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Women's Wisdom Dial... Know your Flow with Inner Seasons

Included with the Wisdom Dial is a guidebook beautifully illustrated by Samjhana Moon. The Inner Seasons Wisdom Dial is the go-to tool for you to harness the power of your full potential. Practical tools and easily accessible guidance to discover the heightened abilities aligned with your hormonal cycle and how to manifest your best life with the power of the moon.

Millions of women around the world are now recognising the Inner Seasons as a gateway to becoming the very best woman that they can be — and you can join this revolution! Wisdom Dial — 20cmx 20cm 7. Chart Poster — 30cm x 30cm Wisdom Dial This clock-like dial is a quality product made in the UK using recycled paper and resin, the face of the clock looks remarkably similar to slate. Some of the benefits women are experiencing as a result of cycle awareness are: Loving being a woman every day of the month.

Reduced stress levels, feeling healthier and happier.

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More joy in every aspect of life. Reduced or eliminated period pain. More space by achieving more in less time.

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Discovering a natural way to manage birth-control. Enhanced fertility awareness and increased libido.

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Rekindling of the fire in their sexuality and creativity. Enhanced relationships at home and work.

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Heightened intuition and problem solving skills. The Bible describes unseasonable weather, such as rain or drought out of season, as a sign of divine displeasure with human sin. For modern people such notions once seemed naive.

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So long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night shall not cease. Go round this Gateway of Seasons to discover the rhythms and textures of the changing seasons, in Jewish tradition and in your life.

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Return to the Gateway of Seasons. Seasons are very different in each of the places I have lived. In South Texas, a short spring quickly stretches into a long, hot, heavy summer, followed by a pleasant fall and mild winter. I used to own a long, soft, narrow-wale corduroy dress that always seemed to call to me around this time of year. Its colors were muted: One day I realized that it matched the Berkshire hills in their November colors: There is an organic flow between all of the Jewish holidays that mirrors the cycles in nature.