New Hampshire Goddess Chronicles vol. 2: A Scorpion in the Desert

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We are currently accepting more performance venues! If you are interested in getting on the team, please attend the meeting on January 17th , at 3: Major Blake Hotel, Front St.

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The steering committee is now fully formed with 12 people, and is closed to others for this year. The LitFest event is focused on homegrown Exeter literature. Check out what our Exeter Historical Society has to say about our famous woman author and her famous book for women published in She is the subject of study by Feminists from all the waves: So naturally a few other Artivists signed up for the 8-week diversity art class, which met twice a week. Here is what we experienced:.

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After two weeks of discussion, facilitated by artist Richard Haynes and Diversity expert Kristen Butterfield of UNH, each art student was taught to depict a future vision of racial unity from a historical photograph or symbol. Artivists and other members of the community created 13 small works of art in the style of the artist Richard Haynes.

One of the artworks won the popular vote to be painted by all on a 6-foot mural below. By request of the Racial Unity Team, the town historian had identified and written about twelve notable inter-racial spots in downtown and guided tours were given to walkers this year. Walkers were then invited into the olde town hall to view the art show and to join in one of several small group discussions. Want to know more about it so you can try it in your town? Read some articles from the papers here.

From there, the exhibit is being lined up to visit other seacoast libraries.

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We hope to inspire conversations about building racial unity and community. Watch for offerings to join an upcoming Culture Keepers Culture Makers art project! All you have to do is show up for a rewarding experience! Local artivists invite you to step into a vision of downtown Exeter in the renewable and sustainable future depicted in their eight-foot mural. Wonder what would it actually be like if…. You may even recognize a few local folks!

Who is that man and his dog? How can we all come together now and balance the scales, if not for us, then for our children and grandchildren?

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A dozen local artivists contributed to this project with either poetry, pencils, paintbrushes, fabric, wood, drills or glue. Please read more about their projects or see how you can become an artivist yourself at http: On an unusually warm spring day, the Dam-Free Fest was held alongside the raging river at the site of the recent dam removal.

Children, bubbles, flowers, and colorful art filled the park. FUUSE Artivists used the river fence as a gallery to hang their Clean Energy Vision mural, photos of the dam removal project, and large banners that were part of their art-installation in support of clean energy spinning wind turbines and all , and created lots of boldly-colored sidewalk art. Much of the day was filmed by Exeter TV 98, as part of a dam documentary.

Think globally, act locally it is said. Our small town rally was the first time many folks had marched, or witnessed a climate march. Our mini-march was peaceful and fun, and perhaps helps to open a discussion among neighbors of differing minds.

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Local folks are now encouraged to interrogate their own life and see where they need to divest from some things, and invest in others — from lightbulbs, to cars, to food, to energy, to portfolios: These mural measure 2 feet by 8 feet, and will be painted in acrylic on heavy MDO board.

The pope joins us too with his environmental encyclical as tipping points are reached on various fronts. The reader is invited to travel along, exploring their own inner and outer world using the chakra system as a guide. This book is sure to motivate and inspire the reader to live a more conscious, collective and passionate life!

Light Your Torch: The NH Goddess Chronicles on Scrybes!

This gifted author shows us how the marriage of ancient and modern ways leads to a vision of a family-friendly society, where men and women work together with respect and love for the planet. Within these pages you may catch a glimpse of your unique calling in an environmentally sustainable future.

A fast-paced orgasmagical spiritual safari taken with a pantheon of goddesses as guides. With torches raised high, this group of women journey with Voluntary Simplicity down the long brown path together. Around every corner something new is illuminated: You laugh, you cry, you see yourself mirrored in the torch-time adventures.

Join 40 something Marie as she reinvents herself after a divorce, by opening up her awareness to messages from the universe. Finding herself working in a church office, she sees an opportunity to investigate religion …or is it spirituality? Or you may find yourself humming a chant, walking a labyrinth, picking wild weeds for a salad, or even attending a moon lodge.

I hope her journey will inspire others to embark on their own quests for depth and joy, because our world needs more people who are so fully alive. Frank Clarkson, Unitarian-Universalist Minister. A Scorpion in the Desert. Now we are on a vision quest of sorts in Sedona, Arizona and the Grand Canyon.

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  • The goddess girls are searching for energy vortexes amidst ancient ruins and scorpions, while old chapters of life are closing quickly back home. Who ever thought an empty-nest could be so scary?