Superheroes in Prose Vol 2: The Ballad of M

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She wanted answers for why she keeps doing weird star thingys. I love this series and can't wait until Paradigm Vol.

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It's a lot of fun. Loved the sarcastic character of M. I'm not one for superhero stories but I enjoyed this story. Great narration by Bryan Reid. Superheroes in Prose, Volume Two picks up right where Volume One left off, dealing with the aftermath of Gabe's run in with Liberty and the revealing of his powers to Reagan. Volume Two spends most of its time developing the characters of Reagan and M. Reagan's conflicted feelings about her own existence and place in the world take center stage, and a sizable backstory is given to M over the course of the story. In many ways, this installment serves as a bridge.

It encounters some of the second episode slump issues that a lot of serialized stories deal with, but overall it sets up future events without coming across in a "been there, done that" manner. Narration wise, Bryan Reid vocal work is in top form. He goes back and forth between character voices with relative ease, and his Southern accent jumps from comical to charming while still being respectful. In fact, after two Volumes, I don't think I ever want to experience this story outside the audiobooks.

On the whole, Superheroes in Prose, Volume Two experiences the second episode slump, and a few jokes don't quite land. But the ending leaves things in a good spot for future development, and Bryan Reid's narration work elevates the story to another level.

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I am not sure I am the audience for this series. I just can not get into the comic book super hero story lines. They are nicely written, just not for me.

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This book picks up where the last left off. It takes up into Regan's head and powers. The mixed narrative goes between her and Gabe. The transitions are clear and smooth and easy to follow. I listened to the audiobook narrated by Bryan Reid, who has a nice read. I generally enjoy his tone and pace. The issue I have as to do with the voice of Regan. It was weird and off, just not to my liking.

Sevan Paris (Author of Superheroes in Prose)

Other than that it was a good read. I am sure there are those this series will really appeal to, just not me. It is nice to try something new every now and again. I can appreciate the writing, it was the genre that wasn't for me. Disclosure — I received this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

Superheroes in Prose, Volume Two

All thoughts opinions and ratings are my own. I love reading and sharing my opinions with other readers. Thanks for taking the time to read my review! What did you like best about this story? This is an excellent follow up audiobook The narrator didi a good job bringing to life the characters. Would you listen to Superheroes in Prose, Volume Two again? I enjoy how well pop culture is integrated into the story, making it feel like it's more a part of "our" universe. Which scene was your favorite?

When the big twist is revealed- it's enough to throw you for a loop, but once you realize how it all ties in together, you wonder how you missed it the first time around. There comes a moment when a typical "heroic" choice has to be made, and the way it's resolved is very well written and performed. I am happy to say that Paris does not waste out time with a re introduction of the characters involved here.

Starts of with and continues with a very fast pace. Staring Gabe the reluctant super with stupid awesome powers and that annoying symbiotic alien "M". I find it difficult to give a basic rundown of short stories without giving everything away.

Publisher's Summary

I will say this there is time travel, ray guns and a super villain involved in this installment. While these are very short stories or chapters or volumes, whatever you want to call them. Superheroes in Prose Volume Seven: Superheroes in Prose Volume Three: Paradigm by Sevan Paris Goodreads Author 4. Superheroes in Prose Volume Four: Superheroes in Prose Volume Six: Superheroes in Prose Volume 9: Superheroes in Prose Vol I, Pink Superheroes in Prose: Volume 6 by Sevan Paris Goodreads Author 4.

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    Superheroes in Prose, Volume Two

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