Hollywood Through The Back Door

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I realize I have a long way to go, yet! How did you not give up? Is that the main difference between surviving and realizing your dreams?

Back Door Man [Reprise] - Live Hollywood Bowl 1968

Newsroom is open 24 hours, please reach us by email at info canyon-news. If you go strictly by total views, you get a slightly different picture. Some familiar names pop up.

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PewDiePie drops to 5, RihannaVevo is 2 with 4. Our old friend Psy is 6 and EminemVevo is 7. That seems more like it, right? Young boys and young girls looking at Rihanna and Bieber all day long.

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Rihanna has 13M subscribers while Bieber has 8. So who is 1? If you notice the musical artists above, they are all part of networks as well. Vevo hosts videos on its own site that have millions and billions of views outside of YouTube, which also pay artists based on views, but Vevo itself also part of YouTube since YouTube is owned by Google. Vevo was created to separate signed recording artists from Myspace and attract high-end advertisement dollars as well as make money via referral links to Amazon and ITunes for music downloads.

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  • It overtook Myspace in visits the month it was launched. Networks on YouTube use the power of cross-promotion to drive more viewers and more subscribers to certain sites, artist and YouTubers. Machinima is a network of over 10, YouTubers focused on video gaming. The advent of hundreds of networks on YouTube could mean that YouTube may be headed the same way as Myspace, though it seems that Google is working hard to prevent that. YouTube has made big investments in its content creators. But it also fosters the development of multiple networks linked to popular celebrities and creators.

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    I Am Other is the name of an umbrella organization for various Pharrell business ventures including his clothing company, a cloud based music creation company, a bike company and a non-profit foundation for under-served kids. Dennis directed an episode of MisAdventures in John would regularly see various racial incidents, one of which resulted in a life-changing move to California after a confrontation with the Ku Klux Klan in Richmond, Indiana.

    From there, things got worse. It was there, that St. As time progressed, St. John met and befriended a host of legendary celebrities, including Dean, Monroe, Agnes Morehead and Hudson, among others. It was one of those parties where St.

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    John met Hudson, who ended up taking him home after he got drunk from punch that spiked with LSD. The party itself was notable, with St. John saw at the party:. Re-entering the hallway, I heard myself laughing. My head was spinning, and the only thing that was on my mind was escape. By the time I turned the knob to the next room, a strange voice had taken over. It was like walking through hanging gauze.

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    • I felt hands pulling me in the room. The me that had suddenly become this new voice was not only permitting, but was helping to take off my clothing. I felt the naked bodies of men and women invading every part of me. My hands were being tied to something like a hook and it felt as if I was hanging from the ceiling. An invasion of hands, lips, and caresses from every direction danced about on my body as if it were their last meal.

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