or as we allow our dogmas and beliefs to be flexible in a world where absolutely nothing is stiff or one sided.

Il dramma di Vitangelo Moscarda comincia quando la moglie fa una considerazione sulla piccola imperfezione del suo naso.

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Inizia a compiere azioni che scombinano e rovesciano ogni certezza sul suo apparire. Cerca disperatamente di dimostrare di non essere quello che gli altri credono. Uno, nessuno e centomila. Videoassaggi, un libro in cinque morsi Libri sul divano dei pigri View all 4 comments. Una chiacchierata che finisce con me che non posso fare a meno di sentirmi vuota e sola: In tutto il mondo, solo. Per me stesso, solo. Io ho fatto un esperimento da cui ho ricavato ben tre risposte differenti: La mosca, e il dispetto del suo aspro fastidio ronzante.

Oltre alla considerazioni esistenziali e filosofiche rese dal personaggio Moscarda con una certa esasperazione, il romanzo presenta due elementi autobiografici importanti: Rinascere attimo per attimo.

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Impedire che il pensiero si metta in me di nuovo a lavorare, e dentro mi rifaccia il vuoto delle vane costruzioni. Jun 01, K. Absolutely rated it liked it Recommended to K. This philosophical book was first published in and was written by Italian novelist Luigi Pirandello Pirandello won the Nobel Prize for Literature in ""for his bold and ingenious revival of dramatic and scenic art. Moscarda does not notice it before as he thinks that his nose was straight this image of himself seems to be what "one" means in the title.

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  • One, No One and One Hundred Thousand by Luigi Pirandello.
  • However, This philosophical book was first published in and was written by Italian novelist Luigi Pirandello However, the comment that his nose leans to the right makes him realize that his perception of himself may not necessarily be accurate the "no one" in the title. Lastly in the story, Moscarda realizes that many people may have their own perceptions about himself - the son of a usurer who used to own a bank the "one hundred thousand" in the title.

    Pirandello's favorite theme of the relativity of perception and the fragmentation of reality into incomprehensible pieces is his philosophical core. Closely connected to it is the reflection on language and the impossibility of objective and satisfactory communication between speakers, due to the fact that we all charge words with our own meanings. As Moscarda obsesses over the painful realization that he is only what others make of him, he tries to subvert others' reality by reinventing himself as a new, different Moscarda. But his attempt to possess his own self is in vain, and his only way out is self-denial, starting with a refusal to look at mirrors.

    Overall, this is a nice philosophical book but sometime boring as the plot is so thin and the characters seem to be like distant people no one can identify easily with. View all 9 comments. Vitangelo Moscarda is the central character of this story. He is Italian, married and twenty-eight.

    He has no kids. Nobody disputes these facts. Everything else about his personality--his goals, motivations and manner of being—may be and is up for debate! The book is a novel but reads as a philosophical treatise. Its theme is who we really are. Are we most accurately how we view ourselves or how others view us?

    Can an accurate representation be drawn by any? A quick glance in a mirror shows one Vitangelo Moscarda is the central character of this story. A quick glance in a mirror shows one person, but a glance a few seconds later shows another. What is seen is influenced by the person observing and by ever-changing shifts in emotions, thoughts, happenings and movements. All that influences how a person is perceived is legion. Is there one correct true version of a person or does it not exist or are there many? Moscarda wants to understand who he is. He analyzes the question from a zillion different perspectives.

    He talks to us and tells us his thoughts over and over again. Then he attempts to change how others see him, but his thoughts and words continue. He is repetitive and the analysis becomes repetitive. What starts as an interesting question is pushed to extreme. Does it sound like I have not enjoyed the book?

    I have given it two stars, which means it was OK, but could have been better. It has provided me with mental gymnastics. The questions posed are interesting, and the author, in the guise of Moscarda, stretches the central theme to other topics worthy of consideration too, for example the ability of flora and fauna to communicate. The book was published in It is considered a classic, and I had never heard of the guy.

    I had to give it a try. His writing has a particular style that is fun to be acquainted with. You could say the thread of thoughts are interminably long-winded. Or you can say they intrigue and twirl, revolving in diminishing and expanding circles, one minute tying your thoughts into knots, in the next making you laugh. Just as the book says, none of us sees anything the same. In extension, if none of us see things in the same way, how can we possibly know who we truly are?

    You see I cannot stop thinking about the questions posed in the book! Chris Mattews narrates the audiobook. He does a good job. What is said is clearly spoken, and it Is not hard to follow. In the beginning he speaks a little bit fast. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers.

    Write a customer review. Showing of 14 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Interesting and very dense, but a bit difficult. One person found this helpful. The font size of the Italian edition is miniscule. The entire book is printed in a font smaller than your average footnote.

    Even with my good vision it would be no fun to read. I'll look for a copy by a different publisher. Thank you for the refund, Amazon. I love this work from Pirandello, I bought the digital edition for convenience. However, the digital edition is vy hard to read.

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    It looks like this has been generated automatically, which is ok, however it is clear that it has been published with little consideration for quality. This is why I rate this 4 stars only. I bought this book in Kindle.

    Luigi Pirandello Uno, Nessuno e Centomila Unabridged Italian Language Audiobook 1Cd Mp3, 5 Hours

    It came immediately and I started reading. Great book,,, specially for those who are learning italian.. For level A2 to B2. It gives a new way to comprehend phrases, meaning of words. One of the best Italian writer bare-none. See all 14 reviews. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? One, None and a Hundred Thousand Paperback. There's a problem loading this menu right now.