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  2. The 10 Key Ingredients of a Successful Sales Rep.
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  4. 1. They Think BIG.

Think about my offer and have a decision ready by then. You should always be assessing what you're doing right and using that improving upon your sales process. The best thing you can do for yourself is to keep learning and improving over the years. You should read books related to sales, attend industry seminars, listen to podcasts, and follow famous salespeople who inspire you on social media. Immerse yourself in learning and your field and you will learn skills and new developments that you can use to further your own goals.

Sales Tips: HubSpot Academy Presents 10 Sales Tips in 60 Seconds

Model your behavior on other successful salespeople. Start by imitating the best salespeople at your company. What do they do? How do they talk to people?


Ask them for tips and advice. Older salespeople, those close to retirement, are often very willing to help newcomers. You can also search for blog posts and seminars by highly successful salespeople and modify your behavior to match theirs. Set ambitious goals for yourself. Even if the company you work for has set goals for you, set your own even higher.

Work to be the best salesperson in your company. The competition will drive you to innovate and work harder. When you have success, set your goals even higher.

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  • Even when you think you've reached a plateau, you can always do at least a little bit better. There are several ways the beginning of a conversation with a prospect can go wrong. For one, many salespeople immediately launch into their "elevator pitch" without giving the prospect a chance at a real conversation. Others spend too long making small talk and force the prospect to ask why they are there.

    The sweet spot is right in the middle: Don't talk about yourself or your product until you've had a chance to get to know the prospect. Ask more than you answer. In recent years, salespeople have realized that the best way to draw a prospect into a sale is by asking questions rather than making statements or promises about a product. The truth is that people are resistant to being sold to. To make a sale, you instead have to ask your prospect questions until you can understand if and how you can help them. Start by asking them generic questions about their business or industry.

    Get to know what they care about. Get to know your prospect's problems. Slowly direct your questions towards assessing your prospect's problems. Is there something they wished was better about their business? Look for opportunities to ask about a problem they are having with a product similar to your own that they are already using.

    14 things successful sales reps do every week

    Ask them what they think could be changed to make it better. Again, don't make any promises or explanations about your own product yet. You still haven't convinced them of the need for a change. What would be the cost in lost sales? What would they not be able to do?

    10 Reasons Why Top Sales People are Successful: Boost Your Sales Career

    Stay attuned to your prospect's mood. During this whole process, you may find that your prospect is not responding adequately to your questions. Notice their behavior and body language. Are they looking away frequently or talking quickly? Do they seem upset in any way? If you see these signs, simply ask if a different meeting date would be more appropriate.

    Want to learn from the masters?

    Realize that your prospect may be having a busy or difficult day and respect that by giving them space. Explain that you can solve their problems. Once you've assessed your prospect's problems, compare them to what your product offers. Can you actually help them? If not, move on; you can't make a sale when the customer doesn't want or need your product.

    If you can help them, ask them what they would do if you solved their problem. Formulate your questions such that you draw them into wanting to know about how you plan to solve their stated problems. Don't mention your product until you've convinced your prospect that they need it. At this point, you can finally launch into an explanation of what exactly your product is, what it does, and how it can solve their problems. However, don't give them a full technical product description. Instead, focus on the parts that relate to their problem and business.

    Lauren Bailey, President, Factor8 factor8. Then use that review to better schedule for the coming week. Learn to say no to things that get in the way of selling. Find out who your customers are and what is important to their company growth. Tailor all your messages and interactions for each buyer so that they create interest, show you care, and add value.