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Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Mar 14, Chad rated it really liked it Shelves: If there's one thing Greg Rucka is really good at, it's espionage comics. Imagine Queen and Country set in the DC universe. I love his treatment of Kobra as a quasi-religious terrorist organization.

Having Amanda Waller in the book as a foil operating behind the scenes for America's interests counter to Checkmate's is a genius move. I love all the political espionage in the book, and yet we still get doses of superheroics as well. Apr 22, Travis Duke rated it it was ok. But I can't take any more white queen black knight call signs I'm also not super into the back stories for DC either. Feb 21, Chris Lemmerman rated it really liked it Shelves: Greg Rucka expands on the story he began in Infinite Crisis' OMAC Project on a global scale, taking the reins of Checkmate and its innovative power structure of Kings, Queens, and international politics.

I've not read a book that works like this before. What follows is four issues of blackmail, double jeopardy, Fire setting things on fire, and Sasha Bordeaux being extremely sassy. It's great, in short. There's a one-shot after this which is decent, moving a few characters on and off of the board literally, since this is Checkmate after all and replacing one of the fallen from the first arc. Next is Rogue Squad, a two-part story that sees Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad idea go completely wrong as it's want to do , that ties into more of the Infinite Crisis fallout than the rest of the series.

The three issue Pawn storyline looks to set up some stuff for later down the line, but this feels like too small a story to focus on when Checkmate operate internationally. I get that a sleeper agent inside Kobra would be a good move, but it doesn't have the impact I thought it'd have. And then the final two issues shed some light on the background behind Fire, who spends most of the series worrying and getting blackmailed by Amanda Waller, so this clears the air for her story to progress further. Most of the art is handled by Jesus Saiz, whose style isn't quite as refined as it is in more recent memory, but the ghost of the artist he's going to become is definitely present.

There are also numerous fill-ins from Cliff Richards and Steve Scott; their styles don't gel with Saiz's very much, but they're serviceable enough. The Saiz issues are the best ones though, clearly. Jul 29, Anchorpete rated it it was amazing. I think I have close to a thousand books in my goodreads reviews. In the hundreds of comic book trades I have read, there are a handful that seem like they are written specifically for me. This is one of those books.

I enjoyed this, from cover to cover. It has all of these great DC comics characters, concepts and its history, but it is told with the believable, st I think I have close to a thousand books in my goodreads reviews. It has all of these great DC comics characters, concepts and its history, but it is told with the believable, stern espionage filled style of Greg Rucka.

I love this book. Oct 02, Mark rated it it was ok Shelves: I've liked other Greg Rucka comics and novels - but the artwork here and the impenetrable naming system chess piece code words caused me to give up. Jan 26, Kenny rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another victory for Rucka An interesting premise, full of political intrigue. Puts the DC Universe under a new light. Looking forward to the next part! Solid storylline I enjoyed reading about a UN sanctioned superpowered black ops team.

Amanda Waller from Suicide Squad continues her treadwalk between white and black. Johnathan rated it liked it Apr 12, Gavin rated it really liked it May 16, Remy'S Dad rated it really liked it May 09, Seven words to describe Travis King: Dirty-talker, jaded, horny, cocky, non-committal, commanding and conflicted. Smart, loner, ambitious, unsocial, blunt, feisty and conflicted. This is War, told from dual POVs, is a tempestuous relationship filled with hilarious situations, steamy sex scenes and just the right amount of romance.

Aside from detailed sex with prior one-night stands this was a funny, fast paced and hot read all the way to the beyond perfect ending leading right to book 2, Checkmate: This is Love for the conclusion of their story. Would I re-read this series: Would I read future books by this author: ARC provided to me by authors Kennedy Fox in exchange for an honest review. View all 47 comments. Oct 08, Clumsy Storyteller rated it liked it Shelves: Damn you Cliffhanger, i need book 2 now!!!!!!!!!! That bitch travis better have some fucking explanation to what did i just read.

Travis and Viola were friends when they were kids but at her 13th birthday she heard him talking about how pethetic she is, and loner with no friends or life, That's when her attitude towards him changed she hated h Damn you Cliffhanger, i need book 2 now!!!!!!!!!! Travis and Viola were friends when they were kids but at her 13th birthday she heard him talking about how pethetic she is, and loner with no friends or life, That's when her attitude towards him changed she hated his guts and continued hating him for a decade after that.

Viola was kind of naive and reckless , although i admired her, she was sweet and nerdy. View all 10 comments. Mar 11, Sabrina rated it really liked it Shelves: Viola thinks Travis is nothing more than a manwhore, and he thinks she's a stuck up prude. So you can imagine the craziness that ensues when they're stuck living together for two weeks. Without the supervision of Vi's brother, Travis' roommate, it's hard for these two to calm their urges to cause the other body harm.

But when they get their hands on each other it's definitely not to cause pain I absolutely loved Travis and Viola's very volatile relationship! It definitely frustrated the hell out of me, but it was in the best way possible. I really liked that their characters could get me so involved in their story that I came close to throwing my Kindle across the room and breaking it.

I don't like to feel frustrated and it's actually something I usually really really hate, but with this book I didn't mind that that's the mood it got me in. It made me feel like I was a part of their story since I could feel the rage and frustration coming from the characters and those became my own emotions. Travis was a little hard to like at times when he came off as an unfeeling bastard only looking to get his dick wet. And in all honesty I didn't like him until I was pretty far into the book. But once he started to open up about his own emotions I was right there ready and willing to comfort him.

It took awhile but eventually he became the guy worthy of Viola's attention and I loved seeing the subtle changes in him. The cliffhanger that these authors delivered just about killed me and even though it was already after 3 in the morning I had to start the next book to see what would happen. All I can say about that is be prepared to scream and run onto Amazon to get the next book as soon as you finish this one.

This book is definitely a must read and if you haven't picked it up you need to do so as fast as you can. This Is Way Playlist: View all 18 comments. Jul 29, V. I just found out Kennedy Fox is a writing duo. How bad this book is that even the authors didn't claim credit for it? Whoever authors are behind the name "Kennedy Fox" know this book is bad.

I wouldn't read anything by these authors if I knew their real name. It has almost every trope I hate in "romance" books. Mainly OW view spoiler [ Plenty of OW moments and I mean like half the book is H fucking, trying to fuck or watching other women naked. This isn't romance at all. It's not new adult either. It's just plain bad porn. Review to come or not, honestly I hate writing negative reviews, but I might update with more on safety issues. View all 4 comments. How is this book end like that? Ugh but I don't know when it will come out.

Why didn't I wait, why? View all 14 comments. One minute you're thinking, I know how this going to end and you think you're safe. That sense of security you have makes you calm because you THINK you know how everything is going to play out. But when you get to the end and read that last sentence, that calmness you felt? Is no longer there. I'll tell what replaces it though: Shock, anger, and straight up panic!! To say that Viola Fisher and Travis King dislike each other is a serious understatement. Having gone from childhood friends to enemies over the last twelve years has been quite the journey.

Deciding to spend her spring break vacation with her brother, Viola is in for one heck of a surprise when she learns she'll be stuck with the man who raises her blood pressure and makes her have bail money on stand by. It was game on. I'm not going to sugar coat it because it's true.

Getting him to remember your name the morning after, that's a different story. The only woman that's been around him long enough happens to also be the same one who wants to castrate him in his sleep but who's complaining right? Being stuck with Viola for the next two weeks couldn't possibly be so bad but Travis is about to find out that he's dead wrong. Over the course of pissing her off and pushing her away, she's grown to hate me more than I believed possible. The sexual tension, laugh out loud moments, and a villain that had me gripping my tablet so hard because I was imagining choking dat hoe,had me reading at a fast paced speed.

I loved Travis and Viola's interaction with each other and I can't even tell you how many times I was giggling at their little war games. They were hot, passionate, and despite everything they went through, they genuinely cared about each other. Now as for the ending? Holy Crap I need part two right freakin now!! View all 17 comments.

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Sep 23, Jacqueline rated it it was ok Shelves: I love a enemies to lovers set up and I also love it when they're childhood friends all grown up because of all of the extra history we get. Add on the fact that she's his best mate's little sister and I thought I'd love this, but it didn't quite work out for me. My main issue was that the H was a complete pig. He continued to hook up with others even after something started simmering between them, and, as it was told in alternate fp, we got all the dirty deets of those hook ups.

It kind of made I love a enemies to lovers set up and I also love it when they're childhood friends all grown up because of all of the extra history we get. It kind of made me feel sick. He didn't even wash in between. In this, in kind of felt like they did. So I missed the feels and just read the lust and smut. It was hot but a bit, well, tawdry for me. It ends on a cliffhanger, but the story didn't really have that much going on to justify stretching it into a second book tbh.

Not a fan of that. Not a hit for me, but it seems I'm in a minority.

Checkmate: This is War (Travis & Viola, #1)

View all 16 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Scene after scene with ow and this pathetic "heroine" still can't control her body around him. View all 7 comments. Oct 04, Maria So I guess it is a for me! Let's start with the thing that I liked in this book This book was intense and H. There's no denying there! I loved the crush and friendship Travis and Viola had as kids.

I really enjoyed their love-hat 3 stars This book was so not my usual enemies to lovers kind of book that I like! I really enjoyed their love-hate interactions as adult. I liked how they challenged each other to get on top! In the end I was relived they opened up and we saw the real Travis and Viola without games.

Checkmate by Greg Rucka: Book 1 by Greg Rucka

Just laying everything out after so many years of hiding their true feelings. Now the things that made me angry, frustrated, and bumped about the things that were happening! Travis was the worst kind of manwhore I ever read about. I mean I know there isn't a good kind of manwhore but he was just to much!

I wanted his dick to fell off! I mean that thing got hard with just a look of every woman who passed beside him. And before you say anything, I know that's the point of a manwhore but that last until he meets the heroine and maybe sometimes a little after meeting her. We read to many scenes with him and other women to count.

I thought that would end at some point! But I wasn't so lucky! Especially the first time they had sex. Viola was unbelievable for putting up with his ass even though he was hot and sexy. Wake up Violet those aren't the qualities to lose you respect over. I lost my interest for the second half of the book. At some point I flipped pages to see the difference I was waiting for but it wasn't coming Everything got complicated for some reason.

Can I just get some credits for having hope until the end??? I started to dislike Travis and how weak he was the second someone touched his dick.

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And usually not the heroine! Overall these are my thoughts about this book. If some things didn't happen and the characters were more developed it would have been a great book! But these are my thoughts, someone else might like it. I hope the second one is better! View all 15 comments. Sep 26, Lisa Jayne rated it liked it. Nothing appeals to me more than a 'hate to love you' romance story and this book fills that genre better than most. Kennedy Fox, are a brand new writing duo in the romance writing world and I was impressed by their story telling from the start.

This book has plenty of sexual tension, evil arguments and lashings of good old fashioned angst. I couldn't tell you if I've read this author duo before or not simply because they keep their identity a secret, but what I cant deny is that I'll definitely be coming back for more. What did I love? It has an easy flow and equally addictive writing style that made the chapters fly by. There was rarely a dull moment and I can honestly say for the most part I was entertained.

How to Checkmate with Bishop and Knight

This duo definitely know how to write erotic action full of scorching heat and I certainly can't say that I was disappointed by their ability to create angsty, angry, tension filled scenes. Overall, this was a book that I enjoyed to read, with plenty of bedtime action and even though I didn't instantly five star this book Kennedy Fox have certainly left an impression. There wasn't a list of things that I didn't like about this novel, but enough to make me question a full five stars.

As I've already said I can never resist an enemies to lovers story however with that being said this book gave me plenty of enemy and not so much love. Simply put I needed the characters to be a little more lovable, and a lot less clueless. I'm pretty sure this will be one of those romance releases that divides opinion. On the one hand there will be the 'angst chasers' who undoubtably will thrive on what this book has to offer.

On the flip side there will be the readers who won't appreciate how far this author duo takes these characters. Love it or loathe it you can't take away the talent from this writing duo and if like me you love a couple to battle it out to the end then this book might just be your next five star read.

Oct 22, Shannon Moore rated it really liked it. Checkmate is a true enemies to lovers romance, which seems to be very popular these days. Now let me say, these two are definitely hostile! Then of course the pranks that Travis and Viola pull on each other to push them farther only adds to the situation; you never know what they'll pull next while trying to one up each other. The farther you get thoug Checkmate is a true enemies to lovers romance, which seems to be very popular these days. The farther you get though, you get glimpses as to WHY they're acting this way and it kind of breaks your heart a little.

They're both carrying around so much hurt and pain from each other in the past, that now this is the only way they can seem coexist. It's touching how two people can find themselves coming back to each other even after so much time and so much hurt, but these two deserve it. All right, that might sound dramatic and all, considering I just confessed my feelings about him, but those are feelings of hate From being head over heels for him as a young girl to loathing him as a woman, Travis King needs to remember the golden rule—never admit defeat.

I love the come backs they have and watching how they would each react in certain situations! She jerks her head toward me, furrowing her brows. This is actually a really cool concept, to let their work not their names speak for themselves. This can be an easy hit or miss type situation but Kennedy Fox hits it out of the park! I could notice certain areas that were written by different people but overall the story is solid and flows well, no matter the chapter, scene or POV.

One of my favourite parts of Checkmate: This is War was when these characters started to let their guard down and let the other in. They had moments of growth and vulnerability, of hope and chances. Then going from this back to the banter and seeing how it effected them was a nice contrast. After all these years, it almost feels like her pet name for me—with a side of hatred. Sure, somethings do happen, and are kind of expected, but not while the characters are actually together. I have no qualms about this situation and how it was written and actually feel like it enhanced the story.

When thinking about the heat levels in is books, the first thing that came to mind was: Damn this thing is hot! I didn't expect what we got from Viola, but Travis is a dirty talker which is a huge bonus in my books. And some of the scenes Yeah, let's just say foggy car windows are the least of your problems. Not only is this story about the issues between Travis and Viola, but I really enjoyed the added issues for Travis work and how things were struggling there between his boss and other It was clever and an interesting way to make the plot multidimensional, while keeping you on your toes because at some point, you know everything is going to exploded.

Not only this, but it also gives you a better glimpse into Travis' real character. Yes, he's an alpha but seeing how much he actually does care and is a good guy when he and V aren't at each other's throats brings a whole new side to him. I want to use him just as much. Because the truth is, sleeping with Travis or not sleeping with Travis, changes nothing. Seriously, I promise I'm not that weird, but I find them so much fun. There's nothing like when a story is reaching a crescendo and all of a sudden BOOM!

You get somewhere good and it cuts off, leaving you hanging. If that doesn't keep you thinking about a book, I don't know what will. Okay, so at the end of Checkmate: This is War, I had to try so hard not to flip to the last page and see how it ended I know, I'm impatient. I was reading the last chapter and getting a little twitchy because I knew the ending had to be something good from the reviews I had seen online.

And simultaneously was freaking out and needing the next book. I need it now!!!! I have a theory about what happened at the end but guess I won't know now for another couple of months. I don't want this to be one of those books. What first attracted me to this book was that I stumbled across a book trailer on Facebook. Those things are so cool and such a neat marketing opportunity, that after watching I instantly added it to my TBR list.

When release day rolled around, I immediately one clicked and then devoured this thing! I know that you're always taking a chance on new authors or coauthors under a pen name but this was one that I definitely enjoyed. And to think how easily I could've missed out on this, I want to make sure some other people don't! If you want to see it, check out Kennedy Fox's page in Facebook and take a look! If you want an explosive, captivating, sexy, enemies to lovers and brother's best friend read, Checkmate: This is War is for you!

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  8. You do not want to miss this one, I'll bet you that. So there's only one thing left to cover: View all 8 comments. If this book was set around high school students instead of adults, I think the story would have felt more realistic and less juvenile but alas, another book full of pathetic adult characters with no real responsibility in life. This is a classic love to hate and hate to love kind of story, with Travis being one of the worst man whore characters I've read about in years. He ends up aggressive and angry without sex, and treats women like they're nothing—just deposable holes, to put it crudely.

    Viola was an annoying character who couldn't take a stand to save her life. The second Travis walked into the room she basically draped herself across the furniture, all the while pretending that she "hates him" and doesn't want to have sex with him. The whole premise of their relationship was the fact they were both holding onto a grudge from when they were thirteen?! I mean come on. I've been known to hold a pretty long standing grudge, but holding onto a grudge for ten plus years over a few petty words when you were children is kinda pathetic. There was also a passage were Viola basically blamed Travis for her self esteem issues as a child because he had so many girlfriends and never looked twice at her.

    During the time she was making it clear she hated him. So she expected him to what??? Don't get me wrong, this is an enjoyable book, I finished it all in one night and I have already got the next one lined up. But there were so many issues and so many annoying little tidbits, that I just can't bring myself to rate it any higher. I know this is part of a duo on this set of characters, but it's still annoying lol Sep 22, Paige rated it really liked it Shelves: This is War is an enemies to lovers story for sure.

    With hatred and lust and lust and hatred, Viola and Travis are mortal enemies that become more than that during a week alone. Viola has been in love with her brother's best friend Travis since she was 10 years old. Not long after she thought they bared their souls to each other, he broke her young and fragile heart.

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    Ever since she's held on to her anger eventually turning into disgust at all his manwhoreing ways. An 4 "One Up'd" Stars Checkmate: And there are a LOT of manwhoreing ways. Travis realizes that he is one of his best friend's sister's least favorite people. She makes that perfectly clear. And honestly he likes seeing her all riled up. But there was a time when she was his best friend and he's not exactly sure what changed but he's done his best to prove her right.

    But when he best friend and roommate leaves for the week and Viola moves in while he's gone, their pranks become more daring until eventually all that's left is what's between the sheets. The tension between these two is palpable from the very first page. I loved their banter and their back and forth pranks. I was also salivating for them to finally have hate sex because the sexual tension was through the roof. Viola was a fabulous leading lady even if some of her reactions to Travis made me shake my head a bit. I also wanted to love Travis but admittedly it took me a bit to fall for him.

    Though when they finally talked about the past and opened up, I fell. Yet that happened when the book was nearly finished and then when that ending hit, it kind of felt like a kick to the gut. Apr 30, Jiana rated it liked it. This is War is a fun read. It wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible either.

    I didn't have high expectations anyway. It's an enemies to lovers plot, which is personally one of my favorite type of stories! Was it executed right? Yes and no, I'd say. I had a huge issue with the characters: They're basically adults with Travis being a working man and Viola in her final year at university. But the way they argued with each other screamed teenagers. The plot isn't at This is War is a fun read. The plot isn't at all original, but I don't really care about that aspect.

    Travis is your typical bad boy, sleeps-around-with-everyone kind of guy. Viola is the innocent girl, who's focused on her studies and is also a bookworm. Nothing special about the characters themselves. I'd say they have pretty flat personalities. Why does Viola hate Travis? Because of something he said about her when they were kids. To me, that's ridiculous.

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    I don't find that believable. As I've stated previously, both Travis and Viola were somewhat flat characters. I literally have nothing to say about Travis. He'd be the sweetest, kindest, most heartwarming gentleman a girl could ever ask for. And he'd be perfect. Excuse me while I vomit. So much angst and tension.