What in the World. A museum’s subjective biography

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Others relate museums to the great masters of painting and sculpture and the will to display great works of art in galleries. Cabinets of curiosities are also associated with the emergence of such institutions that are known for provoking amusement, astonishment and educating. But museums can go far beyond what we know.

Seeing through Data: Visiting the Museum with the Eyes of an Information Designer

They are responsible for transformations in society, especially when legitimizing knowledge and power. They alter how we deal with objects, heritage and our own identity.

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Why not therefore think as museums as transforming places, that not only redefine meanings, uses and statuses of objects but also to transform individuals themselves, those without whom museums and objects would not even exist? Furthermore, different from the European concepts and traditions, alternative museologies in different countries have appropriated and transformed methods to better adapt them to their own realities.

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Consequently, in order to get to know how subjectivity is explored in different parts of the world, for the last months, the planning of the conference brought us to a different level of experimenting how far museums could go. The conference is the result of an effort to join technologies, poetics, politics and rationality in a dialog among people from Brazil, Germany, Portugal, Sweden and many other countries, all of whom have lived and experienced museums all around the Globe. We are subjective by nature.

Sanford Biggers - Subjective Cosmology Interview

When looking at subjectivity in the museum, in science one can also question whether the plurality of subjectivities forms one objective view or how reliable and validated personal subjective perspectives can be in both domains. From he performed with avant-garde composer David Tudor as a member of his Rainforest ensemble, later called Composers Inside Electronics.

On View and Upcoming Exhibitions

Exhibitions include Bill Viola: Viola represented the U. A Year Survey that included over 35 installations and videotapes and traveled for two years to six museums in the United States and Europe. The Passions, a new series inspired by late medieval and early Renaissance art, was exhibited at the J.

In Bill Viola: Visioni interiori, a survey exhibition organized by Kira Perov, was presented in Rome at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

Seeing through Data: Visiting the Museum with the Eyes of an Information Designer

In , twenty works were shown at the Grand Palais, Paris, in his largest survey exhibition to date, and a few months later, part one of the St. Kira Perov is executive director of Bill Viola Studio. She has worked closely with Bill Viola, her husband and partner since , managing, creatively guiding and assisting with the production of all of his videotapes and installations, and photographing the process. She edits all Bill Viola publications, selecting materials from her extensive archive and collaborating with museum professionals and designers.

Perov also curates, organizes and coordinates exhibitions of the work worldwide. When she invited Viola to Melbourne in , Perov was director of cultural activities at La Trobe University, curating exhibitions and producing concerts. Recent publications include Bill Viola: Lived in Japan on cultural exchange fellowship.

Artist-in-residence at Sony Corporation's Atsugi Laboratories, Paul's Cathedral, London,