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Or search by category: Back to Media Room. Meet the Team Led by renowned transplant surgeons with decades of collective experience, our multidisciplinary staff takes an integrated approach to care that addresses the whole person—medically and emotionally. Piedmont Transplant Institute Harrison S. Athens, GA Diagnostic and therapeutic services. What are they and how do they help?

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Patient and donor stories Amazing real life stories from the people affected by blood and organ donation. Partnership opportunities Could you help us reach a wider audience, encourage more donors and save more lives?

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What happens after you give blood? Response to Wales achieving highest organ donation consent rates across the UK.

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NHS Blood and Transplant collaborates on pioneering new plasma filter project. Infected blood inquiry statement. Differential roles of direct and indirect allorecognition pathways in the rejection of skin and corneal transplants. Loss of direct and maintenance of indirect alloresponses in renal allograft recipients: Shortman K, Naik SH. Steady-state and inflammatory dendritic-cell development.

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Continuing education of the immune system--dendritic cells, immune regulation and tolerance. Long-term acceptance of skin and cardiac allografts after blocking CD40 and CD28 pathways. Mechanisms of early peripheral CD4 T-cell tolerance induction by anti-CD monoclonal antibody and allogeneic bone marrow transplantation: Identification of regulatory T cells in tolerated allografts. Banchereau J, Steinman RM. Dendritic cells and the control of immunity. Migration and maturation of Langerhans cells in skin transplants and explants.

Restoration of immunogenicity to passenger cell-depleted kidney allografts by the addition of donor strain dendritic cells. Regulatory dendritic cell therapy in organ transplantation. Ezzelarab M, Thomson AW. Tolerogenic dendritic cells and their role in transplantation. IDO expression by dendritic cells: Relationship between interferon-gamma, indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase, and tryptophan catabolism. TGF-beta and kynurenines as the key to infectious tolerance.

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Sonoda Y, Streilein JW. Orthotopic corneal transplantation in mice--evidence that the immunogenetic rules of rejection do not apply. Corneal allografts fail to express Ia antigens.


Relevance of the direct pathway of sensitization in corneal transplantation is dictated by the graft bed microenvironment. Mechanisms of immunotherapeutic intervention by anti-CD CD40L antibody in high-risk corneal transplantation.

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  • The road to transplant tolerance is paved with good dendritic cells.;
  • The road to transplant tolerance is paved with good dendritic cells.
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J Interferon Cytokine Res. Host alloreactive memory T cells influence tolerance to kidney allografts in nonhuman primates.

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