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One can choose from white, pale yellow, purple, pink and salmon pink to name a few. Coincidentally, carnation flower is also the flower of the month for January. Vastly popular as the Christmas time flower, poinsettia has been one of the most popular flowers in season in December.

Brides can also choose from the offbeat colors, such as purple, orange and marble. Available in a wide variety, daffodil is commonly used for wedding floral arrangements. One can find an array of colorful daffodil, such as orange, yellow, red, pink and even green.

15 Flowers in Season in December

This small flower is often misunderstood for tulip, another suitable wedding flower. Tulip flowers have been long used in floral arrangements, especially for weddings. Available throughout the winter season, it can be found in almost every color — from red to pink, purple and yellow to even black. It is a classic wedding flower option that you can choose from.

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This beautiful flower from South Africa resembles a lily although only distantly linked to it and is widely available in the winter months. It's one of the best flowers in season December, available in different colors, such as white, pink, salmon pink and red, which you can choose for your bouquet as an alternate to lily. Anemone is mostly available in basic colors, such as white, purple, yellow, pink and red. This is a petite flower with black center that makes it one of the top choices of contemporary wedding floral arrangements.

However, it is best to use them in centerpieces as the flowers will not dry up quickly. This blossom comes from a flowering shrub. Due to its longevity and lush bright pink color petals, camellia remains as one of the most admired flower choices for brides. Named after the Star of Bethlehem, this star shaped flower is among popular blooming flowers in season December. It is a white flower that gravitates towards light naturally and can stay fresh for up to 3 weeks in vase. With its subtle color and yellow accents, this flower is a classic choice for weddings. This fragrant flower is available in an array of colors, such as hot pink, white, red and purple to name a few.

They are also available in ombre effect with two colors. Despite its petite size, it is broadly used in floral arrangements for weddings and is also normally woven into corsages. This flower may have got its name from its bright yellow color, but it is also widely available in other colors such as red, white, orange, pink and yellow. These are a great alternate for stereotypical wedding flowers such as rose, which tend to be expensive during winters.

This small flower blooms abundantly in winter season and because of its small size, it's used as fillers in floral arrangements for wedding. It seems easy enough to incorporate into a cookie, right? I had a case of bona fide baker's block.

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It has much to do with two failed Croatian Potica bread recipes that recently threw me off my game. But I'll go into that later. Today, these came to me in a daydream about cheesecake. Somehow a stray synapse fired in my brain, and I came up with these little bite-sized blossoms. Cranberry Orange Blossoms Flower cookies with a cranberry center. The addition of orange zest is very important in this recipe. It gives these buttery morsels a fresh flavor that cannot be achieved with orange extract alone.

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This Friday is National Cookie Day,! Check back for cookie recipes galore! K-town folks, if you're not into baking stop by Ham n' Goodys for a famous lemon cookie. They are outstanding and it's a great way to celebrate National Cookie Day!

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My Books Available Now! I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to 2 and 3 ingredient recipes.

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Much as I love to dive into a lengthy baking project and oh, do I ever! There's no better example of t Caramel Apple Monkey Bread. Rich caramel sauce and diced apples give ordinary monkey bread a fall makeover. It makes a delicious and cozy breakfast for overnight guests Cranberry Almond Coffee Cake.

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  7. Tangy sour cream coffee cake is layered with sugared cranberries and almonds for a true taste of the Christmas season. This recipe makes two These items are curated for bakers and confectioners of every stripe. Practical baking basics, creative tools, and special ingredients will Flowers of Scotland Sugar Cookies. Christmas tree-shaped sugar cookies covered with white royal icing get a botanical makeover with edible flower petals.

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