Freedom from Pornography: Gods way to Break the Chains of Lust

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Honoring God by showing our love to Him in holiness in all areas of life is the main goal. We need to press into the grace of God shown to us in Christ and receive transformation that is from Him. At the end of this article I list several recommended resources for living in purity. Apart from the grace of God, we are powerless to turn from sinful habits. Christ can give you a new heart, restored joy, a clean and restored conscience. The root of all porn struggles is idolatry—you love to lust more than you love God. Seek to develop a deeper love for God and a deeper appreciation of His love to you in the gospel.

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Worship Him for His holiness and grace. God not only provides us saving grace in the gospel, He provides a sanctifying grace that prepares us for service, which is integral to who we are in Christ Titus 2: Ask God for a deeper love for Him and deeper understanding of your place in the gospel. Realize that this sin could destroy you, your family, your marriage, and your witness. Ask God to give you godly sorrow over your sin and practice true repentance 2 Corinthians 7: His Word alone is the sword of the Spirit that will help us the battle against the habitual sin of lust.

A heart-felt confession of sins is blessed by God and leads to healing and cleansing. You may also want to confess to a trusted friend, pastor, counselor, or your spouse.

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When confessing your sin, exercise wisdom in confession knowing that pornography use is deeply hurtful and deceptive to many involved. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus illustrated the importance of this with the hyperbolic command to tear out your eye if it causes you to sin Matthew 5: This could mean setting up filters on your computer, phone, or TV, and throwing out anything that stirs up your flesh.

One of the lies that sin can make us believe is that we are alone with nobody to help us. God has given us the church and the opportunity to have spiritual friends who can help us in our fight against sin. Pray for godly accountability that will drive you away from sin to the Savior. Look into accountability programs like Covenant Eyes or X3Watch that can help you be accountable, but realize an email report does not take the place of life-on-life accountability or remove your sinful desires.

We need to take our fight against the world, the flesh, and the devil seriously. A good athlete studies his opponents on film and replays his own defeats, trying to find moments of weakness he can learn from and strengthen. We should be as crafty as we can formulating strategies to fight acting out on lust.

Scriptures For Those Struggling With Pornography/Lust Addiction (Audio)

Brainstorm what lies you have believed and counter them with truth. Analyze your life and common times you are susceptible to temptation, and structure your life in a way that allows you to fight back. In Christ, you are not a slave to sin but have everything you need for living a godly life and overcoming temptation 2 Peter 1: His Spirit within us.

In Christ there is restoration, redemption, and healing. Even though you may be discouraged and face setbacks, put your hope in Christ and keep preaching the gospel to yourself.

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Human sexuality can be one of the most beautiful aspects of God's plan for His children here on earth. But since Adam and Eve's fall from grace, human sexual practices have drifted from God's purposes. In fact, if we are not careful to look to our Heavenly Father and follow His teaching in this area, we live a life which makes us slaves to sin and fails to bring glory to our Lord.

If you are struggling with sexual sin, you are not alone. Even King David -- a man after God's own heart -- wrestled with sexual sin. When he saw a beautiful woman named Bathsheba, he was overcome by his own lust. He then went to great lengths to hide his sin. But thanks to a faithful friend and a forgiving God, David found his way home 2 Samuel And so can you.

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Too often, we step onto the wrong path in our sexuality because we fail to act upon God's truth. Jesus, in one passage of the Bible, examines the freedom found in truth, and the enslaving power of lies. In that passage, the Lord puts it plainly: We either respond to the truth or to Satan's lies John 8: Recognizing the truth about sex can be an important first step to achieving victory over sexual sins. First, God wants His children to enjoy the beauty of appropriate sexual relationships. The King of the universe has much to say in His Word about the joys to be found in a marriage where both husband and wife know and love Christ Gen.

However, the devil, the accuser of our souls, constantly tries to wreck God's plans.

He lies to us, tempting us to believe that we can grab hold of sexual pleasures apart from a marriage commitment. He uses day-to-day pressures and our own sinful nature to accomplish his purposes. And what begins as merely a "wandering thought" can quickly tempt us to act sinfully James 1: These sins can involve pornography, fornication, adultery, prostitution, homosexuality, and other ungodly sexual practices. No matter what sins overcome us, we must recognize that lust is at the root of our sin 1 John 2: Lust blinds us and leads us deeper into sexual sin 1 Tim.

Each sin results in the same end Rom.

7 Keys to Breaking the Bondage of Pornography — Charisma Magazine

To break the bonds of sexual sins, you must repent. That means a total change of direction, away from the sins and temptations, and toward the forgiving grace of a loving God. If you have allowed lust to control your life, yield to God as the Holy Spirit convicts you of your sin. God will forgive and cleanse you physically, emotionally and spiritually, if you humbly come to Him 1 John 1: If you do not know that Jesus is your Savior, turn your life over to Him.

Simply pray this prayer: Thank You for saving me from my sins. I ask You to be Lord and Savior of my life.

Once you know Jesus as Savior take comfort in knowing that He identifies with your struggles and He desires to set you free Heb. He will enable you to gain the victory. Most of all, the change must come from within see Prov. Fill your mind with God's thoughts, not worldly thoughts. And remember, the Bible says that God can be trusted not to let you be tempted too much, and He will show you how to escape from your temptations 1 Cor. Finally, become part of an active Spirit-filled church. Study the Bible daily. Pray constantly and befriend other like-minded Christians.