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As a rule, blood love spells are used by those who want maximum results with minimum effort. They disregard the dangers associated with such spells or are simply not aware of it. Trust me if you do not want to regret about it later: They cast a menstrual blood love spell and step aside, leaving you one-on-one with its terrible consequences.

Therefore, the above described menstrual blood love spell is provided for information purposes only. Do not try to cast it. Do you want to cast a spell? Use my website, spellshelp. They do not have negative consequences and do not require much of your energy or experience in magic. Unfortunately, simple magic is not very effective, and I am sure you know it.

As a result, most people try to use complex spells ignoring safety rules and endangering themselves and the people they put their spells on. By the way, not only black magic spells are dangerous. If you misuse white magic, it can damage your karma as well, causing multiple physical illnesses and mental disorders. Yet the primary hazard is that your light energies may turn into dark ones. There are only the consequences of our actions.

When you use magic without having the required knowledge and skills, you become a carrier of dark energies letting inside various negative programs and evil entities. Insanity or impotency, accelerated aging or cancer do not fall upon us out of the blue. Our Guardian Angel does not have a backpack with some lightning bolts or hardships to punish us. Everything bad that happens to you results from your wishes, actions, words, and choices. So it is so important to try to foresee the consequences of what you are doing and the choices you are making.

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When you have to deal with the terrible consequences of your improperly cast magic spells, it is always your fault. To prove it, I would like to tell you about the reasons why magic spells give people disappointment and suffering instead of love and joy. You come to an irresponsible and indifferent magic practitioner and fall victim to a demon. You cast a menstrual blood love spell without knowing that it is a major cause of infertility, ovarian cancer, extrauterine pregnancy, hormonal disorders, etc.

You cast a menstrual blood spell on a woman without knowing that you are entering into an agreement with some creatures from Hell, and under this agreement they make the woman fall in love with you in exchange for your soul and energies.

Blood in Love

You got married thanks to a menstrual blood spell. However, because of this spell, your future children will be possessed by the demon. In other words, you make an attempt at doing magic having no proper training and turn into someone jumping in front of a moving train. Luckily, I can protect you from it.

Nevertheless, I would like to repeat that there are plenty of alternatives to consider. Just try to focus on her feelings, wishes and emotions. To begin with, find a photo of your beloved that was taken recently. The power of the love spell depends on it. You will also need 14 candles, a wooden spoon, 3-liter pan, 7 teaspoons of table salt, and 7 drops of menstrual blood.

The ritual is performed in the bathroom when the moon is waxing. The ritual is most effective if performed while the man is sleeping.

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It should be very quiet in the house. No noise must distract you from doing magic. Light 7 candles in the kitchen and 7 candles in the bathroom. Attach the photo of your beloved to the wall over the sink in the bathroom. Focus on the image of your beloved. Pour the water into the sink the drain is covered with a plug and add 7 drops of menstrual blood. Come up to the sink, put your hands together and lower them. Imagine making love with him, as well as the happiness of meeting him, being with him. Express your wishes with words and repeat it over the water to yourself. You should say something like,.

Remove the plug, close your eyes and think about your beloved.

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Rinse the sink and put out the candles. Never discuss the ritual with other people. Mistakes, incompetence and carelessness may prove to be ruinous to the health and fate of the woman who casts the love spell and the man the love spell is cast on. This love spell is passed on from one generation to another male line as a generational curse. If the love spell is cast by a person who means well, as well as cast correctly, the man abandons his lover and becomes complaisant and patient.

Even the most powerful magic practitioners try to avoid using menstrual blood love spells.

If the man is far away, you can cast a love spell using menstrual blood remotely. Drop some menstrual blood on your own forehead before going to bed and say the spell several times. If you want to order a love spell from me, contact me. I offer both white and black love spells. Behavior deviations in men Usually men become addicted to alcohol, lose sexual potency, and become irritable and aggressive. Consequences of a love spell for the family If you want to cast a love spell on a man using menstrual blood, remember this love spell is both very powerful and dangerous.

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Real-life stories Numerous reviews confirm the danger of casting a love spell and influencing the fate of another person. Charm To Boost Your Attractiveness - people start looking at you differently! Charms And Talismans For Love - for those who want to find love or influence of their beloved.

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