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Olin Reference DD German Culture and Society: Edited by Holger Briel. Gx "From advertising and 'Bauhaus' to 'Volkshochschule' and World War II, this text gives an interdisciplinary overview of German culture and society, and is a route map to further study. Designed specifically with undergraduates in mind, it contains concise and accessible explanations of the essential issues, events and concepts in Germany, beginning in and including key words and figures. Covering history, politics, popular culture, private life, cultural institutions and social structures, the entries are fully cross-referenced and assume no prior knowledge.

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An Encyclopedia of History, People, and Culture, There are biographical articles: Signed articles are written by experts, who also provide some bibliography, much of it in English. The articles have many cross-references and the work is enhanced by a thorough index. Good for background on late 19th and 20th century Germany. Dictionaries A variety of German-language dictionaries can be found in Olin Reference and in the Olin 6th floor stacks under the classification PF Munzinger Online Portal to seventeen German-language dictionaries published by Duden, both specialized and general.

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Olin Reference PF Herausgegeben vom Wissenschaftlichen Rat der Dudenredaktion. Dx Newer edition of the above. Oxford University Press, O98 Subject-arranged dictionary that correlates illustrations of objects with the German and English terms by which they are known. Directories Directory of German Studies. German Studies Information; New York: Olin Library Stacks PF U6 D59 Contains listings and contact information for German Studies departments, programs, and faculties in the United States and Canada.

Bibliographies Gesamtverzeichnis des deutschsprachigen Schrifttums GV: Leitung von Peter Geils u. Olin Reference Z Olin Stacks CT Extensive listing of German-language biographical reference sources that have been digitized and made freely available online. Elektronische Allgemeine deutsche Biographie: Olin Reference CT English translation available at Olin Reference CT Fundamentos de Sistemas de Bases de Datos - 3b: How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

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