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In the long run, those 50 pages were well worth it though, because they were spent setting up the characters and their relationships with one another. Since the characterization is one of the reason why I enjoyed the book, I think this part was necessary. I guess what I'm saying is that, if you don't click with the book right off the bat, give it a little while. I think you'll find it worth the wait. Neverland is a chilling tale chock full of good characterization, nail-biting suspense, and an intriguing plot line. Douglas Clegg is a master of fantasy and imagination.

THIS plot is nothing simple; it turns out to be creative ,and unpredictable as hell, and I stand with applause for the hours he must have spent brainstorming this one. Neverland is fun, twisted, gripping. I fell in love with the characters, I weeped with them, I feared for them. The setting with the old house, the creepy shack, the woods - all amazing, beautiful, unnerving. The pace is quick when it should be, slower when its appropriate, and Douglas Clegg is a master of fantasy and imagination.

The pace is quick when it should be, slower when its appropriate, and overall ends with a stunning conclusion. Clegg writes with a hand that holds talent, knowing how to work its stuff. Read Neverland for a good time, an imaginative roll in the hay. You won't be dissapointed. Feb 10, Horace Derwent added it. Nov 06, Bill rated it really liked it. It gets progressively bleaker and more sinister as each chapter passes. Hidden histories and secrets are revealed. Gods and demons are brought out into the light and the fate of Beaus family and the entire town hangs in the balance.

I really du "We all scream because we are alive. I really dug this one from Douglas Clegg. Then it got crazy. Shit hit the fan and the paced quickened to a fever pitch right up until the end. Very well done with superbly drawn characters. I definitely need to read me some more Clegg. Jul 01, Leah Polcar rated it liked it Shelves: It is fairly clear what is going on -- minus a few details -- and what is going to happen, so this was tiresome. Seriously, we already know what Governor's happy sound is.

Ditto for the main storyline. However, the plot was generally engaging in a suspenseful, not really scary, sort of way. For gore fans, there are minor ickies here. In book form see below. Characters are fairly well developed and the setting is nicely portrayed. General plotline is decent. I am ambivalent in the true sense about this narrator. Everyone but Beau sounded retarded or somehow slow and this naturally impacts your feelings and understandings of every character and their motives.

I have to give him a thumbs down based on the latter problem and suggest you pick up the hard copy. Unfortunately, this likely impacts my review of the book at large. Apr 18, M. Forget that he's my friend. Forget that you only read genre or never read genre. Forget whatever book you heard about last week or yesterday. Just buy this book. I can't do it justice but here's what Bently Little said: And you'll forget what Forget that he's my friend.

And you'll forget what time it is and where you are and what else you were supposed to be doing. But you won't forget this book. Apr 14, Jennifer rated it really liked it. This was not my normal read as of late, but nonetheless I must say I devoured it greedily! Neverland crept into my mind and kidnapped me from reality.

Throughout the book Clegg held that part of my mind that is still afraid of the dark, and then with the last chapter released me into wanting to embrace Sumter like only a mother could. My heart both feared and loved him from a parent and child's perspective. Sep 03, Justin rated it liked it Shelves: The first three quarters of the book I could barely put it down. There are certain books that do more than entertain. They do more than tell a story or make some sort of commentary. From the first word to the last, these rare tomes connect with the reader on a level that is visceral, touching their innermost feelings of dread and dragging the reader along a fearful path.

They place the reader in the story so that the reader can feel the splinters in the boards, the bites of mosquitoes, the breath on their necks. Such books are few and far between, and, withou There are certain books that do more than entertain. Such books are few and far between, and, without sounding too presumptuous, bridge the gap between fiction and literature.

With Neverland, Douglas Clegg has created just such a gothic masterpiece. Neverland is the story of Beau, a young boy who is trapped on a family "vacation" to a remote island to visit relatives. One, his cousin Sumpter, is a holy terror of a boy, getting into mischief and lying his way from one misadventure to the next. On the property is an old shed, one the adults forbade the boys to enter, but boys will be boys. Within the shack is magic, terror, death, and something else, a presence that becomes increasingly dark as it demands sacrifices, and warps reality into a deadly game.

Clegg seamlessly blends the normal world with the fantasy land that is inside the shed, which Sumpter named Neverland. In one instant, the reader stands among saltgrass and mosquitoes looking up at the imposing main house, the next he is breathlessly running from whatever it is that lurks inside the shed. It blends in such a way that the reader catches himself in the fantasy world, unaware of just when the real world ended. And what a world it is. Dark and twisted, deceptively innocent and benign, it is a world that wraps the reader in a heavy blanket of building dread.

One of the biggest strengths of Neverland is the vivid life given to the characters. Told from the point of view of Beau, it brings the reader in easily, but refuses to let go. We are privy to his child-like thought processes in a way that makes it, at first, seem to be almost a fairy tale. Equally striking is the "bad seed" character of Sumpter. For some reason, it seems that everyone has had or at least knows of a cousin that rest of the family thinks was just born bad. Clegg plays on the notion and makes Sumpter into a walking nightmare of a boy, all the while keeping him from becoming a parody of the character.

To be clear, a wrong word or even a misstep in phrasing could have made the children one dimensional, but Clegg expertly avoids paper-thin characters and gives us children so real that one almost cringes at the thought of their muddy fingernails and the dirt between their sweaty toes. Perhaps one of the strongest characters is also the most enigmatic. The character of "Gracie," the Goddess of Neverland, who is able to possess the minds of children and to warp their realities, leaves the reader guessing to her true identity, and is at once awesome and terrifying.

It is usually at this point in a review that the reviewer mentions any shortcomings of any novel or movie. However, Neverland has no such flaws. It is, from beginning to end, a damned fine read with nothing to pull the reader out of the story.

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It is elegant in its grimy beauty, and leaves the reader shuddering in the dark when the last page is turned. To say I was impressed with Neverland is a gross understatement. It is, in every sense of the word, a masterpiece of gothic horror. There is something about childhood that makes horror so effective.

Whether or not the child is the main character, victim or sometimes the object of horror, it seems to be a prevalent theme among horror. I believe it's partly due to the child-like innocence. As a child, the world is new to you. You don't know much about the world. You're still learning your rights from wrongs. You are very curious about new things. You don't want to listen to your parents, but rather play all day in a world of y There is something about childhood that makes horror so effective.

You don't want to listen to your parents, but rather play all day in a world of your own imagination. Neverland is just about that.

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It is about the fear of growing up and getting old. It is also about bored children with an over-active imagination.

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In addition, it is about not being able to distinguish right from wrong. The name Neverland is an obvious allusion to the story of Peter Pan where Neverland is a place where children never have to grow up. In this story, Neverland is nothing more than a run-down old shack, yet it represents all these ideals and beliefs. The main characters, Beau and Sumter, don't really know their right from wrong. They just want to escape from reality and immerse themselves in a fantasy world. In doing so, they discover Lucy, the resident god of the shack. Lucy is considered a god, even though her only real followers are just a few kids.

Clegg does a good job of keeping her secret a mystery to the reader. Is she a devil? Whichever she is, the kids worship her, hesitantly at first.

Neverland by Melissa Jane

While Beau is very skeptical of her, as family problems grow, he retreats more and more to Neverland. Because Beau gets isolated from his reality at home, his mind begins to delve more and more into fantasy and the distinction between fact and fiction is almost unreal. All children are prone to imagining the monster in their closet but Neverland takes that premise and takes it to a whole new level.

It begins hard to distinguish whether or not our main character is merely delusional or not. Like all Clegg novels, it is certainly creepy. However, the absurdity is great here. It makes the fantasy element of the book so much more prevalent. The characters are believable. Although they do feel a bit stereotypical at times, there were a few moments that I believe almost any reader can relate to.

During the age of youth, something as dreadful as animal sacrifice can be seen as just an innocent game. When a problem does arrive, it becomes that much more dreadful for the child. View all 3 comments. Never has a family vacation been so wrought with terror and wicked imagination as in Neverland. Beau and his family expected their annual trip to Gull Island to be business as usual: When Never has a family vacation been so wrought with terror and wicked imagination as in Neverland.

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A secret that Beau is sworn to keep with blood. Sumter has claimed the old shed as his own Neverland. Inside, he has hidden something powerful. Something evil that has been waiting all this time to be let out once again. Apr 17, Adam Wilson rated it liked it. Neverland is the first book I've read by Douglas Clegg. The novel is about two cousins doing things in secret in a shack they call Neverland. Whenever they go inside, Sumpter, the cousin of the protagonist, performs strange acts like bringing a dead rabbit back to life or sacrificing a kitten to what he calls Lucy.

The novel is very brutally interesting and its one of those books like Boy's Life by Robert R. McCammon or It by Stephen King where a lot of the story is made up by kids just being kids. I cared more about the kids doing regular things like climbing up a roller coaster or stealing their first beer more than the supernatural quality of the book.

I am definitely going to read more books by Clegg in the future, but this book didn't have the power to make me go on a rampage to find and read everything by him right after finishing it. So far, Koontz, King, and Laymon are the only authors who have done that for me. May 10, Michael Hughes rated it really liked it. My first iPad purchase though I had to read it on the Kindle app, as it's not in iBooks yet. Neverland is a very dark, evocative tale of dysfunctional family life and the imaginative world of children on the cusp of adulthood. Then ending came a My first iPad purchase though I had to read it on the Kindle app, as it's not in iBooks yet.

Then ending came a little too quickly for my taste, but that is my only quibble with an otherwise well-constructed book. The universe Clegg creates is like the sticky, salty air of the dream-haunted island setting -- impossible to wash off or forget. Sep 06, Stephen rated it really liked it Shelves: A haunting tale of children on vacation with their parent to grandmas house in Georgia.

While the parents spend their time drinking and arguing, the children find their entertainment in an old gardeners shack. Filled with tales from the past, little Sumter grabs his cousins attention with tales of Neverland, a place where grownups aren't allowed. Playing along with Sumter's stories, his cousins are drawn into a world of false gods and ghosts. The author creates Sumter as one creepy kid. Grandma A haunting tale of children on vacation with their parent to grandmas house in Georgia. Grandma with her secret journal of her haunted past, add to this tale of horrific ghosts hungering to be set free.

A good all around read. Oct 22, Maicie rated it liked it. There are some deliciously sick family dynamics in the story but I just couldn't sink my teeth into the tale. Loved Grandma Weenie, though. A great horror novel that made me feeling queasy the whole time, and the interior illustrations by Glen Chadbourne added greatly to the haunting atmosphere. Summers are a nightmare for Beau Jackson. August always sees his family packing up the car for the drive from Virginia to Georgia, where the year-old boy spends a miserable two weeks with his sisters, his cousin, their respective parents, and his venerable grandmother.

Grandma Rowena Wandigaux Lee spends her time scribbling in her journals and deadening the air with her continued tales of the old days, particularly about her deceased daughter, Babygirl. Everyone tires of hearing about crazy Ba Summers are a nightmare for Beau Jackson. Everyone tires of hearing about crazy Babygirl, especially Beau's mother and his aunt.

When Grandma Weenie isn't bringing down the party with her histories, the adults are providing their own fun-stealing activities. They spend the two weeks drinking and, in the process, bickering with one another. It's more than a year-old-boy can bear.

Life Above A Library Was Like Living In Neverland

So when cousin Sumter introduces Beau to the shack in the woods, it's a refreshing change. Yet nearly immediately something is wrong. The shack is chilling and creepy, and so is the box into which Sumter pours all of his attentions. Beau is beset by visions horrible visions and is continually encouraged by Sumter to make sacrifices to Lucy, for Lucy can make Neverland come true, and the world of grownups and pain and despair will be no more.

With this element, he strikes the right nerves. The terrors that he puts on the page certainly rattle the cages. Mix in the sprinkles of history and stories of magic and slave tales, and you have a fine beginning. Clegg doesn't just stop there, however. The second element is the coming-of-age tale. NEVERLAND is told from the viewpoint of year-old Beau, and the awkwardness of the age leaps off the page, caught in that midland between innocent childhood and prepubescent confusion.

It would be a fair assessment to say that while the horror element on its own is good, this story would have lost much of its impact had Clegg failed to deliver on the authenticity of Beau and the other children. Hand in hand with Beau's confusion about life in general is the question of reality as it deals with Lucy and Neverland. What is happening and what isn't? What is true and what is a lie? As Beau feels the world turning upside down in his actions with Sumter in the shack, and as the adults drink and fight and lie, he begins to question "where lies the boundary between the perceived world and the imagined?

Now, almost 20 years later, the novel is getting new life, complete with some haunting interior artwork from Glenn Chadbourne that serves to accentuate an already creepy and chilling tale. Three pages into this book, I knew that I was going to like it. The story starts with a family on their way to Gull Island, GA for summer vacation. They're in their station wagon The story is an intense ride it's suspense it's obsession it's absolutely amazing As a reader I believe that if you read a book and it makes you feel nothing the book hasn't done it's job.

The story is an intense ride it's suspense it's obsession it's absolutely amazing. There are no words to describe just how good it is however one thing I know 5 stars just isn't enough. Sep 27, Phyl rated it it was ok. Saving grace Romeo New to me author. What a hard life Lucy has had. Her one shining light and saving grace The Sanchez family and more specifically Romeo, her best friend.

More hard times ahead as she is ripped away from this loving family. Enter the biggest bully assholes of them all Dominic Salvatore. I struggled so hard to read this, I get this is a dark read and I do read them from time to time. I feel like I invested in a story and came up very short. Oct 01, Myra Espino rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is an emotional roller-coaster ride for me. Melissa Jane broke my heart and stomped it into pieces.

Anyway, Neverland is an interesting read that will blow your mind. Neverland is full of surprises!!! I understand most readers tend to eye roll at warnings. I am guilty of the feat as well. However, adhere to every warning before you indulge in this five star read. This story is NOT romantic. Kudos to Jane as she allowed her talent to pour forth without without fear! Lucy and I understand most readers tend to eye roll at warnings. Lucy and Romeo are brilliant characters who epitomize struggle and defeat.

Their tragedies will gut even the most stoic of readers. Neverland is a brilliant story with rich and complex characters. The scenes are brutally dark and brilliantly written! This super dark story is for mature readers who enjoy stories at the darkest spectrum of dark. There are no rainbows, candy corn, or even a glimpse of a rainbow.

Read at your own risk! This review is my personal opinion of this story. As usual my personal opinion should have ZERO influence on your experience with the story.

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  6. With that being said, read, enjoy, and leave a review! Do yourself a favor and read something else. Wow, what a thrilling and intense story this was. Neverland by Melissa Jane is a suspense-filled story of twisted obsession. I was so completely engrossed in the story, it was hard for me to put it down. Jane gives readers a fantastic plot that will thrill and devastate at the same time. The story goes back and forth between t Wow, what a thrilling and intense story this was.

    The story goes back and forth between the past and the present, laying out Lucy's story in a way that keeps the reader guessing. The characters were really well written and multi-dimensional. The author tackled some extremely difficult subjects in this story, and did a great job exploring the themes without going overboard.

    There were moments that were absolutely heartbreaking to read. Lucy's dynamic with Dominic was so well written and was absolutely fascinating to read. Romeo was absolute perfection. Jane really suceeded in pulling me into the story, and I found myself fully immersed in their fictional world while reading. Now I get to keep you. The writing was exceptionally good and captured the emotions of the characters brilliantly. I had really hoped that things would turn out differently for the characters.

    With the way things ended after everything they had gone through, I honestly couldn't fully enjoy the reading experience. That being said, not every reader will walk away from a story with the same viewpoint, so I really recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a dark and gritty thriller. Jane is an amazing storyteller and this story is one that will stay with you long after reading. Sep 29, Brittany Alexander rated it it was amazing Shelves: I want to give this book a lower rating. But I just can't bring myself to do it. It totally deserves a lower rating because of that ending.

    I'm talking directly to you, Melissa Jane. I'm still angry and there's no way I can trust you now after that. I'm taking your characters away from you and you can only have them back when you learn to play nice. I'm just t I want to give this book a lower rating. I'm just telling you all, if you decide to read this book, first off, know that it's amazingly dark. The kind of dark that I love. Scenes of sex abuse and rape. But also know this: It's completely fucked up.

    Despite all of that, I still highly enjoyed this book. And even though I want to give this a three star rating because of that fucked up ending I'm still pissed, in case you can't tell , this was a GOOD book. One that I couldn't put down. I was thankfully off of work and was able to devote my day to reading it. I was able to finish in maybe five or six hours. But I couldn't put it down. I only moved to use the bathroom. It's super dark, full of suspense. Poor Lucy just has so much shit that's thrown at her during her life, that you can't be surprised when she begs her tormentor to just kill her and make it all better.

    I really felt bad for her, and she's a fictional character. Melissa Jane did not make her fictional life easy. Not in the slightest. If you want to know the ending to this book, and why I'm so pissed about it, please shoot me a message. If I had known how this book ended, I honestly don't think I would have read it. View all 3 comments. Nov 17, Chele' rated it it was amazing. I literally scoffed at the warning for this book!

    Because I'm all hardcore and I can take it. I'm having the hardest time rating this story but I feel like my refusal to stop reading it speaks volumes, I finished it in hours! It is sad and HARD, so damn hard. Life continously spits in Lucy's face. She has one hope, one sliver of peace in her love for her best friend Romeo. Then fucking life happens and it is I literally scoffed at the warning for this book! Then fucking life happens and it is literally one shit storm after another. My mind can't even fully comprehend all the fuckery I just read. If you want a story that reminds you of holding your best friend's hand as you sip on milkshakes and listen to the compilation of "best of" by Boyz II Men I would highly recommend something else.

    If you want something dark, raw The ending left me numb but in a way, there was something so lovely and justified about it. That's how my heart feels right now. Oct 02, Renee rated it it was amazing. The one he'd obsessed over, taunted and harassed. The very same girl who'd one day suddenly disappeared. Accepting his hand, he lifted her off the dirty, vile street and whispered a promise, "No good deed comes without payment," and from that day on, she was destined to pay the ultimate price.

    See her for the first time since she had vanished all those years ago had only made him realize his obsession never truly ended. And now, with a promise to keep, he was going to make her disappear again What did I just read? How in the world will I ever get over this book hangover I am currently walking around with? It's taken me a day to even try to write this review. I am going to tell you that the description of this book is what drew me to it and that is all I knew. I went into it knowing no more than what you just read and what I got was a dark dark tale of an obsession that spans the years and is so real it's a living breathing thing.

    This book is dark. This book will break your heart. This book will show you that true love never ever dies. This is the story of Lucy and her worst nightmare Damian and the boy who kept saving her over and over again as children Romeo. It is told from the present and the past but all of it from Lucy's point of view. It will haunt you and the ending will just absolutely floor you.

    I still do not know how I feel about it. In one sense I was shocked and in another I thought finally!! You just have to read the book to see what I am talking about but be warned if you have triggers I am sure there is something in this book that might be one. I have read a lot of dark books. A lot of horrible things have happened in those books but I don't think I have ever hated a character as much as I hated Damian!!! He is the devil himself in human form. I have to stop before I give something away. This book deserves more than five stars and even though it was my fist time reading Melissa Jane it sure will not be my last.

    Sep 28, Lisa Staples rated it it was amazing Shelves: If you've ever met Melissa Jane, you'd never believe such a sweet, vivacious woman with the face of an angel could write such a dark, twisted and disturbed thriller that is Neverland! This story is NOT for the feint hearted. If you're all about "Happy Endings" you'll need to look elsewhere. You have to admire this author for writing HER story, and she's done so superbly!

    So much so that I feel compelled to add that if you were to have your say on this story, make it about it's beauti If you've ever met Melissa Jane, you'd never believe such a sweet, vivacious woman with the face of an angel could write such a dark, twisted and disturbed thriller that is Neverland!

    So much so that I feel compelled to add that if you were to have your say on this story, make it about it's beautifully brutal entirety and not it's outcome. I could wax lyrical about Lucy aka diamond , this story's heroine and it's hero Romeo, both of whom are beautifully written; their childhood love and connection is akin to that of legends, but it's her villain in this tale that drew and maintained my attention and intrigue. Dominic is a complex creature, an obsessive evil monster, who plays with Lucy like a cat with a mouse. But there's something so darkly alluring about him that I couldn't abjectly hate him.

    I so wanted him to reform, but at the same time I couldn't bare him to be any other way. I could not put this book down; it sucks you straight in, sinks it's venomous claws into you and does not let you go until the shocking bittersweet finale. And oh my God, what a finale! With the heartbreaking devastation of a Shakespearean tragedy she obliterated the ending in this dark tale of obsession and violence and I absolutely hated how much I LOVED it!! Oct 02, Donna Wright rated it it was amazing.

    Where do I begin with this absolutely fantastic story, that left me reeling for hours after. I couldn't put it down and when sleep took hold, I slept for a few hours and woke needing the answers that never failed to appear. This story isn't pretty in fact it's damn right tragic and heartbreaking. Having said that heartbreak is the wrong word. It was filled with anguish and a vulgar display of power, that ended up being the heart of this story.

    Although my heart bleed for this tragic young women. In her I found a tower of strength of which I am unsure I would have had. I cried tears I never thought would stop whilst reading this book and I ended this book completely heartsick and in a way at peace. Now during this review I haven't mentioned names as I feel you have to read this book to gain the experience that I did with how the story unfolds and how these characters appear.

    Whom remains, who doesn't and whom becomes the selfish monster that is everyone's ruin. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I really believe this a huge contender for my book of the year. A story of when fairytales become your nightmare and all you have is hope. Sep 25, Gayle rated it it was amazing. My heart is a mess. My emotions are all over the place. I am a fine mess.

    Picking up Neverland and I have to be honest here, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I knew by reading Melissa Jane in the past that I would be in for a read that would capture my heart and soul. But guys never in a million years did I ever expect this novel to shred me to pieces. From the start I was held hostage by every page I turned. I was completely absorbed by it. It was more than I ever expected. A perfect piece of literature that will stay with me always. In no way do I want to taint this dark and sinister read that played me like a fiddle, drawing me in, sucking the soul right out of me.

    I want readers to experience these monsters just like I did. I want readers to experience the sheer heartache, the pain and the pure evil that lurk in this powerful story. I want readers to feel every emotion, every gut-wrenching moment, and every slice of torment. A masterpiece crafted so beautifully with such a force that it took my breath away.

    You will not be disappointed. Sep 28, Robyn Corcoran rated it it was amazing. OMG this book totally blew me away! If you are expecting butterflies and rainbows then this book is definitely not for you however the author does warn readers of this in the beginning. Lucy Sommers and Romeo Sanchez are in the same grade and best friends.