Ruffles, Drums, and Ragged Men

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He has a long beard and a rotten tooth. He is patch but you still can see his eyes. He wears a peg leg. He is also overweight. Captain Plot is a friendly-looking pirate. He is very cheerful and likes to drink beer. He's got shoulder length hair and a beard. He is middle height and muscular.

He's always scrufily dressed. He's got a sword where his left hand should be and a gun where his right hand should be. He's got a tattoo on his left hand. He's got a parrot that follows him everywhere. Cal Vin, age 12 Pirate name and description: Mad Eye This is Mad Eye. He is a fierce man.

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He always tortures his crew even though they made the smallest mistake. He has long curly which a skull hat covers. He also has a bushy beard. Mad Eye's left eye was covered with a patch. His left was covered with a patch because he lost his eye in a battle. He always carries his favourite sword that is red and heavy with his right hand.

He also always wears his favourite red coat that has blood stains on it.

The Little Drummer Boy

His right is full of scars. His left leg is a wooden leg. He usually wears long pants so that nobody can see his peg leg. Like other pirate, he lives on the sea with his crews. He also has a green that knows how to talk. Khong Fwu, age 10 Captain James is a fierce-looking pirate. He controls His crew very well. He will not give up in a battle. He is always hunting for treasure. He has a broad nose and a long bushy moustache. He has a round face and shoulder length hair. There is an eye patch covering the scar on his left eye but the can still be seen. He has a skinny body. He wears a pink shirt and a red jacket over it.

He has a hook on his left hand and also wears a hat with a picture of a skeleton on it. There is also a white cloth around his neck. He holds his swords on his right hand. He wears a pair of trousers and a pair of white socks. He also wears a pair of black shoes and he is fifty years old. Yeung Fwu, age 8 Captain Black is a fierce looking pirate.

He controls his crew very well.

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He has a scar on his eye. He has an eye patch but you still see the scar. He wears a hat with a skull picture and an old barely red coat. He has a hook on his left hand. He has a sword on his right hand. He is wearing a leather belt. He is a muscular. He lost his left leg. He has a wooden leg. He has a group of pirates. He wont back down from a fight. He has a fierce looking parrot. They are known as a pirate family. Pirate Edwin Here a pirate. His name is Pirate Edwin. Pirate Edwin is a terrible man. He lives in an island call Phuket. Pirate Edwin is mid thirties.

He has a big nose, round face and a smiley mouth. He wears a silver earring on his left ear. He has hairy skin and some scars on his skin. He's medium sized and he's overweight. Pirate Edwin is tall, big and muscular. He has an axe tattooed on his left hand and he has a scar on his eye.

Therefore , he looks fierce. Beside this , he has rotten teeth and is scruffily dressed. Pirate Edwin has a gun in his left hand and he has one peg leg. A colourful parrot his shoulder who follows him wherever he goes. Pirate Tom is a fierce looking pirate. He is a terrible man. He is very ugly. He has a round face with a big nose. He has a black bushy beard. He never backs down from fighting. He is overweight and medium height.

He is well built to fight. He is scruffily dressed. He has pierced ears. He is around mid thirties. He has a scar on his face. He has a tattoo shaped like a heart on his left arm. He always murders his own crews. He has a parrot on his shoulder. Captain Grady Once there was a pirate name Grady. He was born in America.

He lived in a small town called Bond Streed. He was a little boy when he wanted to be a pirate. He began his career when he was a teenager. He travelled all over the world for buried treasure. He owned a big ship named Lady Corona. After a few years,he died. He died in an attack. Grady was a famous pirate and he was not forgotten.

Captain Puck wears a scarf on his head. He has short hair. He carries a gun in one hand and a large old blood-red cutlass in the other. He never backs down on a fight. Captain Puck is a very brave man. His right leg is a peg leg. He wears an eye patch on his left eye. He is middle aged. He is very friendly looking. Captain Peter is a fierce looking pirate. He murders his own crew. He has a gun on his right hand. His hair is long and red. He holds a sword on his left hand. He always wears a red coat. His beard is red and very bushy. He likes to battle and he never loses a battle.

He 's 40 years old. Captain Hook is a fierce pirate. He wears a hat with a picture of a skeleton. He wears a patch on his left eye. He has a muscular body. He has a bushy beard. He always carries his gun and sword on his belt. Once he hunted for whale, he lost his leg and turned wooden. Captain Marcus has a square and fierce looking face. He has a broad nose and a bushy, dirty beard. You could see his rotten teeth when he grins. He has a knife for his left hand. He has long messy hair because he hasn't cut them for years. He is middle height. Everyone is scared of him because he is very ugly.

He has a patched left eye. There is also a scar under the patch on his left eye. There is also a skeleton tattoo on his right hand. And he has a wooden leg. Pirate Ten is a cruel man. He kills all the animals he seen and he also kills his own crews. He lives in his own ship. He goes everywhere to search for treasure. He wears on an old jacket and wears a hat with a skull pictured on it. He has a tattoo on his right hand and a big scar on his face. He wears an eye patch on his right eye. He's quite tall and he's very muscular.

He has a long curly beard. He's bald and one of his legs is a peg leg. He has a fat black cat always on his broad shoulder. He has around face with big eye and a double chin. Black dog was an old bad pirate. He has only 3 fingers. He has long black hair, thick moustache and a big scar across his eye. He carries a sword and always kills all his crew. He wears a thick red coat and grey pants. He was a crazy pirate between Billy bones and Long john silver. Black dog lives on Skull Island were he makes all his crews kneel on their knees and Black dog will slaughter their heads.

Black dog was finally killed. Captain Pete's a terrible looking face. He has an eye patch on his right eye and his left eye is blue. He has a long sword and a gun in his belt. He has an untamed beard and a skeleton tattoo on his face beside his beard. He has a long curly hair, a long sharp nose, round face and pierced ears with a round ear wring on his left ear. He wears an old red dusty coat. He has a feather on his big round hat. He has a peg leg was made of wood is all because of his wife. He will not turn back from a fight and always hunt for treasure.

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  • He was a great pirate of the seven seas. He has been to every sea in the world. He kills his men when they fail to do their job. He has two tattoos on his left arm. He has a half-gold and silver hook. He has a skull picture and his hat is black. He has an untamed black beard. He has a black patch to covers his eye but you can sea his tip of his scar. He has a gold sparkling diamond earring on his left ear. His right hand is holding a long black sword. He has a big red coat. He has a peg leg on his left leg. He has a big gun on his black belt. He has a colourful parrot on his shoulder. He has a big ship.

    His shoes have a gold buckle. Captain hook is a fierce looking pirate. He lives on a big wooden ship in the sea. He's quite tall and skinny. He's got a broad nose and a tattoo on his right hand. He has rotten teeth and shoulder length hair. He wears an old dusty barely red coat. He's got a white cat to follow him everywhere. He never stops to hunt for treasure. He is holding a sword and his right hand has a hook. Kerr aged 13 has sent us a good, bad pirate - well they do say there's good and bad in all of us Tony Mcpherson is a shall we say, good pirate,well he is good but of course he is very bad at the same time.

    He is 27 years old and has a tanned face which shines in the sunlight. He has long greying black hair which hangs down over his face. He is always very clean. He wears the finest of clothing, a blue waistcoat with a white shirt underneath, Brown trousers and the best black shoes money can buy. To hold up his trousers he wears a solid gold belt. When he is cold he wears a blue jacket which hangs down to his feet. He always keeps a pistol with him and sometimes a machine gun.

    He is very short for his age, 5ft 5 and has a good build, not fat, not skinny. He owns his own ship and his own crew of 23 men and a cabin boy. Anna's pirate is called George My pirate design is of a nice pirate who got half eaten by a shark after he was made to walk the plank. His name is George Anderson. He was on a cruise to the Bahamas from England, when he lost a bet on if the cook would serve clams on the half shell.

    After he escaped the shark he found an abandoned pirate ship and decided to give up his big political dreams. He lives a hermit lifestyle and his hobbies are fishing, fishing and reading. Once in a while he uses some of the gold from the gold room, to trade with other ships. George likes to buy clothes, food, buttons and books. I hope you meet him one day when you are sailing to England from the Bahamas. Sally Slapjaw and crew from Lauren. Ahoy there Lauren - you don't tell us your age, is it a secret?

    I'll let her off though cos she has a treasure trove of characters for me crew My Pirates name is Sally Slapjaw.

    Rag'n'Bone Man - Grace (Live from Real World Studios) (Official Video)

    She has a black cat with one eye named mitsy. They rule the sees over powering everyone who gets in their way. Sally wears Black pants with holes at the knees, and a white shirts torn at the sleeves. She has a patch over one eye and wears black boots all the time even during the hottest days of summer. Her scond hand is Ferinand, he and Sally are also deeply in love.

    Ferdinand has curly black shoulder length hair. He wears a black button up shirt that is missing a sleeve, black pants, and black boots. He has one ear pierced. Silver Buckle is old and wise with a long grey beard and large muscles. He has a green shirt with blue pants and boots. Giddeon is young with shaggy brown hair covering his eyes. He wears a grey shirt and brown pants with boots. The four love sailing the open seas and in their spare time enjoy eating vegetable soup and talking about past adventures. Silver Buckle also loves to Salsa. Captain James by George, age 7. My pirate is wearing a hat,blue and white under wear,he has a sword and a gun.

    Stewart's pirate is called Jonny O'Donald He was born in on a boat which makes him years old! He is married with three children. He became a pirate just after his mother died. His only friends are his shipmates. He has raided hundreds of other ships and he is wanted for theft and murder. Jonny loves being a pirate. There is a bottle of rum reward for his capture.

    Captain Knucklehead by Michaela, Age: He would wear ripped clothes, his shoes would have holes all through them. He would kidnap people so that they would do all the work. He would practise punching on his servants. When the other pirates try rob his ship they would get killed. Well thats my idea of the meanest pirate ever.

    He has 3 swords and 4 guns. He has a black pirate ship and cannons that shoot way far away. He has a red pirate flag and he says, "Ahoy, Matie! Horrible Harry by Nicholas,age 7 Horrible Harry wears a white shirt with red spots. He has two swords and a gun. He also wears black shorts with a golden belt, blue and black underwear and an eyepatch. He sails the seven seas and steals money and treasure.

    Blackbeard, by Christine, age 7 Blackbeard is the meanest, nastiest pirate in the world. Every time another pirates steals treasure off him he gets his gun out and shoots them. He is always rude to other pirates. He steals money, jewels. Everyone is scared of him. He yells 2 hours a day. He is always greedy. He has no friends because everyone is afraid of him.

    Benn Gunn by Nicholas, age 7 Benn Gunn is a very, very mean pirate. He is not afraid of anybody. He has a poison sword that can hypnotise people. The name of his pirate ship is the S. He has very, very strong muscles and he has very, very dirtty teeth because he eats fish and calamari rings and never brushes his teeth. He lives in the Pacific Ocean. He doesn't love or help people. I think that he has no treasure. Blackjack by Spyridon, age 7 Black Jack is a bloodthirsty pirate. He wears ripped pants and a black and white T-shirt. On his head he wears a red bandana. In battle when one man dies 7 more take his place.

    His teeth are full of bugs and creepy crawlies. He very often drinks rum. His temper is so mad that he killed his best shipmate. He always carries a knife for protection. So no one messes with him. Scarface John by Michael, age 7 Scarface John looks pretty old but he is afraid of no-one. Scarface John has a big long beard and long hair.

    His beard and his hair is black. He is mean and grumpy. His face is red with anger. He has one blue eye and wears a patch over his other eye. He has a scar on his cheek, this is where he gets his name from. He says rude words, and screrams at everyone he sees. He is evil and cruel. He kills people that disturb him. He has a big long sharp sword and uses it to slice people's hanbds and legs off if they don't do as he says.

    He lives in the woods and has no friends. He has his own pirate ship. He bosses people around. He has a big tattoo of a sword on his back. He eats disgusting stuff even if he finds it on the ground. He wears old clothes, a big long red jacket and big black boots. He kicks people and animals with his big black boots. He never goers anywhere without his big sharp sword. Lisa, age 11 One Eyed Cath has a patch over one eye and a parrot on her shoulder called Captain Feathers.

    Her hair is long and golden like a ray of sunshine, and she is as beautiful as any beauty queen, despite the fact that she lost an eye in a deadly duel. However, although she lost an eye, the other pirate lost his life! She has a bubbly personality and is always lively. She likes to sing about a pirate's life with her crew.

    When people don't think of her as the boss, she quickly works up a temper and literally blows them away with her loud voice. No one would dare to mutiny against her! One Eyed Cath has been on many adventures with her crew. Once they even got marooned, but thanks to her quick thinking, she saved them all. On another occasion, the crew went on an adventure sailing the seven seas, and ended up almost shipwrecked by a giant whale. Molly, age 10 My idea of a pirate would we he would have a bald head and a red bandana covering it.

    He would have a peg leg on his left leg and a patch on top of his bandana. He loves Ale and whisky in a dirty old war cup. He has a treasure map posted on all 6 sides of his wall. He has a parrot named 1,, his favorite number. He has a wife named Polly. He has killed 5,00 people in the last 2 years. He wears baggy black pants. A loose black and white striped shirt. He also wears a black belt and a Jolly Roger belt buckle.

    He wears a black eye patch on his eye. On his head he wears a black bandanna. His ship is named Black Skull. He has a crew of one hundered and twenty five. About twelve swivel cannons. He is the meanest pirate ever to sail the seven seas. Colin, age 12 years I could hear him approaching, the distinctive thud of his crutch shacking the wooden floor. Then he reared his grossly disfigured head, the scars of which told a hundred stories.

    The distinctive smell, sown in to his clothes like his buttons in his coat, wathted towards me. It was a foul mixture of rum, gunpowder and sea-salt. His royal blue coat stolen of the body of an enemy was never taken off, mende or washed even though it was riddled with holes from musket balls, motheaten, bloodsoaked and falling apart at the seems.

    Then in his hoarse growl of a voice he shouted "drink! He was the great, great grandson of Sir Kay. Taken in by a pirate captin who named him William. He learned all the ruthless lessons, befitting a true pirate of the seas. He had but one small scar above his right brow, a gift aquired during his training. Not a saber could touch him nor a pistol as fast. Stunning to look at, but times more ruthless. A large blue macaw parot as his only trusted friend on his shoulder.

    This is my pirate! Emily's pirate has a monkey. One-eyed Pete, tis a great pirate name. You forgot to tell me your age though! He was mean, mean as they could come. He stole from anyone he crossed no matter who it was. His only friend was money , and he traveled everywhere and anywhere for it. He traveled to different islands, England, and many more places, stealing other people money. He had short sleeked back hair and a big bushy beard. He had an eye patch and everyone called him One Eyed Pete, because of it. He had a mean monkey that pick-pocketed around the streets of whatever town they were in.

    He is 7' 8" and weighs pounds of muscle. He has a rugged beard and his teeth are rotting. Captain Cannabol eats only people and in some cases metal.

    He drinks enormous amounts of whisky mixed with blood. Captain Cannabol has killed over 1, pirates with only his hands and mouth. He has a parrot named Baldy that only says curses. He is always on the hunt for treasure. He carries a large old blood red cutlass. He wears an old hat with a skull on it. He wears an eye patch but you can still see his scar. He has a big black wild untamed beard. He has long hair. His red old dust jacket is barley read any more. His pants have one and a half legs. The right pant leg is cut at the knee, so everyone can see his peg leg.

    Dear Ben Gunn, Cap'n Star's the name, killing is my game. I'm the nastiest rogue to ever sail the seven seas. I steal from everyone, including my crew. I have an eye patch over my left eye and my right leg is a peg, but everyone fears me, including Flint and Long John. I'm 7 foot tall and pounds. I always have 4 muskets and 2 pistols ready. I wear a torn black and green bullet-proof jacket and bullet-proof pants. He was the grand captain of the Queen's Spanish Armamda.

    He has a scar for one of his eyes. Evers since he retired from the Queen's Navy he has been the meanest, nastiest, mutineer of all the seas. He has plundered over ships and stolen all the riches, and cargo on the ship. He then murders everyone on the ship. He is and will stay the meanest mutineer in the world. Jennifer's pirate sounds too nice for a pirate His hair is nice.

    He is wearing a whit suit. He has a long, silver gun. He has a knife through his arm. He is clean-shaven, but has no scars. Greg's pirate has long hair and likes sunny climes My pirate is rotten. He kills other pirates and steals their guns. Big Captain Scarface is very fat and he has a rotten temper.

    On his left cheek he has a big jagged scar on his face and he wears junky clothes. He has two pistols and a big sharp knife that he carries with him so he can kill the pirates. He puts the bodies that he kills in the Ocean for the shark to eat. He gets away from the police by blowing up the police's boats. He always gets away from the trouble. Other pirates are really scared of Scarface. They don't want to mess with him. The other pirates are scared of him. Scarface likes to get in trouble and beat the other pirates to the treasure. Scarface is 7 feet tall. He has long hair that he puts in a ponytail.

    He sails his ship in the Bahamas because he likes the hot weather down in the Bahamas and he sails to another contry that has a biger Ocean so he can kill the other pirates. My pirate is really,really vicious. He has killed lots of people for no reasen at all. So he was all alone for his life. So he grew up and decided to be a pirat. And so he grew up going to all kinds of adventures. One day he herd that people were saying that thay were going to treasur island.

    So he went to tell all of his freinds and he seid that he wants to tacK over the ship. When he got there he captured every body and got the treasure map. He found the treasure. He won and got to keep all the treasure all to himself. Chris has a name for his pirate A pretty 'andsome pirate from Hales and a kind one too My Pirate would be a unusual pirate he would be good lucking nice blond hair. Smooth brown face and crystal blue eyes. He would be mean in front of the other pirates so when they captured someone late at night he would sneak out to where they were been held and he would let them free.

    My pirate would be a hero and his name would be Max. From an anonymous pirate designer My pirate would have black soot on his face. He would have a bushy white beard. His teeth would be black and yellow. He would have a big ugly scar on his hand. He would have a long nose and a big golden loop earring on his ear. My pirate would be more scary than both Captain Flint and Long John put together.

    The Little Drummer Boy by Sydney Logan

    He would be a cross from Black Dog and Pew. If you got him mad you would pay BIG time. Gary thinks his pirate is the "meanest pirate ever"! The meanest,nastiest and dirtiest pirate ever,would haveta be like me,"Black Jack Shalaq! He'd haveta be born at sea, in the face of a north wind gale! He'd haveta take his first steps on a sun bleached,cordn'pitch teak deck and under sail. As a wet nosed bilge rat, he'd haveta cut history teeth on the sharp coral of the great barrier reef!

    The rudder barnical haveta have the temperature of a lit powder magazine! The salt would haveta be mean enought to slit any pond guppies throat just to steal his ration of grog n rum n steal his boat! Daniel's pirate is enormous and My Pirate would be tall and fat. He would have an eye patch over his left eye.

    He would have the meanest looking face of all other pirates.

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    He would have a even meaner looking parrot and would only speek slang. He would wear a matching striped outfit and would wear a bandaner with a skull and cross bones on, this bandaner would also have the words top pirates. Erika's pirate is called Cap'n Crabs - ee do sound mighty fearsome My pirate would have to be only one leg.

    It would have to have at least one gold tooth. It would have and eye patch too. It would have to have a hook for an arm. It would have a mean old bird on its shoulder. It would have a raspy voice. And a name like 'Captain Crabs'. He would wear a striped shirt. And ripped old pants. It would have a pok-a-dotted bandana. It would have a patch on his shirt that had a scull with cross bones. Long Jon Knight has drawn his pirate. Captain Jamie Clary described his like this He would look like dreadful, he would look like bad, and we would have to be the bravest in the world and share the treasure with you.

    He would have a leg chopped off and just a sword. No hat and no beard and no teeth and we would have to find a sword. Admiral Amy has come up with a terrifying pirate My pirate and crew would be the meanest and the dirtiest most disgusting pirate you ever saw. You would get seasick from miles away just from the smell. He would have one black eye because he only has one eye to see with. He would only have one leg because it was cut off when he boasted and said he could swim with sharks without getting bit.

    I think you probably figured out what happened. He wouldn't have a peg leg though just a stump because he refused to look half way decent. He would have raggedy old clothes with so many holes that you would think he shot at his own clothes when they were hung up to dry. Mysterious Cabin-boy John Doe has described a bone-quiveringly frightening pirate This is the ugliest guy in the whole world, he has an eye in the middle.

    He only has two fingers on his hands, he has four hands. His nose is crooked and his legs have holes in them. Jason Ellis tells of a fearsome pirate from Down Under He's ugly, a stealer, a doublecrosser, 1 armed, 1 wooden leg, warty, no headed, no toes and his name is No Headed Peg Leg.

    Michael Aube from Maine has drawn an excellent and very scary pirate called Captain Ralph. Michael and his friend Gustavo Burkett have also drawn a picture of Ralph's ship and his treasure! Captain Jack says that his crew would have pirates that were totally disgusting. Scarvy,mean,no legs,one eyed, pirates. Steven Pasquine has drawn a fearsome pirate called Long John Stew. This is Jamie Ling's description of the disgustingly filthy Pirate Boily. The pirate will be having only one leg, a patch on an eye, clothes unwashed since his last trip, and having holes everywhere.

    He has boils on every part of his body. His name is Pirate Boily. Pirates have even been seen in Texas! Eli the pirate from texas has a beard and a captain hat, black eyes and looks like a parrot. He has long,stringy black hair. He has one leg and the other is made of alligator skin. His real leg can bend and twist in all directions because it has been broken so many times.

    What few teeth he has are all covered in black and green. He has been known to kill people with one breath. His voice is low and raspy. His cheeks are puffed out as if someone had filled them with deadly gas. He is missing half of one of his ears because one of his crew members tried to kill him in a sword fight. The crew member lost. Captain loose eye once got in a fight with a skunk while trying to recover some buried treasure. The skunk sprayed him in the face which caused captain loose eye's face to wrinkle up and and give off a horrible stench.

    Captain Jamie, from Malaysia tells of Jamban the filthy pirate. He would have psychic powers, he has a patch over 2 eyes His teeth is soooo worn out by talking foul language that when he grinds his teeth his teeth becomes powder! He would be the most disgusting man in the universe that even the people living in the new York subways loath him.

    Joshua Davidson and Matthew De Groot from Johannesburg, South Africa firstly have something to say Number one we aint no landlubbers even though you did mean it in an encouraging way. We have been on the Seven Seas, you know as Bounty Hunters! Well they're still landlubbers to me! However, their Ghost Crew sound like real pirates.

    One of the Pirates of the "Ghost Crew" has no legs because one was lost in battle on the Seven Seas, the other one was lost by getting into an argument with the most unhearty Pirate over a bottle of rum. He tried to kick the Pirate crewmate who chopped off his leg with a cutlass! Another one of his crewmates had one scarred eye which nearly blinded him and the other eye was gouged out so he took the risk and shoved a big white diamond in his eye socket to make it look real.

    All the Pirates could eat was rotten fish because they could only catch fish because if they went back to shore where the marketplace was, they would be caught and be sentenced to death because of all their murders and crimes. They're bony, but powerful and rotten! They didn't know anything about hygiene or bathing so were all green and smelly.

    They're the meanest and worst pirates that you could ever catch on the Seven Seas! If we caught these two faced sons of vultures we would make them walk the plank! My pirate is an ugly little man. It doesn't matter that he is little because he is the most vicious and scariest pirate in the seven seas. He is also the best fighter of all. His right eye is glass, it got poked out in a fight.

    He likes to take it out and put it places where you will find it and be scared. He has a big ship and he carries all his treasure on it. He does have a lot of treasure so it is a really big ship. On his left hand his index, middle and ring finger are just stubs, they were cut off when he was fighting Blackbeard. He won the fight and stole all of Blackbeard's treasure. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Mary Bleecker was born in the early s and spent her entire life living with her two sisters.

    After graduating from Rutgers College a woman graduating from Rutgers was a novelty in those years , Mary worked for the State of Maine Library System until her retirement. Learn more about Amazon Prime. The plot is interwoven throughout with known historical events. All characters portrayed are completely fictional, although the names of several persons of historical significance have been introduced to enhance the background. Action is centered in Elizabethtown, New Jersey, and its environs. The book deals mainly with events that seldom have appeared in history books but in which the chief protagonists and their contemporaries become deeply involved.

    Throughout the book, historical accuracy takes second place to the narrative. This book was penned by Mary Bleecker at the age of 97 and was her first novel. Within these pages is a warm and convincing tale of young people who have been caught up in the complicated web of happiness and grief, hazards and excitement, of the stirring time in which they lived.

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    Read more Read less. Here's how terms and conditions apply. See all free Kindle reading apps. Don't have a Kindle? Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? About the Author Mary Bleecker was born in the early s and spent her entire life living with her two sisters.