Get Help Now Using the Sinclair Method and Naltrexone

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Today with Dr. J. #23 - Naltrexone Can Help People Drink Less. Why Does No One Use It?

Because the effects of drinking alcohol are blocked, it makes drinking less appealing. Using the Sinclair method is said to slowly get someone suffering from alcohol addiction to no longer drink because it shifts appeal and craving, lessening both. This method is also favored by some because it is likely that there will be no signs of withdrawal if done properly. While this method is practiced frequently and with success in Europe, doctors in the United States have been hesitant to formally utilize the method because it does not involve detoxing from alcohol before engaging in Naltrexone use.

Instead, it encourages those addicted to alcohol to slowly ween off of it with the help of Naltrexone. Some doctors find Naltrexone to be even more effective when using the Sinclair Method because it puts the drug to work, blocking the effects that the alcohol has on your brain so your desire to drink is slowly decreased. Ready To Make A Change? Get cost-effective, quality addiction care that truly works.

Each person who suffers from alcohol addiction has a unique story and set of circumstances. Because of this, is important to determine the best way for you to use Naltrexone to help overcome addiction. There are many different ways to go about using the medication. Working together with a professional will help determine the path you should take in this process.

Naltrexone is normally taken by means of an oral tablet, but it is also offered as a monthly injection, a patch, or as an implant. Discussing your specific needs and concerns with your doctor will help you to decide which administration method will be best for you. Some doctors and rehab facilities recommend detoxing completely from alcohol before taking Naltrexone, while others think that taking Naltrexone while slowly weening off of alcohol is the best way to go. A professional can also help you determine the dosage that you will need, which will depend on your daily alcohol intake. When being prescribed, you will also receive a recommendation of how long you should stay on the medication.

While professionals may have different opinions on which way is best in using Naltrexone to treat alcohol addiction, most agree that using Naltrexone as well as going to regular counseling sessions or entering a rehab facility will be the most successful approach to overcoming addiction, as opposed to relying on Naltrexone alone. In addition, heavy drinkers often notice significant reductions in alcohol use.

However, the research does not indicate that the use of naltrexone is effective at assisting individuals in remaining totally abstinent, but it does most likely result in a significant reduction in cravings for alcohol and an overall reduction in the amount of alcohol consumed. Like any drug, naltrexone can only work if an individual uses it, and there is evidence to suggest that issues with compliance often reduce its effectiveness. Research findings do not suggest that naltrexone is a cure-all for alcoholism.

Rather, taking naltrexone should be accompanied by formal substance abuse treatment.

The Sinclair Method

Thus, research supports the notion that naltrexone is effective in reducing alcohol intake but not effective in promoting abstinence from alcohol. Individuals in these studies often continued to drink alcohol while on naltrexone, and there were no significant or dangerous effects noted. In fact, one method of treating alcohol use disorders known as the Sinclair Method suggests that individuals take naltrexone about one hour before they begin drinking alcohol.

At least one research study has suggested that taking naltrexone in this manner only taking the drug one hour before one is planning to drink alcohol results in a significant reduction in alcohol cravings and intake compared to the suggested use of naltrexone, which is to take it in the morning and attempt to remain abstinent from alcohol. The developer of this method, Dr. Sinclair, reported that using naltrexone before drinking alcohol in this manner is significantly more effective in reducing alcohol intake than using naltrexone as an attempt to help the person become or remain abstinent from alcohol.

These research reports still need further investigation and replication. We will never share your information with a third party without your explicit consent. Dangers of Drinking while Taking Naltrexone. The drug comes in a pill form Depade and the more popular version ReVia and as an extended-release injectable form Vivitrol. Kevin taken for less than 1 month May 20, So far it has helped with the craving to want to drink.

I just feel blank and withdrawn from the world. Hopefully my body adjust to this medication injection so I can get up out of bed and enjoy life again. Lynelle taken for less than 1 month May 17, First day I took 25mg at 6pm and by 7pm my addict brain completely shut up. A miracle, my life has changed so much. No more white knuckling days and weeks of sobriety until the next relapse which was a miserable existence.

Now it is easy".

Naltrexone And Other Addiction Treatment

Happy now May 9, I was completely wrong! After 40, divorced and children grown. My glass of wine turned into half a bottle etc, etc. I thought about wine many times throughout the day. When I drank, I drank fast, quick to have another. The medicine did not come with proper instructions! I take the medicine 1 hour before drinking and mid-day to early evening to prevent insomnia.

The results were immediate and after 3 months I no longer feel addicted but still enjoy an occasional glass of wine. The best thing is that I am in control and can achieve my goals without alcohol interference.

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Sinclair and the makers of Naltrexone! How about the drug makers updating the directions to include The Sinclair Method and make claim that Naltrexone can reverse the addiction! Moebarnes4 taken for 1 to 6 months May 3, I have been an on again off again heavy drinker my entire adult life.

Drinking Alcohol while Taking Naltrexone

Since my children have left, my drinking has gotten way out of control. I have been able to hide this and have no idea how. I have felt helpless the last few years and was even starting to accept my life would be cut short because of drinking. I have been taking this drug for about a week. I can handle the side effects. I am also losing weight and smoking less.

I do recommend taking this at night.

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Gettinbetter taken for less than 1 month April 28, I have dealt with utter hell for 7 yrs although he has been an addict for 15 yrs. I am so grateful for naltrexone , I never thought that he would agree to take the med because he railed against being on something forever. Finally he came home one day and said " I'm taking a new med for substance abuse". He has been clean for 6 mo, which is the longest he has ever been in his life , he is a completely different man and I love the person who created this drug. Thank you for changing our lives.

Meg taken for 6 months to 1 year April 17, I cannot even believe the difference it made the very first time I took it. I took about an hour before I went down for a happy hour event. I grabbed a glass of wine and fully expected it to feel the same way it always does which is a nice warm glowy feeling as I drink it.

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I was so floored and amazed at the difference it made I had tears of joy! I have never in all of my life felt like that. I started drinking when I was 14 in Europe and really started down a path to heavy drinking around the last 10 years. It was just way too easy to drink down a bottle of wine and follow it up with another. This medication has made it possible for me to have control finally over something I never thought I would have control over!!!

Alaskanbabe April 13, Little Bit taken for less than 1 month April 10, Naltrexone was a life changer. The first time, I took it an hour before pouring myself a small glass of whiskey. I drank it, enjoyed it, but weirdly enough, I felt no desire for a second glass. In my case, I no longer need to take Naltrexone on a daily basis. The cravings are simply gone. JT taken for 1 to 6 months April 5, I'm a 33 year old and have had an alcohol dependence since I was in my 20's. I can't tell you the messes I've been in while drunk.

I've lied to myself that I had it under control or that I could stop at any time. There was no "off" switch for me, there is no having just one drink. My life revolved around my next drink.

Naltrexone User Reviews for Alcohol Dependence at

I'd sit at work all day waiting to leave so I could race home for my first drink. On weekends, I'd wake up hungover and just start drinking again. I've ruined relationships, all because of alcohol. It's amazing and I find myself crying out of happiness! My life has been saved by this drug and yours can be, too! Don't give up hope, I nearly did.