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Available editions United Kingdom. Tanya Hill , Museums Victoria.

Does the Universe Really Go on Forever? Bill Nye Answers.

Does space go on forever? Stars far, far away Almost years ago, Hubble, the astronomer, was looking at some small fuzzy patches of light hidden among all the stars we can see. The Andromeda Galaxy is filled with stars beyond our Milky Way. Adam Evans With that one discovery, our idea of space exploded.

Space was a whole lot bigger than anyone had ever imagined. The Sun is one of billions of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.

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Caltech How to see forever? All the light we see is part of our observable universe.

In theory, space goes on and on… So why do scientists think that space goes on forever? If the shape of space is flat, then two rockets will never ever meet. But only flat space will keep the rockets exactly apart. My bet is that space does go on forever. When you see much more of the Earth it stops being flat. The Conversation is a non-profit. Help knowledge-based, ethical journalism today.

You might also like What message would you send to outer space? While Mercury is indeed very hot, it is not hot enough to melt. Have telescopes, will travel: English astronomers await an eclipse in India.

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The Illustrated London News, According to the big-bang cosmology model,the universe which contains all of visible space started about 15billion years ago, about 3x the current age of the sun. If that theory is correct, and there is substantial evidence you could only see about15 billion light years away in any direction, since light would not have time to make the trip otherwise. It is not known if the universe is far larger than the one we can observe, but again, there is some evidence that it is.

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This is certainly not forever, however, and there is only speculation about what happened before or 'outside' since we currently cannot measure it, but there are theories of a an infinite number of slightly different universes, some like our own and some different There was a relatively old observation that if the universe was infinitely old and infinitely large, any direction you looked should find a star -- so the night sky should look like the surface of the sun We don't see that in the big bang theory because the universe is expanding and light hasn't had time to reach us from all points.

The expanding big is measured by looking as star's and galaxy spectra and noting that the farther away they are, the faster they are moving away. As to the second question, there are indeed hundreds of billions of galaxies in the observable universe. From until , he was the A.

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He enrolled in Williams College just before he turned sixteen. He received his doctorate of philosophy in economics from the University of Chicago in Stein, who died September 8, , in Washington, D. Herbert Stein was also the original writer for the advice column Dear Prudence.

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Stein was known as a pragmatic conservative and was referred to as "a liberal's conservative and a conservative's liberal. In one article, Stein wrote that the people who wore an " Adam Smith necktie" did so to:.

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What stands out in [Smith's seminal work] Wealth of Nations, however, is that their patron saint was not pure or doctrinaire about this idea. He viewed government intervention in the market with great skepticism.

He regarded his exposition of the virtues of the free market as his main contribution to policy, and the purpose for which his economic analysis was developed. Yet he was prepared to accept or propose qualifications to that policy in the specific cases where he judged that their net effect would be beneficial and would not undermine the basically free character of the system. In Stein's reading, The Wealth of Nations could justify the Food and Drug Administration , the Consumer Product Safety Commission , mandatory employer health benefits , environmentalism and "discriminatory taxation to deter improper or luxurious behavior.

Stein propounded Stein's Law , which he expressed in as, "If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.