Strings Attached: An intense contemporary romance with a breathtaking twist!

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And so, what was supposed to be a one-time-chance meeting turns out to be a fast evolving friendship between two people who are broken by their past but who might be able to heal each other with their presence. Shane himself has had his fair share of heartbreak that he's still recovering from. He was endearingly sweet and adorable while Jade was a very straightforward, refreshingly independent heroine, which made them complement each other perfectly.

From the moment they meet, Jade and Shane have this instant connection and powerful chemistry with lots of sexual tension! But because of some events in the past, Jade is reluctant to start a relationship so she suggests they become friends instead. And even though they both want more, Shane is happy with finally having a new friend. Because of his sheltered life as a famous musician, he doesn't really have any true friends. He's always sacrificed his social life in order to perfect his musical skills, but Jade is the one that teaches him it's possible to have both a career and a social life.

You live in the real world, Jade, and you don't know how desperate I am to join you. Let's just say that there was a certain twist near the end of the story that I didn't see coming but that made their connection all the more profound view spoiler [although it did seem a bit too coincidental that she's the one he saw on the news all those years ago and decided to write an entire album about If you're looking for a unconventional, inspiring friends to lovers story with a high entertainment value and some dialogue that will make you laugh out loud, I would highly recommend giving this one a try!

View all 53 comments. Feb 05, Patrycja rated it it was amazing Shelves: Still Life with Strings Series: H Cosway Release Date: But Still Life with Strings was perfection in every little detail. The story of Jade and Shane was amazing, sensual, moving, beautiful, bewitching…. I can go on and on. I want to scream out loud that I loved it and recommend it to all my friends, but if someone would ask me why? This novel is incredibly bewitching, beautiful story that captivated my soul. In a matter of pages I feel in love with this breathtakingly stunning novel. View all 43 comments.

Mar 16, Amy Foxy Blogs rated it really liked it Shelves: Jade has been handed the hard knocks of life. She's had a rough childhood that led her to become an alcoholic who now is 5 years sober. Jade is the guardian for her teen siblings after her mother passed away. Currently, her life consist of being a full time responsible adult. Shane has been sheltered his whole life because he's a musical prodigy. He's lived a privileged life with everything revolving around him performing. After some major life changes he's ready for something that will make him feel alive.

A chance meeting on a street corner leads to an undeniable attraction between these two. Jade is scared to trust her heart to a man she barely knows especially when she the stable person in her siblings life. Still Life with Strings is my second book by L. My first was Painted Faces which made my top favorites list of I enjoy the writing style by Ms.

Overall Still Life with Strings is an intriguing story line for classical music lovers who want a setting in Ireland with a friends to lovers romance. View all 72 comments. Mar 11, Claire Robinson rated it it was amazing. Healing a broken body is easier than healing a broken heart I think I would struggle to accurately put together a fully coherent review, outlining just how enjoyable this book is, without leaving massive spoilers, but I am going to try.

Picture Fantasia for adults if you will and check out my updates while reading for more pictorial interpretations of what I was seeing whilst reading. Somehow these differences are what make them fit together, Shane has lead a sheltered and somewhat closeted life, while Jade has pretty much been balls-to-the-wall from her early teens. Shane wants Jade to teach him how to live, and Jade just wants to avoid her reality as much as she possibly can.

Both are tortured souls, but don't be mistaken in thinking this is your usual angst-fest that seems to be the norm in books lately. What follows, and their story is wholly different from anything I have read previously in this type of genre, is simply intoxicating! Think of it more as a feeling. I think perfect is just feeling content with your lot. Jade uses her mind and imagination as a form of escapism and you are at points in the story taken away by the lyrical, descriptive and totally engrossing writing of L.

I hardly see or hear any of the other musicians, my attention solely on this intriguing man. Musical notes float out of his strings in a cacophony of colours and textures. They fly up into the air. A treble clef drifts to me, catching onto the edge of my shirt. I pick it up and smooth it beneath my fingers, fold it in half, and stick it in my pocket for safekeeping. I literally got lost in this book; it is so full of colour, and sound and imagery that it really does take you away to the places and people contained in its pages. If you are looking for a book that offers escapism, while being tied up in a pretty spectacular storyline, then Still Life In Strings is definitely one you need to read.

My thanks go to L. Cosway, for generously providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for the above honest review. Turning a corner onto the bustling night time street, he saw her all in blue. The woman from his painting was a living, breathing thing… and she was so completely still. This was the story of Jade and Shane. Two Dubliners from opposite social standings. She was from The Liberties, he was from Dalkey. Jade was a strong heroine. Had a tough life and it was still tough in some ways, as she was guardian to younger siblings.

Shane was 29 but at times I found him a bit immature and childlike. View all 54 comments. It was romantic,hot and mysterious!! I really enjoyed it!! This is my first book of L. Cosway and I can say that she is very talented!!

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I will definitely read her other books soon!! Shane is a musician, he plays violin. He goes to Dublin to play with the local orchestra. He wants to forget the woman he used to love After her mother's death, Jade must look after her siblings alone and she has to deal with their problems She works as a street performer and as a bar worker. One night after finishing her street performance she sees Shane who is watching her Shane and Jade are such beautiful characters, they grabbed my attention from the beginning and I thoroughly enjoyed watching their story!!

Both characters have some hard times but they manage to build themselves back up!! I loved their chemistry,the tension and the pasion!! The sex scenes were really hot!! Steamy love scenes and humor made this an enjoyable read!! It's worth to read it!!

ARC kindly provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. View all 33 comments. This just wasn't my thing, honestly The main male character is a violinist And the female is a bartending sometime "busker" whomp whomp who has hallucinogenic acid trips The way the main female kept sending the main male mixed signals drove me nuts. In short, this was a case of it's not you, it's me. This was just too hipster and artsy for my personal tastes. View all 12 comments. Everyone who wants to smile. The writing, character development, and pace of the story felt as though I were reading a beautiful melody being performed with words.

Cosway blew me away with Painted Faces and I was eager to see if she could do it again. Still Life with Strings is a story of two very different people, whom live very different lives, allowing fate to guide them to the same path to happiness. Shane is a 29 year old violinist whom was proclaimed a child prodigy at the tender age of 6. His mother had him home-schooled by a private tutor so that he could spend more time focusing on the violin. While out celebrating with his new fellow musicians he spots a street performer and cannot take his eyes off the woman in blue standing perfectly still.

Shane decides to approach her and She's a 26 year full time employee at The National Concert Hall, who's also a street performer in her spare time. Jade is the guardian to her 3 younger siblings, Alec 21 he's yummy, and deserves his own book April 17 and Pete They mean everything to her and she will do anything to protect them One day at work she runs into Shane and learns he is the musician replacing the violinist whom left for Australia ie, they'll be working at the same place Both are immediately enamored with each other but Jade is not looking for any relationship other than friendship silly woman.

An enjoyable friendship is formed , sexual tension beings oozing off the pages and the most sensual scene where words are written on body parts is told in such a light it will leave you breathless. Honesty, when the scene was first introduced I thought "oh great,here comes the cheese" boy was I ever eating my words. There is so much more I could say but I don't wish to take away from the delicate melody being told by spoiling it with my big mouth.

So I shall shut up now, but first I must say.. Cosway for taking a risk by gifting meanie me an ARC. View all 24 comments. Cosway sucked me into her world of Shane Arthur and Jade Lennon. I found the story to be unique in both the content and the way it was told. The author took her time delivering her story, feeding us knew information, insight and feeling all the way through the book. It's a magical, romantic story about healing, taking risks and trusting in another person, trusting them with your heart and soul.

I believed everything that happened to the characters, everything they said and everything they felt. The impact other people can have on your life is astounding…. Most of all, for me, this is a book about love and serendipity Shane Arthur is a gifted world-class musician. He's polite, sexy and gorgeous; a beautiful person both inside and out, despite his upbringing and recent life experiences. He made me fall in book love with him. Jade Lennon stands still for money, she also works at a concert hall as a bartender.

Both jobs are essential to her life.

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She's been through hell and survived. Music takes her to other worldly places. Her imagination runs wild with the music. What can I say? You see from the blurb that they both end up at the same concert hall, Shane is the most recent addition to the orchestra. She fights her connection to him, believing he would NOT be good for her sobriety. The characters have an equally harrowing past, they've both lived a life of pain which can sometimes be too much, but in this story it works. There's truthfulness to everything.

They have chemistry together, a force, something driving them together. So many beautiful passages. Could they both overcome their past and enjoy a future? I love the way the author links the story together and intertwines lives. It feels like the universe was working to bring them together for quite some time. The story explores Soul mates Split moment decisions can change everything; set off a chain of happenings. Was it always meant to be this way?

Did they just have to find their way? Do we have a choice or is everything written in the stars? Did they HAVE to experience pain to know true happiness? So many life questions and thoughts. If you love beautiful, well written stories with depth of feeling and emotion, interesting characters and events, you will most certainly enjoy this book. I will definitely reach out for more from this author. View all 59 comments. Feb 20, Jennifer Kyle rated it liked it Shelves: Cosway but for me this story had a very slow pace. In fact, I was bored a great deal of the time.

My boredom didn't have anything to do the characters or the overall story but the day to day started wearing on me and I started to wonder what is the purpose of this story? There is beauty to be found amongst these pages and it does have a bigger meaning kind o 3. There is beauty to be found amongst these pages and it does have a bigger meaning kind of connection in its twist reveal felt over the top for me but I do feel others may enjoy it much more than I did. Jade is the guardian of her three siblings and works to provide for them as a living statute totally cool idea and at the beverage bar at the orchestra.

Her first encounter with the wonderful Shane totally turned me off and I pride myself on not being such a book prude. Do you get tested regularly? Just really felt odd because she doesn't mention doing this with anyone else but seems just fine with it. She has been burned in by a relationship in her past and she is also a recovering alcoholic. My sophisticated concert violinist has a dirty mouth, and it thrills me. The two fall deeply in love and I have to admit, I did love the music, the statute posing, the siblings and those sex scenes.

Overall, this one hit a flat note for me but the writing is well done and the message was very sweet. View all 32 comments. Jade Lennon doesn't have the easiest life. She works multiple jobs, lives in seedier part of Dublin, just trying to stay afloat while supporting her three younger siblings. It isn't the life she's dreamed of but life has given her countless challenges but she trudges on One thing she loves is to busk as a street performer.

It gives her fast cash when she needs food on the table. She dresses as a blue-winged sparrow and stands like a statue on the streets This is more than a way to make cash, it's her therapy Shane Arthur, a renowned violinist and concertmaster in the local Dublin orchestra, is passing by one late evening. He's awestruck by the bluebird standing before him. He has to meet her. And their story begins Shane and Jade have this connection from the start.

Still Life with Strings

I found their inner chemistry captivating and it carried me through the book. Yes, there's heat, a sexual pull between these two like no other but Jade fights love. She has too many people depending on her. She knows if things go bad, she will spiral into darkness again. So, they have rules, building a steady, solid friendship. Shane is enamored with Jade's strength, vitality and ability to live.

He just wants to learn how to do that This is just one of those books I love to sit and turn on my classical music in the background and read. It's clear the author has a strong background in music and art and it comes through beautifully in the writing. I'd almost forgotten how much I love the writing style of this author. It's almost poetic, not overly dramatic, but beautifully written throughout. Even as an arc, the book was perfection on an editing standpoint.

I enjoyed watching these two broken souls come together, building from each other's strengths and finding love along the way. I need that in my books and the author delivered. It's not overly angsty which proves how well it's written. I like a lot of drama and angst and this book was just the right balance to keep me turning the pages. Both books portraying characters with inner struggles that persevere for happiness in a world that can deal out a shitty hand.

I'm not familiar with Dublin but books like this are also a way to learn of different lifestyles and culture different from that I'm accustomed. Looking forward to more from this author! And I thank you! View all 36 comments. As always Cosway's storytelling is beautiful and mesmerizing. I devoured this book in a day and like Six of Hearts it has an enchanting quality to it that leaves you believing in magic or divine intervention. There are time when I read a novel and think that all the "coincidences" are unrealistic, but it's impossible to feel that way here because of how wonderfully written it is.

What you take away is that something this wonderful can actually happen in the real world, and that's one of the many things I love about this author. She puts magic in the ordinary in such a way that it leaves you with hope that mundane life can be transformed into something whimsical. Another thing I loved and love about all her works really is the characters. They are so varied and interesting, and I love getting to read about a side of life I will most likely never experience.

Jade and Shane are easily one of my favorite couples, and are individually two of my favorite characters in a series. They fit so well together and while Jade was initially scared, I never really believed that they were anything other than soulmates. Please, please read this novel. If you've read anything by L. Cosway before you will not be disappointed. If, however, this is your first novel by this author then prepared to be blown away and fall in love, because her novels are ones that leave you thinking and hoping and dreaming and they are definitely not easily forgotten.

View all 15 comments. Nov 28, Bindi Boo rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Because Hilary Storm decided to kill off Lilly, the main character. The forth book in the series will be on Luke finding another love and when I found this out I was fuming. View all 8 comments. Jan 31, Jackie Kiwibooknerd rated it did not like it Shelves: Well hell to say I am disappointed in this book is the understatement of the freaking century If I had known that what happened would happen I would not have bought or read the book.

Waited forever for Luke's story and then that shit happens I am done with this series now!!! I am fuming made I need something to tide me over after this horrid book!!!! View all 10 comments. Jan 21, Amy Zec rated it it was amazing. I was completely blown away. I have loved The Rebel Walking Series from the beginning. This book has been my favorite so far. Back in book one I fell in Love with Luke and this one made me fall even harder. I mean who doesn't love a tattooed rocker that is beyond sexy.

I was able to connect with both Luke and Lily instantly. They pull you in right away and you can not seem to get enough of them. This book made me laugh, cry, and say OMG more times then I could count! Just when you think you knew what was going to happen you are saying I did not see that coming. This book is defiantly in my top favorite books.

I must say if you have not read this series What are you waiting for? Thank you Hilary for an out of this world story and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next! Mar 04, Shonna rated it it was amazing. Wow I Never seen that one coming I can't wait for the next book! Jan 23, Lane rated it it was amazing. Hilary Storm went balls to the wall with this one, and I am going to do my best review with NO spoilers. Luke — rock star, sex on legs, funny, caring… Lilly — sex goddess waiting to let loose, guys-girl, smart mouthed, beautiful… my list could honestly go on for days for both characters.

An early scene is so well written you can feel what they are feeling, you can picture it vividly, and it is so HOT!

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Friends and bandmates playing with fire… Lilly is off-limits to Luke, but these two are not the type to follow rules… they push boundaries. Pushing boundaries other people have set was one thing, but pushing the boundaries they set for themselves proves to be sexy and quite messy. Neither caring what others think of their choice behavior causes ripples but nothing they cannot handle. You will go for one hell of a ride… swooning, laughing, crying, and even pleading for someone to make the right choice. Mar 25, Jennifer rated it it was ok. What was the purpose of the book??

I don't get it. Ok, now that I've have 24 hours to reflect on it, I'm still upset. This entire book didn't even need to be written.

See a Problem?

Lilly shouldn't have been done like that. She should have had her own book. I would have much rather gone from the 2. Mar 04, Savannah Dickess rated it it was amazing. I love this series to pieces and this book just made me love it so much more. I wont be one to give away details but this way the story was written made me feel like I was in the story experiencing every emotion possible. This book made me laugh and gutted me all at the same time. I am anxiously awaiting the next book so please dont make us wait long!! I read this book in one sitting not putting it down until the last word was read.

Mar 04, L. Evans rated it it was amazing. Really enjoyed this book, In previous books Luke is quiet compared to the rest of the band. Not so much in this book, his heart an head are telling him different things. Looking forward to reading the next book. Feb 17, Penny Clingan rated it it was amazing.

I had so many emotions going through book, from laughing to being mad, sad to heart broken! I can't wait until the next book to see how everything unfolds. I don't want to spoil the book for others by saying too much.. Mar 03, Missy Harton rated it it was amazing. Hard to say much more without spoiling it Dec 08, Ellen Small rated it it was amazing. I don't think I've ever been more impressed by a plot than this book, it's a roller coaster of emotion that has you grabbing the tissues to dry your eyes.

This is a must read along with books Mar 09, Polly rated it did not like it. I also thought the relationship between Lexi and Mia always a strong addition to the book. They were more than just friends they were each other's family. Can't wait until book May 20, Pollie rated it it was amazing. Love love love this book! The story is relatable to many, it is steamy! If you like a book that will reach out and grab you and pull you into the story fast this is it! I simply can not wait for the rest of the series. If you are not up on your slang it can be some what of a challenge to interpret but the references I was not familiar with wasn't hard to figure out.

It isn't without some misspellings or word usage mistakes but for me the story simply took over. I will be waiting for every instal Love love love this book! I will be waiting for every installment to Mia, Gabe, Lex and all the college kids with anticipation! May 26, Laurietta - All About Books rated it it was amazing. This was a great recommendation Sonjia! Looking forward to more if Gabe and Mia!!!! May 28, Dianne rated it really liked it. I should have done his side of the story last. Sep 11, Alexa Nichole Demers rated it it was ok.

The Austin series is a new one for me. I read the synopsis and I thought I would give it a try. Mia and Lexi have been best friends forever. Lexi is the sister that Mia never had. They both leave home to go to University. Both girls have their own relationship issues or daddy issues. Lexi only has one night stands. Mia decides to lose her virginity and only have one night stands. Lexi needs to spend more than one night with the same guy.

She met the perfect guy to help her with her v-card problem. Until he breaks up with his girlfriend and is looking for a committed relationship. Gabe notices Mia right away and knows he has to have her. Only she only wants sex. Gabe has his own issues. He is desperately afraid of people leaving him. His only choice is to convince her to change her mind. We got to follow both girls as they try to make progress on their relationship issues. They have only ever had each other and they were the best of friends.

They stand by each other no matter what but they also tell each other the hard stuff. There were times where they seemed to be fine. They were happy with all of those steamy steamy moments. I mean those two had some pretty hot bedroom time. But then they would have these unhealthy moments. Gabe was clingy and slightly controlling and Mia was a bitch and ran from any type of relationship.

Their relationship just seemed to be one big mess. Over all this was a great start to a story that is spread over multiple books. The pacing and writing was done well. The story was interesting and if you love drama this book is definitely for you. It will be interesting to see how everything plays out with Lexi, Mia, and Gabe.

Aug 28, Alexandra North rated it it was amazing. Somebody hose me down - scorchio! I absolutely loved this book. I was hooked from the first few pages! Her best friend and housemate at University, Lexi, is the complete opposite. Horny as hell and proud of it, she is rather promiscuous and recognising that neither Somebody hose me down - scorchio!

Horny as hell and proud of it, she is rather promiscuous and recognising that neither are completely satisfied with their current lifestyles, they decide that something has to change with both of them. They form a pact - a new start at Uni - a new chance to move forward in their adult sexual lives.

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Mia has to have, actual sex to get over her issues and her recent break-up, and Lexi needs to tone it down and try the dating scene - to stick to the same guy for more than one-night. An intelligent, extremely sexy, fellow classmate, who is everything an Alpha male should be, but caring too! She is smitten, as is he from day one. Needless to say — their relationship blossoms and the sex is bloody hot!

The author taught me a thing or five in this book ; Gabe is mouth-wateringly gorgeous and honestly, I'm repeating myself, I know but the sex scenes are scrummy, I mean if you want erotica then this is it. However, the friendships and storyline throughout the book are also so engaging, you actually feel like you become a part of their lives and they work in tandem with the sex to create a fast-paced novel which has depth and purpose. As a fellow Brit, I got the humour straight away and loved the banter that reverberated between the two girlfriends Mia and Lexi — I wanna be in their gang! This is a fabulous beginning to the Austin Series.

Fallowfield is seriously a master of dialogue!!! Although this could be classed as New Adult, it was also a great erotic romance with some brilliant humour — I laughed out loud in places. The whole series is out as a box set 1st Sept — bonus!

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WOW, I am totally enthralled with this series and this is barely the first book! I honestly couldn't get enough of Mia and Gabe. I thought they were the perfect couple. I finally see a book with a girl being more dominant and stubborn than the guy. Mia has problems getting close to any guy. She thinks they're going to run off on her just like her dad did. He promises her things and never goes through with his promises. Gabe has been guarding his heart ever since his mom died. He can't seem to find WOW, I am totally enthralled with this series and this is barely the first book!

He can't seem to find the right girl. He dates and he screws any girl that throws themselves at him. But when Mia comes into the picture he just feels like she's the girl for him. When Gabe and Mia finally meet and start talking, they hit it off right away. Mia and Lexi have decided to make a pact, Lexi was to finally find someone to last more than a day with and Mia was to find someone to lose her virginity and have a fling, with no strings attached.

But what Mia didn't expect was to fall for Gabe and when Gabe drops the "I love you" bomb on her, she is speechless. She normally runs when guys tell her they love her and start getting too clingy. But for some reason she can't seem to stay away from Gabe. You see many things in this book. There is love, there is passion and there is definitely a lot of sex.

Even though Mia has never been with anyone and didn't have experience prior to Gabe, she sure knew what the heck she was doing. I give her props because she sure sounded like a very experienced girl!! I totally love this book and I am definitely going to continue reading the rest of this love story. I know there is more to just "love" and I just want to read the whole series. I think I'm going to be so in love with these two characters as I continue reading on. I totally give this 5 stars and can't wait to continue the journey of Gabe and Mia. They have been best friends since they were 11 years old and now starting college together at the University.

Mia is an 18 year old virgin and Lexi on the other hand does one night stands. Both are scared of having a committed relationship all due to their past. So while attending the Uni and living on their own they both started a pact together. Mia was to lose her V-card to a hot guy with no-strings attached and Lexi was Immediately I was drawn to the story because of Mia Page and Lexi Clarke.

Mia was to lose her V-card to a hot guy with no-strings attached and Lexi was going to try for a real relationship. Their friendship is very entertaining. They brought much humor to the book whether they were together or texting. Now comes Gabe Austin. The loss of his mother when he was young was a past that tortured Gabe.

Although he's dated he never loved or put much effort into his relationships. So when Gabe set eyes on Mia it was love at first sight. This book was all consuming, I was very engrossed in the story. I just felt myself connecting with them while getting lost in the book. I received this book an exchange for an honest review. I don't read a lot of the New Adult genre,but this book was pretty good. Mia and Lexi are best friends, heading to Uni and away from home. They vow to each other that they will both turn over a new leaf with the beginning of their new life. Mia, a somewhat uptight virgin, is going for the no strings attached sex, while Lexi, who is very experienced in the no strings approach, is going to try to her hand at having a relationship.

Mia meets a I received this book an exchange for an honest review. Mia meets a breathtaking swimmer, Gabe, that has her literally fainting upon sight of him.

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She decides not to tell him that she is a virgin and he takes her out on all kinds of sex not aware of the fact that he is about to be her first. Mia and Gabe struggle with the fact that Mia is not looking for anything real but Gabe is fast falling in love with her. This book approaches both of their insecurities as they try to find a middle ground that will work for their relationship, while having some very hot and steamy sex.

I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series. Jun 28, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: Copy provided by the author through goodreads Fifty Shades Support Group in exchange for an honest review I'll be honest for the first maybe 3 chapters I was thinking I'm not going to like this it's going to be another girl gos to college girl meets boy ect. How wrong I was. This book is brilliant. Its funny and sexy. Just really well written. I loved Mia and Gabe's instant chemistry.

It was hot and passionate but funny and cute at the same time. Its not all hearts and roses though both of these ch Copy provided by the author through goodreads Fifty Shades Support Group in exchange for an honest review I'll be honest for the first maybe 3 chapters I was thinking I'm not going to like this it's going to be another girl gos to college girl meets boy ect. Its not all hearts and roses though both of these characters have there own issues that have only briefly been mentioned so it will be interesting to see more about these as the series continues.

I also loved that he never cheated.