Seth, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness

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Glossary Some terminology that may be used in this description includes: A fine condition book closely approaches As New condition, but may lack the crispne Add to cart Add to wishlist. Initial recognition must be made. Then you must imagine removing the resentment "by its roots" and replacing it with a positive feeling. You must watch the pictures that you paint with your imagination. Your environment and the conditions of your life at any given time are the direct result of your own inner expectations.

If you imagine dire circumstances, ill health or desperate loneliness, these will be "automatically" materialized, for these thoughts themselves bring about the conditions that will give them a reality in physical terms. If you would have good health then you must imagine this as vividly as you fearfully imagine ill health. The inner psychological state is projected outward, gaining physical reality - whatever the psychological state may be Knowing this, you should try to realize what your psychological state is and change your conditions for your own benefit.

You cannot escape your own attitudes, for they will form the nature of what you see. If changes are to occur, they must be mental and psychic changes. These will be reflected in your environment. Negative, distrustful, fearful, or degrading attitudes toward anyone work against the self. If an individual sees only evil and desolation in the physical world it is because he is obsessed with evil and desolation and projects them outward, closing his eyes to other aspects of reality.

If you want to know what you think of yourself, then ask yourself what you think of others and you will find the answer. True self-knowledge is indispensable for health and vitality. The recognition of the truth about the self simply means that you must first find out what you think about yourself subconsciously. If it is a good image, build upon it. If it is a poor one, recognize it as only the opinion you have held of yourself and not an "absolute state.

You are not your emotions. They flow through you, you feel them and then they disappear. When you try to hold them back they build up. You are independent of your thoughts and emotions. You use your thoughts and emotions in your mental composition. You must learn to trust your own spontaneous nature.

Your nervous system knows how to react. It reacts spontaneously when you allow it to. It is only when you try to deny your emotions that they become a problem. In spontaneity there is a discipline that utterly escapes you, and an order beyond any that you know. Spontaneity knows its own order. All of nature is spontaneous. Our bodies will be healthy automatically if we do not project false ideas upon them.

Action accepts all stimuli in an affirmative manner. This is why an illness is accepted by a personality structure, and once this occurs, a conflict develops. The self does not want to give up a portion of itself even while that portion may be painful or disadvantageous. Physical symptoms are communications from the inner self, indications that we are making mental errors of one kind or another. Do not forget that you are a part of the inner self.

What you are supposed to do, then, is change your mental attitude, search yourself for the inner problem represented by the symptoms, and measure your progress as the symptoms subside. You sell yourself short if you believe that you are only a physical organism living within the boundaries cast upon you by time and space. You must accept life on its terms, and not demand that it behave in certain ways.

You must accept life gladly, as its own reason and cause within you. Life is abundant, vigorous, and strong. Each of us has our own defense against negative suggestions and we should trust in our own immunity. You are a unique individual. You form your physical environment.

You are part of all that is. There is no place within you that creativity does not exist. You must live in faith that your purpose is, and will be fulfilled. The uniqueness of your own personality is to be cherished. The particular purpose of your present personality can only be met in the present circumstances in the way that is best overall. The people that you can help now and the particular good that you can do, can never be done in precisely the same way. Throughout the ages, some have recognized the fact that there is self-consciousness and purpose in dream and sleep states, and have maintained, even in waking life, the sense of continuity of the inner self.

To such people it is no longer possible to completely identify with the ego consciousness. They are too aware of themselves as more. When such knowledge is gained, the ego can accept it, for it finds to its surprise that is not less conscious, but more, and that its limitations are dissipated. A man's thoughts and dreams are more far reaching than he knows.

They exist in more dimensions; they affect worlds of which he is unaware. The are as concrete, in effect, as any building. They appear in many guises within many systems, and once created cannot be withdrawn. The dream world is constructed within a field that you cannot physically perceive, but it has more continuity than the world you know. The same sort of psychic agreement holds the dream system together as holds the physical system together. There is one self and it focuses its attention in various dimensions.

In the waking state it focuses in physical reality. In the dream state it is focused within a different dimension. This does not mean that we do not sometimes leave our bodies and travel in our dream to other physical locations.

Seth, dreams and projection of consciousness

When you are manipulating within physical reality, you have a fairly simple set of rules to serve you. Within dream reality there is greater freedom. The dreamer creates his dreams for his own purposes, selecting only those symbols which have meaning to him. Each dream begins with psychic energy which the individual transforms into a reality which is just as functional and real as physical reality. There is form within dream reality, but the potential form exists, within psychic energy, long before its materialization. Through our dreams we change physical reality, and our physical daily experience alters our dream experience.

There is constant interaction. Our consciousness is simply directed in a different kind of reality when we dream, a reality as vivid as waking life. On one level the personality attempts to solve problems through dream construction Dream action CAN be turned toward fulfilling constructive expectations, which will effect a change for the better! Dreams can be utilized creatively to improve health, gain inspiration, restore vitality, solve problems and enrich family relationships. You can have a pleasant and joyful dream that will completely restore your good spirits and vitality. In our dream life we also visit other levels of existence, and gain needed skills.

The ego is not present in dream reality. The waking consciousness is not the ego. The ego is only that portion of waking consciousness that deals with physical manipulation. Waking consciousness can be taken into the dream state, but the ego cannot, as it would falter and cause failure there. When you take your consciousness into the dream state, you will meet with various conditions, some you can manipulate, some you cannot. Some dream locations will be of your own making, and others will be strange to you because they belong to other dimensions of reality.

Individual consciousness can be sent through systems of reality. This involves the transfer of conscious energy from a home system to an alien one, and certain automatic changes are made from system to system, involving the use of brain waves, certain patterns being normal in different systems. As the personality is changed by any experience, it is changed by dreams. We may forget our dreams, but they are always part of us.

The dreams experience is felt directly by the inner self. Dreams have their own actuality, they not only exist independent of the dreamer, but they also have tangible form, though not in the form of matter as you are familiar with it. They are forever contained as electrically coded data within the cells of the physical organism. The dream universe possesses concepts which will someday completely transform the physical world, but the denial of such concepts as possibilities delays their emergence.

There are also shared or "mass" dreams. In these mankind deals with problems of his political and social structure. In these man dreams individually and collectively of ways in which changeabouts could occur. These dreams actually help bring about the resulting change. The very energy and direction of these dreams will help change the situation. The solutions reached are not always the same as those he accepts in the physical world.

The energy behind a "bad dream" is the energy of hidden fears, which could be formed by anyone, since there are fears in anyone. Evil does not exist separate from the dreamer, and even illness or fear should not be seen as enemies, but rather as aids to understanding and means to a greater end. In larger terms there is no evil, only your own lack of perception.

Fear directs your conscious energy into the realm of reality of that fear, and you then must deal at that level. The words "May peace be with you. Consciousness is not a "thing" in itself, rather, it is a dimension of action made possible by a series of creative dilemmas. There are three dilemmas which represent the areas of reality within which the inner vitality of the universe can express and experience itself. The first dilemma is inner vitality's desire and impetus to completely materialize itself, and its inability to do so.

This results in action, which is a part of all structure. Identity may be termed as action which is conscious of itself. An identity is also a dimension of existence, action within action, an unfolding of action upon itself -- and through this interweaving of action with itself, through this re-action, an identity is formed. Identity and action cannot be separated. Without identity, action would be meaningless, for there would be nothing upon which action could act. Action then must, by its very nature, create identities. Identity, because of its characteristics, will continually seek stability, while stability is impossible.

Action would seem to destroy identity, since action must involve change, and any change seems to threaten identity, however, identities are never constant, for consciousness without action would cease to be conscious. Identity must seek stability while action must seek change; yet identity could not exist without change, for it is the result of action and a part of it.

This is the second dilemma. Identity is not the same as individual personality. Personality represents only those aspects of identity which are able to be actualized within three-dimensional existence. The ego at any given time in this life is simply the part of the inner self that surfaces in physical reality; a group of characteristics that the inner self uses to solve various problems.

Even the ego as we think of it changes constantly. Ego consciousness is a state resulting from the third creative dilemma, which happens when consciousness of self attempts to separate itself from action. This involves a state in which consciousness of self attempts to perceive action as an object This is impossible since no consciousness or identity can exist without action. Each of you exists in other realities and other dimensions, and the self that you call yourself is but a small portion of your entire identity.

Within the self that you know is the prime identity, the whole self.

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This whole self has lived many lives and adopted many personalities. Personality may be somewhat molded by the circumstances that are created for it by the whole self but the prime identity uses the resulting experience. Personality and identity are not dependent upon physical form.

Your prime identity is an energy essence personality which is composed of energy gestalts. As each individual consciousness grows, out of its experience it forms other "personalities" or fragments of itself. These fragments are entirely independent as to action and decision, while constantly in communication with the whole self of which they are a part.

These "fragments" themselves grow, develop, and may form their own entities or "personality gestalts". You have constant contact with the other parts of your whole self, but your ego is so focused upon physical reality and survival within it that you do not hear the inner voices. No individuality is ever lost. It is always in existence. Consciousness is the direction in which the self focuses. Action implies infinite possibilities of focus. What you call death is rather your choice to focus in other dimensions and realities.

You do not acquire a "spirit" at death. You are one, now! You adopt a body as a space traveler wears a space suit, and for much the same reason. Each individual from birth forms his own counterpart from built-up, individual, continuous electrical signals that include his dreams, thought, desires and experiences. This counterpart of complete experience is a pattern which is then independent of physical reality. At physical death his personality then exists detached from its physical form. For its own purpose, and because of its limitations, the ego chooses a single event from all the probable ones.

Until the ego experiences the event it is only one of all the other probable ones. It becomes actual in your reality only when it is experienced by the physical self. A portion of the whole self can and does experience events in an entirely different fashion than the ego does and is aware of all other probable events that could have been experienced by the ego. This other portion of the self delves into these alternative events in the same amount of physical time that it takes the ego to experience its chosen event.

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These other probable events become just as "real" within other dimensions. There are an infinite number of systems or universes between matter and antimatter. Using the physical senses you can never perceive these other systems, but, probable events are events whether or not you perceive them. In dreams, often portions of probable events are experienced in a semiconscious manner. Advanced training in the use of the Inner Senses can also lead to exploration of these systems.

These systems of probabilities are quite as real as your physical system, you are simply not focused within them. In these other systems of reality, each of us has "other selves" not an identical self or twin, but other parts of our whole entity, developing abilities in a different way than we are here. Each of these selves experiences time in its own manner according to the nature of its perceptions.

Their various realities merge in the overall perceptions of the whole self. There is a constant subconscious interchange of information between all these layers of the whole self. Ultimately the inner ego tries to bring about comprehension by each of these selves about the other simultaneous selves. Until the whole self is able to perceive its own parts simultaneously, these seemingly separate selves appear, to themselves, isolated and alone.

Time as you experience it is an illusion caused by your own physical senses. They force you to perceive action in certain terms, but this is not the nature of action. The apparent boundaries between past, present and future are only illusions caused by the amount of action you can physically perceive, and so it seems to you that one moment exists and is gone forever, and the next moment comes and like the one before also disappears. Everything in the universe exists at one time simultaneously. The first words ever spoken still ring through the universe, and in your terms, the last words ever spoken have already been said.

The past, present and future only appear to those who exist within three-dimensional reality. The past exists as a series of electromagnetic connections held in the physical brain and in the nonphysical mind. These electromagnetic connections can be changed. The future consists of a series of electromagnetic connections in the mind and brain also. In other words, the past and present are real to the same extent.

You take it for granted that present action can change the future, but present actions can also change the past. The past is no more objective or independent from the perceiver than is the present. The electromagnetic connections were largely made by the individual perceiver. The connection can be changed, and such changes are far from uncommon. These changes happen spontaneously on a subconscious basis.

The past is seldom what you remember it to be, for you have already rearranged it from the instant of any given event. The past is being constantly re-created by each individual as attitudes and associations change. This is an actual recreation, not a symbolic one. The child is indeed still within the man, but he is not the child that "was", for even the child within the man constantly changes. Difficulties arise when such alterations do not occur automatically.

Severe neurosis is often caused precisely because an individual has not changed his past. A change of attitude, a new association, or any of innumerable other actions will automatically set up new electromagnetic connections and break others. Every action changes every other action. Therefore, every action in your present affects actions you call past. It is possible to react in the past to an event that has not occurred, and to be influenced by your own future.

It is also possible for an individual to react in the past to an event in the future, which in your terms, may never occur. Because past, present and future exist simultaneously, there is no reason why you cannot react to an event whether or not it happens to fall within the small field of reality in which you usually observe and participate. On a subconscious level, you react to many events that have not yet occurred as far as your ego's awareness is concerned.

Such reactions are carefully screened out and not admitted to consciousness. The ego finds such instances distracting and annoying, and when forced to admit their validity, will resort to the most far fetched rationalizations to explain them. No event is predestined. Any given event can be changed not only before and during but after its occurrence. The individual is hardly at the mercy of past events, for he changes them constantly.

He is hardly at the mercy of future events, for he changes these not only before but after their happening. An individuals future actions are not dependent upon a concrete finished past, for such a past never existed. The past is as real as the future, no more or less. There is a part of you that is not locked within physical reality, and that part of you knows that there is only an Eternal Now. The part of you that knows is the whole self, your inner and outer ego all that you are. From within this framework you will see that see that physical time is as dreamlike as you once thought inner time was.

You will discover your whole self, peeping inward and outward at the same "time", and find that all time is one time, and all divisions, illusions. If you prefer, you can call the supreme psychic gestalt God, but you should not attempt to objectify him. What you call God is the sum of all consciousness, and yet the whole is more than the sum of Its parts. He is not one individual, but an energy gestalt. He is a psychic pyramid of interrelated, ever expanding consciousness, that creates simultaneous and instantaneously, universes and individuals that are given duration, psychic comprehension, intelligence and eternal validity.

Its energy is so unbelievable that is does indeed form all universes; and because its energy is within and behind all universes, fields and systems, it is indeed aware of each sparrow that falls, for it is each sparrow that falls. Dimly remembered through what you would call history, there was a state of agony in which the powers of creativity and existence were known, but the ways to produce them were not known.

All That Is existed in a state of being, but without the means to find expression for Its being. All That Is had to learn this lesson, and could not be taught. From this agony, creativity was originally drawn, and its reflection is still seen. All That Is retains the memory of that state, and it serves as a constant impetus toward renewed creativity. Desire, wish and expectation, therefore, rule all actions and are the basis for all realities. Within the dreams of All That Is, potential beings had consciousness before any beginning as you know it.

In Its massive imagination, It understood that the cosmic multiplication of consciousness could not occur within that framework. Actuality was necessary if these probabilities were to be given birth. All That Is saw an infinity of probable, conscious individuals. These probable individual selves found themselves alive within a God's dream and they clamored to be released into actuality.

All That Is yearned to release them and sought within itself for the means to do so. Finally, with love and longing It let go of that portion of itself, and they were free. The psychic energy exploded in a flash of creation. All That Is loves all that It has created down to the least, for It realizes the dearness and uniqueness of each consciousness which has been wrest from such a state of agony.

It is triumphant and joyful at each development taken by each consciousness, and It revels and takes joy in the slightest creative act of each of Its issues. All individuals remember their source, and now dream of All That Is as It once dreamed of them. And they yearn toward that immense source Now in the same way do you give freedom to the personality fragments within your own dreams and for the same reason.

And you create for the same reason, and within each of you is the memory of primal agony-- that urge to create and free all probable consciousness into actuality. The connections between you and All That Is can never be severed, and Its awareness is so delicate and focused that its attention is indeed directed with a prime creator's love to each consciousness.

All That Is knows no other. It does not know whether or not other psychic gestalts like Itself may exist. It is constantly searching. All portions of All That Is are constantly changing. All That Is is constantly seeking to know Itself, for seeking itself is a creative activity and the core of all action.

You, as a consciousness, seek to know yourself and become aware of yourself as a distinct individual portion of All That Is. You automatically draw on the overall energy of All That Is, since your existence is dependent upon it. The portion of All That Is that is aware of itself as you, that is focused within your existence, can be called upon for help when necessary. This portion of All That Is looks out for your interests and may be called upon in a personal manner. A psychic gestalt may seem impersonal to you, but its energy forms your person.

I do not harp about to you about theory simply because I want to spout theory. These are not just fine words that mean nothing, I want you to put these ideas to practice. You must try to understand the nature of reality. To some small extent I have begun to explain this, and the ideas, in themselves, will make you think. To perceive other realities, we have to use the Inner Senses -- methods of perception that belong to the inner self and operate whether or not we have a physical form.

The Inner Senses expand normal consciousness and allow us to become aware of our own multidimensional existence. Undistorted and yours for the asking, is the knowledge inherent in the inner self, pertaining to reality as a whole, its laws, principles and composition. In the inner self you will find the innate knowledge concerning the creation of the camouflage universe as you know it. You will find the ways and means by which the inner self, existing in the climate of psychological reality, helps create the various planes of existence, constructs outer senses to project and perceive these, and the ways by which reincarnations take place within various systems.

Here, also, you will find your own answers as to. These will enable you to perceive reality as it exists independent of the physical world. You must learn to recognize, develop, and use them. The methods are given in the material, but you cannot utilize the material until you understand it. You must, first of all, cease identifying yourself completely with your ego, and realize that you can perceive more than your ego perceives.

You must demand more of yourself than you ever have before. The material is not for those who would deceive themselves with packaged, ribboned truths that are parceled out and cut apart so you can digest them. The material demands that you intellectually and intuitively expand.

Consciousness can be turned in many directions, but you are in the habit of directing it along one certain path, and you have forgotten that there are other paths. If you consider the conscious mind that you usually use as one door, then you stand at the threshold of this mind and look out into physical reality. But there are other doors It is true that when you close one door there may be a moment of distortion before you open another, and you may need to learn the methods by which you can perceive other realities, other conscious portions of yourself.

But these portions are as valid and as real as the consciousness with which you are ordinarily familiar. There is only one way to learn what consciousness is: When you look into yourself, the very effort involved extends the limitations of your consciousness, expands it, and allows the egotistical self to use its abilities that it often does not realize it possesses. The Inner Senses reveal to us our own independence from physical matter, and let us recognize our unique, individual multidimensional identity.

Properly utilized, they also show us the miracle of physical existence and our place in it. We can live a wiser, more productive, happier physical life because we understand why we are here, individually and as a people. The Inner Senses can help us to use telepathic abilities. This means that in family, business, or social contacts, we will intuitively be aware of what another person is saying to us: You will also use words better yourself to communicate your inner feelings since you will better know what those feelings are.

You will not be afraid of them or feel the need to cover them up. Using the Inner Senses, we simply increase our entire range of perception. The point of learning how to use the Inner Senses is that you will learn what reality is This self-investigation initiates states of consciousness with which you are not usually familiar, and these senses can be used as investigative tools. Books cannot tell you this. Even if you use psychoanalysis, you are still only exploring the topmost levels of your personality, and you do not have the benefit of those altered states of consciousness that occur when you look into yourself.

In this sort of exploration, the personality attempts to go within itself, to find its way through the veils of adopted characteristics of its own inner identity. The inner core of the self has telepathic and clairvoyant abilities that greatly affect family relationships - and your civilization.

Now you are not using these abilities effectively. These are precisely the abilities that are needed now. If there is to be any hope of world communication, then each of you must understand where your potentials are. These are my interpretation of them -- andy. Inner Vibrational Touch - consciousness expands to contain other living things, like empathy but perceived as an overall impression like hot or cold.

Psych Time - relax, turn of physical, tune in inner focus inward. The Conceptual Sense - complete understanding of concept on all levels.

Seth (7)-Dreams and Projections of Consciousness, Dreams and Health

Cognition of Knowledgeable Essence - stronger instantaneous cognition of the essence. Innate Knowledge of Basic Reality - particular data to make manipulation possible - instinct. Expansion or Contraction of the Tissue Capsule - "tissue" surrounding consciousness in any system - astral. Diffusion by the Energy Personality - birth - projection into systems. You are not the creators of the universe, but are the creators of the physical world as you know it. YOU create your own reality. When you are in a state that is not the usual waking one asleep or "daydreaming" you are conscious and alert.

You merely block out the memory of this experience from the waking ego. Electromagnetic energy units are the forms that basic experience takes when directed by the inner self. These then form physical matter and objects. When a person dies having chosen their own death, although not "consciously" , you must tell the person that they are free to leave, and that you joyfully give them their freedom.

Let them know that they need not stay close, because you realize that you will be reunited. Your expectations send telepathic suggestions. Telepathic conditions called root assumptions exist, of which each individual is subconsciously aware. The conscious ego rises out of the "unconscious" ego, but the "unconscious" being the creator of the ego is necessarily far more conscious than its offspring.

Those who know existence on a physical level now, have, because of certain cycles, lived before at approximately the same historical periods. They possess an inner familiarity, a cohesiveness that belongs with the same sort of reality. Energy projected into any kind of construction, psychic or physical, cannot be recalled, and must follow the laws of the particular form into which it has been molded.

Seth, dreams and projection of consciousness (Book, ) []

Dreams can give clues to all kinds of behavior. When you dream of others, they know it. When they dream of you know it. There would be nothing gained, however in conscious awareness of these conditions, at this time. The self has no boundaries except those it accepts out of ignorance. Later, in your time, you will look into the physical system at others in a position like yours now. Within your physical atoms the origins of all consciousness still sing.

Your idea of space and time is determined by your neurological structure. The camouflage is so craftily executed and created by the inner self that you must, by necessity, focus your attention on the physical reality which has been created. The single line of physical experience is merely the surface thread along which you seem to travel.

In actuality, following this analogy, there would be an infinite number of threads both above and below your own, all part of one inconceivably miraculous webwork. The purpose of existence is, quite simply, being as opposed to nonbeing. I am telling you what I know, and there is much I do not know. Each self, as part of All That Is, retains the memory of the state of agony before their release into actuality, and so each consciousness is driven toward survival, change, development and creativity.

There are answers to some questions that I cannot give you about the origin of All That Is, for they are not known anywhere in the system in which we have our existence. Entities, being action, always shift and change. There is nothing arbitrary about their boundaries. Any personality can become an entity on its own. This involves a highly developed knowledge of the use of energy and its intensities. When a race is in deepest stress and faced with great problems, it will call forth someone like Christ.

It will seek out and indeed from itself produce the very personalities necessary to give it strength. When every young man refuses to go to war, you will have peace. You do not defend any idea with violence. As long as you fight for greed and gain, there will be no peace. Jane Roberts quotes Dr. The power of your subconscious is enormous. It inspires you, guides you, reveals to you names and facts and scenes from the storehouse of memory.

It started your heartbeat, controls circulation of your blood, regulates digestion, assimilation, and elimination. When you eat a piece of bread, your subconscious transmutes it into tissue, muscle, bone and blood Your subconscious controls all the vital processes and functions of your body. It never sleeps or rests. You can discover the miracle-working power of the subconscious by plainly stating to your subconscious mind, prior to sleep, that you wish a specific thing accomplished. Here then is a source of power and wisdom that places you in touch with omnipotence, or the power that moves the world, guides the planets in their course, and causes the sun to shine.

Your subconscious mind is the source of your ideals, aspirations and altruistic urges. Whatever thoughts, beliefs, opinions, theories or dogma you write, engrave or impress on your subconscious mind - you will experience them as the objective manifestation of circumstances, conditions and events; what you write on the inside, you experience on the outside. It is a universal truth that whatever you impress on your subconscious mind is expressed on the screen of space as condition, experience and event. Thought is incipient action. The reaction is a response from your subconscious mind which corresponds with the nature of your thought.

Your subconscious mind can be likened to the soil which can grow all kinds of seeds, good or bad. Every thought is a cause and every condition an effect. As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment. Whatever your conscious mind assumes and believes to be true, your subconscious mind will accept and bring to pass.

Whatever you habitually think sinks into the subconscious. The subconscious is the seat of the emotions and is a creative mind. Once subconscious accepts an idea, it begins to execute it. You may feel quite virtuous, for example, in hating evil, or what seems to you to be evil; but if you find yourself concentrating upon either hatred or evil, you are creating it. If you are poor you may feel quite self-righteous in your financial condition, looking with scorn upon those who are wealthy, telling yourself that money is wrong and so reinforcing the condition of poverty If you are ill, you may find yourself dwelling upon the misery of your condition, and bitterly envying those who are healthy, bemoaning your state- and therefore perpetuating it through your thoughts Hatred of war will not bring peace-another example.

Only love of peace will bring those conditions. I refer to those in which the specific symptoms of various diseases are given, in which the individual is further told to examine the body with those symptoms in mind.

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I also refer to those statements that just as unfortunately specify diseases for which the individual may experience no symptoms of an observable kind, but is cautioned that these disastrous physical events may be happening despite his or her feelings of good health. Here the generalized fears fostered by religious, scientific, and cultural beliefs are often given as blueprints of diseases in which a person can find a specific focus-the individual can say: They involve intense meditation of the body, and adverse imagery that itself affects the bodily cells.

Public health announcements about high blood pressure themselves raise the blood pressure of millions of television viewers. They all undermine the individual's sense of bodily security and increase stress, while offering the body a specific, detailed disease plan. But most of all, they operate to increase the individual sense of alienation from the body, and to promote a sense of powerlessness and duality. Your "medical commercials" are equally diseasepromoting. Many, meaning to offer you relief through a product, instead actually promote the condition through suggestion, thereby generating a need for the product itself.

Now on their website www. The world looked awfully big to me in and I felt very small. Enter Francois-tall, black, exotic. Self proclaimed master of truth. No need to think or make decisions. The safety of joining a cult. Just follow the leader. Francois makes The Seth Material required reading. Seth's words ring bells that have stood silent for centuries, but the bells echo differently than the ideas Francois has been teaching us, and we have been teaching others. The beginning of a creative conflict.

Jane gives us the okay. Last week in December, Francois unexpectedly dies; drops dead on the street. Guru-less, a mild panic begins to set in. Who will replace Francois? One week later we attend our first Seth class. A new guru to solve all my problems? I quickly find out that is not on the agenda at West Water Street. I sit in the back of the room and find myself feeling intense anger to Fred, one of the students in class that evening.

Never met Fred before; why such anger? Jane bursts into Sumari song, motions for Fred and I to stand in front of her facing each other. I look into Fred's eyes. Centuries old animosities dissolve in an instant. Doors to the universe close. Only long stretch of highway remains. March 7th - Doors of the universe swing open once more. I wait for Seth to come through. Perhaps tonight he will speak the words to solve all my problems. I would be much more pleased however if you waited for yourselves with as great attention; and if you listened to your own voices with as much attention as you pay to mine.

I try to listen as we head down the highway but all I hear is the restless turning of wheels, and think that perhaps next week will be the week Seth speaks the magic words that will answer all my questions. March 14th - Seth doesn't come through at all. Did he get lost; did he run into traffic? March 21st Doors of the universe swing open once again. Most of all you are meeting yourselves. What would I say if we were introduced? It is a pleasure to meet you, or would some other words escape my lips, more honestly reflecting my feelings about myself?

I watch the lights pass me by on the highway and try to hide in the shadows. I'm not ready to meet myself. And besides I have nothing to wear. And what if I make a bad impression.. How will I look in my own eyes? Questions I wasn't ready to answer, yet couldn't afford not to answer at the same time. March 28th - Doors of the universe swing Wide open this night: Enter Seth speaking to me: They did not know what they were talking about.

Since you were a woman with an excellent mind, you listened to these men who seemed to think they knew what they were talking about and you thought: They have not the slightest idea in their heads and yet they look at me and think I am beautiful and silly when I can think rings around them. And so you did, and in other terms, so you still do.

This woman had much energy and still possesses it. The doors of the universe remained open even after class ended; it was just a crack, yet just enough to begin to tippy toe through the centuries to see what I left behind, and, what I've sent ahead. April 4th - Enter Seth, to class in general: The hills looked angry that night, and although no volcano erupted alongside the highway as we headed back, I could feel the heat. April 18th - Enter Seth: I think of the song lyric: April 25th - I relate a dream I had during the week. In the dream a voice was trying to speak through me and I was using all my energy to keep my mouth closed and stop the voice from coming through.

You were therefore trying to give freedom to other portions of your personality that you do not recognize and struggling against the experience. You were saying, "My ego is my ego and it is me and I will not listen to any other portion of my personality who has the audacity to think it knows more than I do.

May 2nd - Secret night. Share a secret about yourself with the others in class. Skeletons start to rattle and dance around the room, brushing off cobwebs with long bony ashen fingers. May 9th - Enter Seth: A thousand expert carpenters begin rebuilding walls, dividing my self into a thousand different rooms.

A house is not a home. These words come to me once again as I sit behind the walls of my being. May 23rd - A sweet elderly man visits for the evening. A portrait of Seth painted by Rob hangs on the wall directly above the chair this man occupies. Someone remarks how this elderly man has a strong likeness to the image of Seth in the painting.

I wonder what portraits populate his new reality?. Perhaps the paintings in his world look out upon the people and the paintings age and die, and the people remain ageless. May 30th - Enter Seth: Whose thoughts became the stars that night; and whose thoughts became the moon; and whose thoughts became the rivers and the oceans. Fun musings as I drift off and the phrase Landscapes of Thought flashes across my mind.

June 6th - Enter Seth: You are to seek out and see the individual, not the mother, not the father, not the boy, not the man, not the woman, not the daughter or the son, but the person, and to respond in that manner. June 13th - Enter Seth: Ten days later the dam breaks, as Hurricane Agnes, one of the worst floods in Elmira history devastates the town. July 8th - Enter Seth: So your question is: What is it that questions what it is. And the answer obviously can only come from the one who questions what it is. I always wanted to participate in some kind of table tipping; and if there are no accidents, why did I decide to skip class that week?

August 15th - Enter Seth: And I change your reality, for sounds have a vitality from which worlds were created. August 22nd - "An imaginative event is as real as a physically materialized one. Perhaps, all I need to do is imagine that I do understand and then the imaginative event will become real. Boy this stuff can get confusing. August 29th - I come bounding up the stairs and start excitedly telling Jane about this great book I read last week called Jonathan Livingston Seagull by someone named Richard Bach.