Someone Saved My Life Tonight - A Justice Security Short Story

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The author currently resides in Tennessee, and is writing feverishly in order to banish these stories from his head and into book form. They're called the "grunts" - the uniformed officers of Justice Security. They don't have the cushy, highly publicized jobs held by the plainclothes members of the company - they're the people that appear in the background every day at banks, office buildings, and retail establishments, providing a secure environment for customers and workers.

Someone Saved My Life Tonight - A Justice Security Short Story

Gus Brazzle is one of those grunts. His assignment is a store that deals in used books, music, and movies. Gus has become quite close to the employees of the store, and thinks of them as his family. The song concludes side one of the album's narrative, chronicling the early history of John and lyricist, Bernie Taupin , and their struggles to find their place within the music industry.

When released as the album's only single in , it was the first to ever enter at 1 in the history of music on the Billboard Hot and entered the top 25 on the UK Singles Chart. In Canada , the single narrowly missed being his ninth number one there, hitting 2 on the RPM national Top Singles chart on August Taupin's lyric refers to a time in , before John was popular as a musician, when John was engaged to be married to girlfriend Linda Woodrow. After "sticking his head in the gas oven, but with the windows open", his parents arrived the next day, in a van, to take him back to their apartment in Pinner.

As a sign of respect and gratitude to Baldry, Taupin wrote him into the song as the "someone" in the title, and also as "Sugar Bear". Comparisons can [ according to whom?

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Some radio stations altered the song or refused to play it due to the use of the phrase "Damn it" in the second verse. During the recording of the song's lead vocal, Dudgeon said he was pushing John for more in terms of his delivery of the vocal, not paying attention to the lyric. According to Gambaccini, guitarist Davey Johnstone leaned over and told Dudgeon, "You know he's singing about killing himself.

However, John refused to let MCA Records cut it down, saying that it was to be released as a whole, and the record company acquiesced. John has played the song live many times, one of the best known recorded performances coming during the Central Park concert in September Walter Jackson recorded a version of the song for his album Feeling Good.

Justice Security Series

Sheryl Crow alludes to the lyrics of the song in " Always on Your Side " a song on her album Wildflower with the lyric "If butterflies are free to fly, why do they fly away? Kanye West sampled the song for " Good Morning ," a song on his album Graduation.

This song is referenced frequently by Father Callahan in Stephen King 's book Wolves of the Calla and is referenced several more times through the course of The Dark Tower series. Partially based on Silberling's dealing with the aftermath of the murder of his girlfriend actress Rebecca Schaeffer.

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The comedy film Hamlet 2 features the song, sung by a gay men's chorus, within the titular play. The song was covered by The Ralph Sall Experience for the film. In the Simpsons episode " I'm with Cupid ", which features Elton John playing himself, Apu irritates John by deliberately punning that "Someone saved your life tonight" after his quick response prevents the singer being struck by a crashing plane.

Elton John/David LaChapelle "Someone Saved My Life Tonight"

As far as anyone knows, it could well be the album's only recorded outtake.