The Bride of Christ

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The Bride is one individual being and a secret and a mystery to all. Just as Jesus Christ is a secret and mystery about his second comming and how he is here now on earth for his Bride. He is not here to be famous and neither does he want his Bride to be famous either. We like our privacy but he is still omnipresent and here with all spiritually and Loving us all the way he does best. I feel like my life is a dream come true and it is really real and you don't have to pinch me to wake me up from this fantastic dream because I am awake and this life withmy husband is real and really happening.

Praise God forever I love him so much. God Bless Jennifer Christopherson. This is a subject that never settled in my spirit. All I have is a question. It's not only the Spirit and the Bride that say come. If the person would have continued you would have read, "and let him who hears say come. Then there's the "Bride. But it doesn't fit the description. However, the third entity, those who hear, or have heard definitely does.

And what are they doing? Bidding people to come, because they have heard. Could it be the good news? The way I see it, the identity of the Bride is a mystery. When the angel tells John that he is going to show John the Bride, John only describes a city that is decorated for the wedding.

Sorry, no leaked photos or paparazzi allowed I believe the Bride of Christ is an individual being Furthermore, explain why John is shown the Holy City of Jerusalem by the angel that showed him the "bride, the Lamb's wife"? I beleive that such concepts are a part of the "mystery of the gospel". We may not really understand how the "bride" could be the Holy City of Jerusalem or how God could say in the book of Hosea that He is married to the land but nevertheless that is what the word says so the bride, the Lamb's wife is the Holy City of Jerusalem.

God is omnipotent, all knowing, eternal and holy, holy, holy. Only by love does anything we know really matter. Can you imagine Almighty God, full of love and justice, marrying an inanimate object? Nowhere in Scripture is it recorded for us that a man ever presented his bride to himself. And as far as 2 Corinthians In that verse, Paul is 'speaking' in the middle voice - wishing he could, but lamenting he cannot present the rebellious faction in the church at Corinth as a chaste virgin to Christ. In the chapter's opening verse, Paul asks his 'audience' to bear with him in his folly.

Beginning in Ephesians 5: The first is each individual's relationship with and to his Lord. The second is a husband and wife's relationship to each other, which should mirror Christ's relationship with and to His Church, Which is His Body verses Christ's relationship to His Church demonstates the highest standard of love [agape]. The third relationship is that between parents and children Ephesians 6: And the fourth and final relationship is that of servants and masters Ephesians 6: And it must be remembered that those that attend the Marriage Supper of the Lamb Revelation Jesus does not arrive until verse eleven.

No, He would not. And if the "saints" in Revelation Sometimes I do a search on a subject and I searched "Bride of Christ" and came up with this article. Very good, and true. There are many things being taught today that are not discerned by the Holy Spirit and are interpreted by our flesh, so we are off on a lot of things. This is one of them. There is a chosen group, Jesus says in the parable of the wedding feast that many are called but few are chosen.

The Spirit draws many and calls many, but you must make yourself worthy and chosen by your own choosing to follow Christ and give up your life to him. Whatever He asks, whether you have to leave family, houses, lands, whatever. Then He will put you through a time of testing with many trials, and sufferings that you must endure to be made worthy of this calling and to be chosen.

You do the will of the Father, and He gives you the grace to do it. So in essence, you choose to be chosen. You can't fail, if you keep following. This is the new covenant made with Christ. Those that are chosen are described in Rom. For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate [to be] conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren. Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: These chosen are the chosen "Israel.

They will rule and reign with Christ for the 1, years as Priests, Kings, Judges and judge the people who were not chosen. It's a high calling that when followed will produce an inheritance of great honor and authority. They will be as the Angels of God. This is the Bride. I have not see where Paul said that the Church is the bride; he did say that the saved Christian was espoused to Christ as a virgin which has absolutely nothing to do with being a bride. Here a few verses to put context on what God says about the subject - a few are spelled out and the rest are listed below:.

I will take you, one from a city and two from a family, and I will bring you to Zion. Lamb's wife - Jerusalem represents Israel See God's wife: Description of the bride: Christians are sons of God: Gentiles invitated to the supper because of the Jews rejection of Christ: I really didn't expect that my tack on this topic would be so controversial.

I only wanted to refute it because the "bride of Christ" doctrine denies the Pauline revelation of the "Gospel of Grace" since, essentially, the "bride of Christ" doctrine tells us that we have to "get ourselves ready"! So then Christianity becomes just another religion that requires some kind of a work to off-set the commision of the sins that we all make on a daily basis.

The only place I find the Bride identified sort of is Rev. I shall be showing you the bride,the wife of the Lambkin. And he carries me away,in spirit, So,to know who is the Bride we must know who constitutes the New Jerusalem. Unless someone believes this is a literal city. Revelation is a book of signs and symbols.

Little of it can be taken literally. This has lead some to teach that the Bride will be those early Jewish and Gentile converts before the Dispensation of Grace was ushered in by Paul's prison epistles not just this,of course,but many other proofs as well. Some have written on the possibility that the Bride is taken out of the Body just as Eve was taken out of the body of Adam.

If that be the case then how is this "part" of the Body distinguished from the rest of the Body? This bride will likely be manifest just before the Son returns to rule during the Kingdom Age. Bottom line, only Father knows who makes up the Bride. Not even the Son knows at this point. In the same way that Israel is both a man Jacob and a kingdom, so the New Jerusalem is a woman and also a kingdom.

At the wedding feast, all the church members are guests but one, the bride, she is the Lamb's wife. She is the capital and representative of the kingdom. She has made herself ready through faith - which itself is a gift - she has done nothing of herself to 'earn' this - it is all for, by, and because of the glory of God. The Lord shows mercy to whom He will and does what He deems best. As you have said, can we really begin to comprehend the ways of God?! I believe for all eternity we will continue to discover more and more of His excellent greatness and will ever be amazed at the ways in which He chooses to do His work.

May His holy and blessed name be ever praised. The Lord will return to the earth from the wedding to bring the guests home. Lo, He is coming very soon - He is even at the door. No one has shown that the Bible anywhere mentions those words "the Bride of Christ" Tell me if the Bible doesn't talk about "the Bride of Christ" why teach it? There is plenty for us to feed on in the Bible without going outside it and bringing something in that it never talks about. I am an old man now, some would tell me so, but my advice is feed on the Word of God, live by it's principles and don't get to bogged down in.

If He can't satisfy us nothing will. Come up with your questions but after all it is not what man says which counts but what the Bible says. This is what is important. God bless you all. I was reading this article which I agree with, but I ran into something rather interesting "Jesus can return now if God tells Him to. He can return at anytime. Perhaps this is not a splinter group Perhaps its time the church wakes eup and realizes that we are not the bride of Christ but that the chuch is the glory of Christ of the bridal gown and that that glory is His righteousness Once again a splinter group makes up another teaching to satisfy its own subjective interpretation of Scripture.

I dont agree with you at all. So Im going to make my own "church" and teach what I want. You have no authority to interpret scripture the way you "feel". Id just like to point out that there is nothing more we can do to be ready for our Messiah, Yeshua! His sacrifice and out acceptance of Him as Lord and Savior made us ready. In James he writes how good works follow grace, a manifestation of the grace God had for us. I used to believe in the "bride" doctrine until I learned to stop making scripture fit a doctrine.

And I used to debate for a church bride, but there was one thing I could never answer. If we are already righteous in His sight, and our good works are our way of showing our love for Him, how much love or how many good works or how much bible study or time spent in prayer does it take to be "bride-ready"? It's the same question I ask when witnessing to other "works" religions.

When is enough a enough. A Christian is a Christian, saved by grace. There are many "Christians" today who I don't feel are saved as their lives don't mirror it at all but who am I to judge? What I want to know is what separates Christians into regulars and "bride-readies"? Cause I feel like I'm beginning to surrender all to Him, and its been a process.

So when is enough enough? How many good works to outweigh my bad ones? First, I am not so sure we can conclude that the holy city Jerusalem is the Lamb's wife, but where to look to see her. It never really makes the connection that the city is the lamb's wife; rather, it transitions from one reference to a description of the next, suggesting to some that they are the same. If you think about it though, the city would not be a wife, but the beings who inhabit it might. This leads us to answer just who will inhabit the holy city Jerusalem at that time. Second, we are saved by grace through faith, no question about that.

But, then to suggest righteousness and earning salvation through works, is confusing two doctrines, one of salvation and one of obedience. The importance of obedience is found throughout the Scriptures, both old and renewed covenants. Salvation is a gift, which if genuine, produces a changed heart.

To be Christ-like, or obedient! Christ was our ultimate sacrifice AND perfectly obedient. How do we know this? Because we cannot be perfectly obedient, so we cannot earn salvation; so the purpose of His example, is for after we are saved and how we should then live. The Bible is also full of passages about consequences. For example, we are rewarded with crowns.

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Why not rewards for obedience in other ways. Thank you for your response to my comment. This is a good exercise, like friends playing tennis. The metaphors and similes that the Word of God uses are entry points for the reader to connect with the gospel message. As one goes through the Hermeneutical cycle from Meaning Historical, Literal, Theological Harmony , Principle Timeless Truths , Insight, Significance Personal Experiences and Application, there will be some things that will grip a certain kind of people, but not the other.

In fact, we often find that some verses leap at us after we have experienced something that will open up that verse - it isn't always logic or logos; but it is an inner revelation that brings about a deep spiritual response or rhema. As such, we have learned to be open to God's new inventory of wineskins and teaching tools. If some respond to the Bridal Paradigm, let them enjoy that discovery because the Holy Spirit let them experience that significance.

One may have some Paradigms from the array of God's Word that speaks to that person more. That could be the theme and calling where he operates best. Others like the Warrior theme, others the Kingdom theme, others the Passover Lamb theme, others the Family theme. They can't just be reduced to one. The gospel was first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.

The Father's bridal experience with Israel is projected in Christ's bridal experience with the Church. Israel has its place, and so do the Gentiles. No one is replaced. It is true that there is something to said about he bridal paradigm but I liken that paradigm to the covenant that I have made to my wife just as the New Covenant that, through Jesus sacrifce, God made to us.

God made promises to us just as I have made promises to my wife.

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But just because God made promises to us in the New Covenant, does not make me a bride to Christ. Anything beyond that in our position to Christ in Him as son of God and a member of Christ's body is a stretch Let me add that an understanding of the bridal paradigm is not necessary for all Christians to be able to live decent lives that manifest who He is in our lives. Behold, we come in peace, just sharing perspectives, and trying to put together the Body of Christ so that Jesus comes home to a united and fully mature Bride.

CDACoffee started a very interesting discussion, almost as hot a polemic as the "once saved, always saved OSAS " issue and difficult to resolve if people hold to extreme views. The Bridal Paradigm is not against the teaching of salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone Eph 2. During the Reformation Period, against the extreme of salvation by works and indulgences, it was necessary for the Holy Spirit to bring out the teaching of salvation by grace. Fast forward to 21st Century, salvation by grace alone has brought about a whole breed of Christians who have abused the grace and love of Christ to their own detriment.

The man who fears God will avoid all 'extremes'. The Bridal Paradigm is a very helpful perspective in keeping the body of Christ pure and holy till the Groom comes. As to the term "Bride of Christ", its absence is similar to the absence of such terms as "Trinity" or even "computer".

The absence of the term doesn't mean that it is absent in principle. All in all, it would be best if we accommodate differences in perspectives of thinking and processing. It would be best to add up all these beautiful experiences, which could still never amount to the whole of Christ who is infinite. Paul even recognized that there would be differences among the Corinthians 1 Cor Paul was expecting that resulting fruit of the Christians would prove the points made.

And even that could not be formulated in concrete because the Holy Spirit is ever so fluid. We don't want to end up becoming Pharisees of the New Testament. There are many churches who are responding well to the Bridal Paradigm Their focus is on bridal preparation, good works empowered by the Holy Spirit. Other churches might be onto doing other things which Jesus Himself will evaluate upon His return. So let each one serve according to his calling and serve well. Let us add up all the good things which Jesus said we would be doing for His glory alone.

This is one way of demonstrating unity in the Body of Christ. The book of Hebrews was written to the Jews who had been preached to by Paul that Jesus is their Messiah. Therefore the sacrifice that Jesus was for them cannot not be a sacrifice for their sins. This also is true for anyone who hears receives the knowlede of the truth the gospel and rejects it.

This scripture is not talking to the those of us who have received the knowledge of the truth and have accepted Jesus as our Lord and savior. So then can someone willfully and with premeditation sin be saved? Grace does not stop working even if we willfully sin. If it did then how can we account for the scripture that tells us there is only one unforgivable sin; that of blasphemey of the Holy Spirit?

Blasphemey of the Holy Spirit is receiving the knowledge of the truth and rejecting it. We are the church!. We are the body of Christ! We are already without spot and blemish! We are already ready so there is no way that the church is the bride of Christ. The Holy Jerusalem is! Because the Bible says so! You are correct that I believe the church is already ready through His gift of righteousness and santification. As a result, the church does not have to do anything to "be ready". The church is already ready.

I draw your attention to 1 Thessalonions 2: In this verse above it clearly indicates there our three parts to each and every one of us. Spirit, Soul and Body. It is wrong to think that the Spirit and Soul is or means the same thing, it is not. The Soul part of us is are mind, emotions and will. The Soul and body is the carnal part of each of us. Carnal means what we can identfy through our 5 sences. What we see, hear, touch, smell and tast.

When we received Christ as our Savior, it is the spirit part of us that receives the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and it's the Spirit part of us that receives the richtiousness of Christ. And in our heart is where the spirit dwells. This is why God looks at our heart. The change in us does not come from outside in but from the inside out.

The Carnal part of us is in constant conflict with the Spirit. Our mind and body will sin, but our Spirit is sealed with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and can not be corrupted. As our faith grows our soul begins to identify with the spirit part of us, the things we learn in the spirit part of us begins to draw our spirital to the physical. Our mind Soul wants to react to our spirit part of us within our heart.

Our physical body will never on it own react or respone to our Spirit. This is why we our a new creature or a new being. We becaome part of the body of Christ. We become a creature that never existed before. This does not mean we will not commit acts of sin, because again the carnal mind Soul will alway be in conflict with the spirit part of us. The evil one still has power to influence our thoughs and our will.

Yet our faith comes from the spirit part of us which is given to us from God which allow us to resist sin. It is the Spirit part of us that is in the body of Christ,yet it is our body that remain carnal. But our Soul can act on what was learn from our spirit to influence our body. This is why we can not make ourself righteous based on our own efforts.

This is why our Soul knows right and wrong. Jesus Christ is the best example of this. His Spirit was in perfect harmony with his Soul and Body. The Holy Spirit dwelled in the heart of Jesus. This is why he never sin, this is why He never doubted, this is why He raised people from the dead, this is way He was able to heal the sick, this is why He could walk on water, this is why he was able to preach the Kingdom of God and Rightiousness. This is why He was perfect.

And this is why He could not be conceived though a human father. This is why we are perfect and righteous through our savior Jesus Christ. His Grace on us and our faith in him allows us to understand in our heart Spirit, Soul and Body. The Holy Spirit will guide our hearts. As we open our hearts Spirit to the Holy Spirit we will begin to see and hear. This should never be confused with the issue of the bride of Christ is the Church or is not the church.

I don't think that I am making too big a deal about all of this as the bride of Christ teaching states that the bride has to get herself ready. If that is true then I had to do some kind of a work to get ready. Paul said that the Galations were fools because they went back to "works" and that those that do go back to "works" put themselves back under the curse of the law. As far as God is concerned, we are perfect, righteous, sanctified and etc. So then, the Bride has to be somebody else and NOT the church.

We don't have to get ready. We are already ready. Ou are making too big a deal out of this. We ate saved by God's grace through the person and work of Jesus Christ. So how could we, who are born again through Jesus, still sin and be born again? When we walk by the flesh and not by the Spirit. John says in his first Epistle, "I write these things unto you that you may not sin but if anyone does we have an advocate with the Father who is Jesus Christ the Righteous. We who are born again learn not to sin as we are taught not to by learning the word of God. Jesus says in Matthew 28, " make disciples and teach them to obey everything I say.

You need to judge yourself and not me. As I recall, Paul called the Galations fools. So, what do you do with that? We shouldn't continue to be "of the world" once we get saved. But still we can't be perfect. And let him who hear say; Come. And let him who thrist come. Whoever desires, let him take water of life freely. John wrote Revelation around 90 AD which was revealed to him by the Spirit. In the verse above it would indicate the New Jerusalem Bride is in heaven at the time of the writing of Revelation.

Bible also says anyone who calls someone a "fool" is in danger of hell fire and "fool" means one who is now a believer of the word of God.

The Bride of Christ

Jesus said go ye into all the world and preach ye the gospel. He never said to call people fools. You are in danger of hell fire and puffed up and you need to repent. You are totally right,the church is not the Bride of Christ.. God doesn't work like that. Thanks for your post. I believe there is a lot of confusion in the Body of Christ regarding the Bride of Christ issue.

Works in the OT was focused more on the individual own effort and more self serving and through it have right standings with God. As opposed to the Works in the NT which is an individual who is more focused on the needs of others and gives of himself because of his love for God and his neighbor. We can not get ourselves ready through OT works. My concern with the "bride of Christ" doctrine is that those who subscribe to it must, by default, also believe that he must do something works to get "herself" ready therefore putting that person back under the curse of the law.

According to the gospel of Grace, we are already righteous under the New Covenant.

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Furthermore if we, as the church have to ALL make ourselves "ready" then there is no way we will ever be ready since all of our own righteousness is as filthy rags. Therefore, we have to believe that we, as a gift of salvation, are already ready through His righteousness. Please note that the bride's garment shines with the righteousness of the saints.

It is not the saint's that are the bride but rather the light that causes the Bride to to shine. As a rookie, I'll say this: I see Satan getting involved with all the arguments and I don't see enough "false doctrine" for anyone here to go to hell for. I will ask this: Are they even in it now or not until it comes down?

We will see the true meaning in time and no one will care who is right or wrong. Let's all pray for the Apostate Church and for those who will may be susceptible. Let us all see the righteousness and love in our True God and Prince Jesus. In Jesus name, Amen. The fact that Jerusalem is both the Great City, the Woman, the Harlot, and the Bride testifies to the essence and supreme beauty of. The prophecies simply tell us that Jerusalem would be as though the Lord had not rejected her.

Who will be in the bride of Christ?

See Isaiah 54 and Zechariah She obviously is Jerusalem! I am telling you, this is great stuff, full of grace and the affirmation that the word of God is authoritative and and pivotal. The bride of Christ is Jerusalem, as John Says. Note also that the Bride in 19, is also the Harlot in chapters 17, 18; which is the great city from chapter 11, 16, 17, and of course And you will note that Jerusalem is the bride, literally and figuratively in the Old Testament. This also makes the best prophetic and Gospel sense.

I find it amusing that I have repeatedly directed all of us to the fact that Rev. The issue here is not about nothing it is about a doctrine that leads people to believe that we have to do works in order to be perfect " So then the Christian would have to do something to get " It is the Testimony of Christ. God is greater than a piece of flesh. He became man as the Word. The Bible is the testimony of all Christ is and why He came. To say that the "good news" is not also the Word is to have no basis for belief in Jesus or an authoritative document to stand firm in our faith.

No one ever said the physical pages are the Word or Jesus. You can burn a Bible and it does nothing. The Holy Spirit testifies to us through the written word. Don't make an issue out of nothing. There is no confirmed evidence in the Bible that states or supports the bride of Christ is the church doctrine. Over time religion has created this doctrine to support their idea that they are the select few "the Elect" to seperate themselves from other churches or Religions.

I firmly believe that the church are those who Christ has identified a citizens elect of the Kingdom of God.

Devoted to God and Christ:

I also firmly believe that the word church, as mentioned in Matt. Many out their wrongly identify the OT Isreal as the church or a least assocate church with the , And that they are the bride of Christ. And I should mention their is nothing in the bible to support that doctrine either. Which is the first time the word church is mention in the bible How any religion can come up with something different is beyond me.

Only false doctrine can slip in the idea that it is anything else. It is evident to me that religion has and will continue to interpret the bible the way they see fit. And not take the time to understand God's meaning of his Word. Many times cdacoffee has clearly stated Rev. We should not allow any religion to interpret the bible for us. We should allow the Holy Spirit reveal understanding to us as we study God's word for ourselves.

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Do you Know Jean Shephard? I agree with you and have for many years. Was shown this teaching by Jean Shephard in Boise, Idaho. This message is something that I have been in search of. I have been hearing for so long we are to get ready to be His bride and then that He had made us His son's and thought, this is just not clicking in my mind.

Thank you for making this very clear and I am so glad to have run across this message. Israel was the people of God, the children of Israel. Jesus is our Brother: We have the same Father. We are heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ. I do not intend to give up my son-ship to become my Father's daughter-in-law. Moreover, Jesus enlisted chose me to be a good soldier, enduring hardness.

And, Jesus makes me a king and a priest. I capiitalized "SONS" for emphasis. In 2 Corinthians The Jehovah's Witnesses believe that the , are the only ones who will enter the Kingdom of Heaven and as such believe the Bride is another term among many to refer to the , who will be allowed to enter. The earliest Christian tradition identifies Old Testament texts as symbolic of the divine love of God and people. The love poems of the Song of Songs and the Latter prophet Hosea have many references to the sexual correspondence of God and his people.

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However, these terms have been the source of a lot of confusion. Still others believe all the saved people of all time make up the Bride. The two primary reasons for the confusion on the subject of the bride are failure to carefully read what the Bible actually says and failure to identify and understand important figures of speech God uses in the Bible.

Three common and important figures of comparison are simile, metaphor, and hypocatastasis. A metaphor is a comparison by representation. The danger with the figure of speech metaphor is that if we mistakenly take the statement as literal, then we misunderstand the Bible. Nevertheless, some Christian groups do not recognize the metaphor and claim that the bread actually is becomes the body of Jesus Christ.

The first is that since the comparison is implied, it may not be clear who the subject of the comparison is. For example, in Ezekiel The scholars are not sure. Most of them say either Jehoiachin or Zedekiah, but we do not know for certain. The second reason hypocatastasis can be confusing is that sometimes it is not clear what meaning is being implied.

The third reason hypocatastasis can be confusing is that the figure can be missed and people think that the hypocatastasis is literal. A good example of that is in Genesis 3: The comparison should be clear because literal snakes cannot talk, the Devil is referred to as the serpent in other verses of Scripture Rev.

Though the figures of comparison may be unclear at first, studying the scope and context often makes them clear. Thankfully in the case of Jeremiah The Bible has many examples of hypocatastasis. Each of these terms imports a meaning into the text that is important for us to understand. Sometimes very different people are compared to the same thing, as long as the comparison is valid. A lion usually typified irresistible power and destructive strength, and so many things were compared to a lion. These include God Job Hypocatastasis is a powerful figure in that it can bring a wide range of possible meanings to the text from just one illustration, and thus invites us into prayer, thought, and study.

A good example of this occurs in Ezekiel. No doubt the list would include cruel leaders, ungodly priests, ruthless businessmen, foreign enemies, and even demonic forces. We humans relate so well to other humans that referring to something as a person often makes it easy to understand. There are many examples of personification in the Bible.

Wisdom is portrayed as a woman calling out for people to listen to her Prov. Ethiopia is portrayed as a woman stretching out her hands to God Ps. The land of Israel is portrayed as a person mourning because of its ruin Joel 1: The blood of innocent Abel is portrayed as a person crying out from the ground after Cain killed him Gen. The figures of comparison and personification communicate both information and emotion well.

For example, saying the people of Israel broke their covenant with God gives us information but does not communicate much emotion. In contrast, referring to Israel as a woman and saying she committed adultery with her pagan lovers brings up a host of emotions. Figures of speech communicate ideas and concepts succinctly and powerfully, and that is why God uses them. The most important work available today on the subject of biblical figures of speech is Figures of Speech Used in the Bible by E.