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Considering this proclaimed interest in the welfare of his people to be false and self-serving, Dante places Caiaphas among the hypocrites in the sixth pit, with an added contrapasso: Here Dante endorses the repugnant view of Jesus' crucifixion as justification for the persecution of Jews Inf. Dante likely saw the layout of the entire Malebolge when he descended aboard Geryon from circle 7 to circle 8 Inf. Recently converted and baptized, Simon is so impressed with the ability of the apostles Peter and John to confer the Holy Spirit through the laying on of hands that he offers them money to obtain and practice this power himself; Peter angrily denounces Simon for even thinking this gift could be bought Acts 8: An apocryphal book, Acts of Peter, tells of a magic contest between the apostle and Simon, now the magician of the emperor Nero in Rome.

When Simon--with the aid of a demon--proceeds to fly, Peter crosses himself and Simon crashes to the ground. Benedetto Caetani, a talented and ambitious scholar of canon law, rose quickly through the ranks of the church and was elected pope, as Boniface VIII, soon after the abdication of Pope Celestine V in There were rumors that Boniface had intimidated Celestine into abdicating so he could become pope himself.



Boniface's pontificate was marked by a consolidation and expansion of church power, based on the view--expressed in a papal bull Unam sanctam --that the pope was not only the spiritual head of Christendom but also superior to the emperor in the secular, temporal realm. Dante, by contrast, firmly held that the pope and emperor should be co-equals with a balance of power between the pope's spiritual authority and the emperor's secular authority.

Boniface's political ambitions directly affected Dante when the pope--under the false pretense of peace-making--sent Charles of Valois, a French prince, to Florence; Charles' intervention allowed the black guelphs to overthrow the ruling white guelphs, whose leaders--including Dante, in Rome at the time to argue Florence's case before Boniface--were sentenced to exile. Dante now settles his score with Boniface in the Divine Comedy by damning the pope even before his death in the journey takes place in In return for this support, Clement moved the Papal See from Rome to Avignon in southern France in , an action so abhorrent to many Dante for sure that it came to be known as the "Babylonian Captivity.

The "Great Schism" ended in with the definitive return of the papacy to Rome. Legend held that Constantine gave this gift to Pope Sylvester I, whose baptism of the emperor had cured him of leprosy. Dante, who thought the world better served with political power in the hands of the emperor, bitterly blamed this event for the dire consequences of a wealthy papacy Inf.

The document that authorized this transfer of power--popularly called the "Donation of Constantine"--was proved by Lorenzo Valla in the fifteenth century to be a fake, probably written in the papal court or in France several centuries after Constantine's death.

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The city was thus named, Virgil tells Dante, with no recourse to chance or magic drawing lots, augury, divination, etc. It may well be that Dante here allows Virgil, who himself enjoyed a widespread reputation in the Middle Ages for wizard-like powers , an opportunity to disassociate his city--and, by extension, himself--from the sort of activity punished in the fourth ditch. Shards of a Broken Sword: Ghost in the Winds Ghost Exile 9. The Ghosts Omnibus One. Ghost in the Razor Ghost Exile 4. Mosaic Chronicles Books The Shadow Conspiracy Trilogy: The Complete Book of Fallen Angels.

The Ascension Series, Books The Hidden Secrets Saga: The Veil Series Books 1 - 3.

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You submitted the following rating and review. We'll publish them on our site once we've reviewed them. Item s unavailable for purchase. Please review your cart. Because the elevator car is counterweighted, there is no change in the gravitational potential energy of the elevator-counterweight system.

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So the total electrical energy usage E E E is. What is the cost of the elevator journey assuming the cost of electricity is 0. We know from the definition of power that the total energy is the power multiplied by the duration:. So the electricity cost is 0. And the cost of the journey is 2.

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Gravitational potential energy is one of very few forms of energy that can be used for practical energy storage at a very large scale. Very large scale energy storage is required for storing excess electrical energy from wind and solar energy resources so that it can be transferred to the electricity grid at times of peak demand. This can be achieved with pumped-storage hydroelectric systems.

The image below shows an example of such a system. Water is pumped into an upper reservoir using excess energy to drive a motor which operates a turbine pump. When energy demand is high, the flow is reversed. The pump becomes a generator driven by the gravitational potential energy of the water in the upper reservoir.

The water can be released very rapidly to accommodate the peak power needs of a whole city or even many cities. The height difference, h h h , of the system is m. What volume of water from the upper reservoir would need to flow through the turbine in a 30 minute period if a city is being provided with 3 GW of power for this time?

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A hydroelectric power system using pumped-storage. First we need to find the energy required, given the known power P P P and duration t t t:. The mass of water required can then be found from the equation for gravitational potential energy:. By the magic of the metric system—1 L of water has a mass of 1 kg—this is 1. As a point of reference, an olympic size swimming pool contains 2. What if the gravitational field is not uniform? If the problem involves large distances, we can no longer assume that the gravitational field is uniform. If G G G is the gravitational constant ,.

When dealing with gravitational potential energy over large distances, we typically make a choice for the location of our zero point which may seem counterintuitive.

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We place the zero point of gravitational potential energy at a distance r r r of infinity. This makes all values of the gravitational potential energy negative.