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Efficiency Accelerates product development by reusing pre-built assets vs. He lives in Dreamland , and is Princess Bean 's "personal demon".

What is LUCI?

He is voiced by Eric Andre. Luci looks similar to a shadow, though it is shown that he can cast a shadow of his own, which seems to mirror the direction he is facing. Like many demons, he has a spear-head tail, and spiked fingers and toes. Luci's figure has very little form or depth, and is accompanied with a large singular eye that is shown , horns on his head, and fangs. His form often causes people to confuse him for a cat.

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  6. Luci has also been seen smoking and drinking but it is unknown whether or not it has an affect in him. Luci may be evocative of Lucifer, another name for the Devil. The name Luci itself ultimately derives from Lucius, meaning " light ", perhaps a nod to his shadow-like visage.

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    It is unclear why this is, as at no other time does Luci or anyone else refer to him with this feminine name. This a possible easter egg.