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Browse the latest issue of Miami Magazine, the University of Miami official alumni magazine. The report features more than 40 articles on science and research and social engagement with polls, graphics and an opportunity to write your own haiku to the environment.

University of Miami Simple text logo for University of Miami. Academics People and Community. By Jennifer Palma Qualified high school students in Miami-Dade may be eligible for full tuition funding through the new need-based program.

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Payments under such agreements, however, are not protected or otherwise guaranteed by any government agency or the California Life and Health Insurance Guarantee Association. A charitable gift annuity is not regulated by the Oklahoma Insurance Department and is not protected by a guaranty association affiliated with the Oklahoma Insurance Department. Charitable gift annuities are not regulated by and are not under the jurisdiction of the South Dakota Division of Insurance. A charitable bequest is one or two sentences in your will or living trust that leave to Miami University a specific item, an amount of money, a gift contingent upon certain events or a percentage of your estate.

A revocable living trust is set up during your lifetime and can be revoked at any time before death.

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  • Brass Knuckles (Dave Haggard Adventure Thriller Book 2)!
  • Kevin Samy (Miami '09) chased his passions and found success - Miami University;
  • They allow assets held in the trust to pass directly to beneficiaries without probate court proceedings and can also reduce federal estate taxes. A donor advised fund is an account that you set up but which is managed by a nonprofit organization.

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    You contribute to the account, which grows tax-free. You can recommend how much and how often you want to distribute money from that fund to Miami or other charities.

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    You cannot direct the gifts. An endowed gift can create a new endowment or add to an existing endowment. Tax on the growth in value of an asset—such as real estate or stock—since its original purchase. Securities, real estate or any other property having a fair market value greater than its original purchase price.

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    Real estate can be a personal residence, vacation home, timeshare property, farm, commercial property or undeveloped land. A charitable remainder trust provides you or other named individuals income each year for life or a period not exceeding 20 years from assets you give to the trust you create. You give assets to a trust that pays our organization set payments for a number of years, which you choose. The longer the length of time, the better the potential tax savings to you.

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    When the term is up, the remaining trust assets go to you, your family or other beneficiaries you select. This is an excellent way to transfer property to family members at a minimal cost. You fund this type of trust with cash or appreciated assets—and may qualify for a federal income tax charitable deduction when you itemize. You can also make additional gifts; each one also qualifies for a tax deduction. The trust pays you, each year, a variable amount based on a fixed percentage of the fair market value of the trust assets.

    When the trust terminates, the remaining principal goes to Miami as a lump sum. You fund this trust with cash or appreciated assets—and may qualify for a federal income tax charitable deduction when you itemize. Each year the trust pays you or another named individual the same dollar amount you choose at the start. A beneficiary designation clearly identifies how specific assets will be distributed after your death.

    A charitable gift annuity involves a simple contract between you and Miami where you agree to make a gift to Miami and we, in return, agree to pay you and someone else, if you choose a fixed amount each year for the rest of your life. Please provide the following information to view the materials for planning your estate.

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