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Meanwhile, three fishermen are out at sea when a strange, glowing fog envelops their trawler. The fog brings with it the Elizabeth Dane , carrying the vengeful revenants of Blake and his crew who kill the fishermen. Meanwhile, town resident Nick Castle is driving home and picks up a young hitchhiker named Elizabeth Solley. As they drive towards town, all the truck's windows inexplicably shatter.

Intrigued, Stevie takes it with her to the lighthouse where she broadcasts her radio show.


She sets the wood down next to a tape player that is playing, but the wood inexplicably begins to seep water, causing the tape player to short circuit. A mysterious man's voice emerges from the tape player swearing revenge, and the words "6 must die" appear on the wood before it bursts into flame.

Stevie quickly extinguishes the fire, but she then sees that the wood once again reads "DANE" and the tape player begins working normally again. After locating the missing trawler, Nick and Elizabeth find the corpse of Dick Baxter with his eyes gouged out. The other two fishermen are missing, one of whom is the husband of Kathy Williams, who is overseeing the town's centennial celebrations. While Elizabeth is alone in the autopsy room, Baxter's corpse rises from the autopsy table and approaches her.

As Elizabeth screams, Nick and coroner Dr.

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Phibes rush into the room where they see the corpse lifeless again on the floor, upon which is carved the number 3. That evening, as the town's celebrations begin, local weatherman Dan calls Stevie at the radio station to tell her that another fog bank has appeared and is moving towards town.

As they are talking, the fog gathers outside the weather station and Dan hears a knock at the door. He answers it and is slaughtered by the revenants as Stevie listens in horror. As Stevie proceeds with her radio show, the fog starts moving inland, disrupting the town's telephone and power lines. Using a backup generator , Stevie begs her listeners to go to her house and save her son when she sees the fog closing in from her lighthouse vantage point.

As the fog envelops Stevie's house, the revenants kill her son's babysitter, Mrs. They then pursue Andy, but Nick arrives and rescues him. Stevie advises everyone to head to the town's church. Once inside, Nick, Elizabeth, Andy, Kathy, her assistant Sandy, and Father Malone take refuge in a back room as the fog arrives outside. Inside the room, they locate a gold cross in the wall cavity which is made from the stolen gold.

As the revenants begin their attack, Malone takes the gold cross out into the chapel. Knowing that they have returned to take six lives in lieu of the six original conspirators who led them to their deaths, Malone offers the gold and himself to Blake to spare the others. At the lighthouse, more revenants attack Stevie, trapping her on the roof. Inside the church, Blake seizes the gold cross, which begins to glow. Nick pulls Malone away from the cross seconds before it disappears in a blinding flash of light along with Blake and his crew.

The revenants at the lighthouse also disappear, and the fog vanishes. Later that night, Malone is alone in the church, pondering why Blake did not kill him and thus take six lives. The fog then reappears inside the church along with the revenants, and Blake decapitates Malone. John Carpenter stated that the inspiration for the story was partly drawn from the British film The Trollenberg Terror , which dealt with monsters hiding in the clouds.

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While in England promoting Assault on Precinct 13 , Carpenter and Hill visited the site in the late afternoon one day and saw an eerie fog in the distance. In the DVD audio commentary for the film, Carpenter noted that the story of the deliberate wreckage of a ship and its subsequent plundering was based on an actual event that took place in the 19th century near Goleta, California [1]: After viewing a rough cut of the film, Carpenter was dissatisfied with the results. Recalling the experience, Carpenter commented "It was terrible. I had a movie that didn't work, and I knew it in my heart".

Machen John Houseman telling ghost stories to fascinated children by a campfire Houseman played a similar role in the opening of the film Ghost Story. Carpenter added several other new scenes and re-shot others in order to make the film more comprehensible, more frightening, and gorier.

Carpenter and Debra Hill have said the necessity of a re-shoot became especially clear to them after they realized that The Fog would have to compete with horror films that had high gore content. This was her first feature film.

Barbeau appeared in Carpenter's next film, Escape from New York Tom Atkins , a friend of Barbeau's, was cast as Nick Castle. Season of the Witch , which was produced and scored by Carpenter. Commenting on the role and on appearing in another of Carpenter's films, she said "That's what I love about John. He's letting me explore different aspects of myself. I'm spoiled rotten now. My next director is going to be almost a letdown".

Besides the fact that many of the actors in The Fog also appeared in Halloween and other later Carpenter films , several characters in The Fog are named after people that Carpenter had collaborated with on previous films. Other references that are interwoven into the film include the name of the John Houseman character "Mr. Machen" a reference to Welsh horror fantasist Arthur Machen ; a radio report that mentions Arkham Reef ; and the town's coroner Dr. Phibes was named after the titular character of the horror films starring Vincent Price from the early s.

A further undisclosed amount was spent on prints of the film, of which were distributed to American cinemas. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. User Polls If these titles were about superheroes I'd watch Your Favorite John Carpenter Movie? Learn more More Like This.

Prince of Darkness Assault on Precinct 13 Escape from New York In the Mouth of Madness Big Trouble in Little China Village of the Damned A small town's women give birth to unfriendly alien children posing as humans. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Stevie Wayne Jamie Lee Curtis Elizabeth Solley Janet Leigh Kathy Williams John Houseman Nick Castle James Canning Dick Baxter Charles Cyphers Dan O'Bannon Nancy Kyes Andy Wayne Hal Holbrook Father Malone John F.

Tommy Wallace Regina Waldon Edit Storyline As the centennial of the small town of Antonio Bay, California approaches, paranormal activity begins to occur at midnight. John Carpenter, who startled the world with "Halloween", now brings you the ultimate experience in terror.

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Edit Details Official Sites: Edit Did You Know? Trivia Father Malone's assistant at the movie's beginning, Bennett, was played by John Carpenter but was uncredited. Goofs When one of the sailors peers out of the ship's window for a fog bank in the background, the superimposed fog appears over the edges of the window. There's no fog bank out there. Hey, there's a fog bank out there.

All right, I'm drunk enough. Connections Referenced in Whiteout Conditions: Frequently Asked Questions Q: How did the six forefathers sink the Elizabeth Dane? What homages are paid in 'The Fog' to other movies? Is 'The Fog' based on a book? Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Audible Download Audio Books.

Sandy Fadel as Nancy Loomis. Al Williams as John Goff.