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Honestly, I'm awed by Obioma's ability to entertain me and keep me enthralled in the story, while simultaneously giving me philosophical food for thought. The novel is also beautifully written, with language that is poetic without being pretentious. I bought this book for myself on Amazon, but it feels like a gift.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book "The Fisherman", by Chigozie Obioma. It was recommended to me to read after my appreciation for the book "Purple Hibiscus" by another author, Chimamanda Adichie. A story about a young person growing up in Nigeria facing life events and conflicts against the anchor of family, tradition, and personal values. How the character manages all of this provides lessons for us allno matter our age or culture! In "The Fishermen", the young person is a boy named Ben. You get to know Ben and his family through his words.

Obioma doesn't waste time pulling you into the story and introducing you to Ben, his brothers, and various other characters. This was an extremely good read it's also a short read as it's just under pages ; and it's set at a good pace as you walk side by side with Ben and his brothers.

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I love the bond they had. This was brothers being brothers: Playing together, arguing and having fistfights, and going fishing against their parents' consent. Obioma wraps you into that bond and that love, and into their relationship with and respect for their parents. You're inside that "wrappa" with them as they witness political changes, sit in their room talking about things; or, as they secretly go fishing and hide their catch in tin cans.

I also like Mr. Obioma's use of various metaphors as he opens each chapter, and relates them to the characters he wants you to understand. But as you spend time with this family and get comfy inside the "wrappa" of their lives, you'll also feel their pain: You'll feel their conflicts, their worries, their fears, their decisions, their anger, their grief; and also their hopes, and healing they experience.

Obioma also gives a nod to Chinua Achebe, as the brothers attempt to make sense of their changing world and come to their decisions. Achebe's famous books, if I was a teacher, I'd make this book "The Fishermen" a must read for my students. And frankly, it is a must read for us all! Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

This book is excellent.

It reminds me of The Kite Runner because of the beautiful, insightful language and insights. Like Kite Runner, this book provides a personal, moving account of a culture that most people know little about. Africa, to most Americans, is still a huge blank spot on the map and the location of Nigeria could not be more vague, let alone it's culture and history.

For this alone, the book is a great read, but there is a lot more to it. I'm going to site some of my favorite sentences so you can get an idea of what I am talking about. Because things followed this known and structured pattern, no day was worthy of remembrance. The nauseating sight of algae and leaves that formed the shape of a map of troubled nations I have come to believe that it was here that the first mark of the line between Ikenna and Boja--where not even a dot had ever been drawn.

The amen died off slowly, carried along the rows of the massive graveyard whose language was silence. There are more but I don't want to copy the whole book. I grew up in Akure, although a few years older, and on the other side of town from Chigozie. It is so great to read a very lively and well-told story about that idyllic and quiet town. Most of the events Chigozie refers to are true. They actually brought many memories of my childhood back to me and the nostalgia made me call up old friends and family while I was reading the book.

The story itself is a lot to take in. It is very surprising and quite painful, but don't be afraid, Chigozie with his mastery of language and patience with delivery helps you to work through it in stages. The theme, that our greatest fears usually come upon us, not because those fears are powerful in and of themselves, but because we give them power by focusing on them, is a great lesson for everyone - regardless of your origin, gender, or upbringing. This is a great book! See all reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 11 days ago. Published 20 days ago.

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Published 7 months ago. Published 8 months ago. Published 9 months ago. Published 10 months ago. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? So, what do we have here? The Fisherman belongs to what seems to be called literary horror, a term which, until recently, I wasn't familiar with. What I can say for sure is that Langan can surely write. He borrowed various elements from classic novels of the genre, basing his story on the Lovecraftian cosmic horror and, while he could have merely copied from here and there, he preferred to put his own signature to his writing and create something not exactly original, but fresh nonetheless.

You son of a bitch. The form of The Fisherman , however, is where its true originality lies and the detail which eventually didn't work for me.

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As it has been said in other reviews, there is a story within the story. The problem is, it's not clear which is within which. The main story starts normally but right when you start to sink in it, there is a flashback that extends to more than pages and which ends up being longer than the one the book started with. A fact that somewhat confused me and made it hard for me to stay focused, while the endless descriptions only managed to make matters worse in that respect.

I had the feeling that the story hasted when it should be slower and lagged when it should be faster, with the latter case being far more frequent. Therefore, in my opinion, the novel fails to build up the tension needed to achieve a climax and that's evident once more in the end, where all the action takes place in the chapter before last. What saved the day for me, was the clever twist in the final chapter, linking real-life events with those of the book.

An average idea and a decent execution by an obviously talented author. Yet, it left me feeling like something was annoyingly missing in the end.

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  7. Feb 13, Espen Aukan rated it it was amazing. Once in a while a book appears that feels like it is written especially for me. Like the author knows exactly what I love and need, and tells his or her story to me in what feels like a personal and extremely satisfying way. This is one of those books. This is a small yet epic scale horror story as horror stories should be, full of heartbreak and darkness. A story about stories, and about life and death and love and l Once in a while a book appears that feels like it is written especially for me.

    The Fisherman

    A story about stories, and about life and death and love and loss. Apr 27, Barry rated it it was amazing. This review was originally published on the New York Journal of Books: Over the past decade, John Langan has established himself as a master of weird fiction and horror literature. His mourning eventually leads him to an unprecedented passion for fishing in the Catskills, which gives him some peace of mind.

    Abe soon finds a kinship with Dan, a coworker who had recently lost his own wife and twin sons in a terrible car accident. Despite its period setting, it is told in a very contemporary voice, keeping the pages turning with every bit of involvement as the framing narrative. At times, the novel calls upon the spookier elements of classic horror authors such as M. James, Ambrose Bierce, and H. There are Moby-Dick like instances of seafaring tension and wonder.

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    The reader can practically smell the humid air, can hear the gurgle of running water. Perhaps the most powerful element to this novel is its deep meditation on the nature of loss. A profound tale of loss set against a disquieting backdrop of cosmic horror, The Fisherman is a moody, moving novel that will tug your heartstrings.

    May 06, Shane Douglas Keene rated it it was amazing. And the reason for such a prolific body of published work is quite simple: His latest novel, The Fisherman, does nothing to disavow us of that opinion. Jul 19, Ron rated it liked it Shelves: Not that this book doesn't have it's share of scares, but wouldn't you know the scariest part came at the end.

    I'm talking the old-school type scare, yet from a completely different point of view. It's the lights go out, dark corners kind of stuff. You know something's coming. Langan makes you feel like you're right there too. And then bam, he still caught me off guard.

    The Fisherman: John Langan: Books

    I'm not complaining about the rest of the book's "scare-quotient". That's not even the reason for my picking it up. I wanted to Not that this book doesn't have it's share of scares, but wouldn't you know the scariest part came at the end. I wanted to read it because the description talked about a remedy after loss, which sounded emotional. That's hard to find in your typical horror book, done well anyway.

    And I didn't exactly find it here either. There was some emotion to it and that was good, but more than half of this story is set in the past, where the history behind the Dutchman's Creek's legend is told, and I'm talking in detail. Langan is very good with details and creativity. The legend explained is not exactly a bridging to the Underworld. It's not the devil, or demons on the other side. But, it's close enough, and I have just never cared for that sort of thing. With that said, I'm giving a recommend to horror and scare fans because many will find this interesting.

    What was created here, was different from anything I've read to date. Thumbs up for that. View all 9 comments. Dec 26, Ctgt rated it really liked it. She knows, in the way you just know some things, that this is the speech Helen has brought back with her from the grave. It is a death-tongue, the tongue you learn once you leave this life for lands uncharted, and Lottie realizes she understands what Helen is saying. Love Loss When the two go hand in hand, how do we cope?

    After heartbreaking loss, two men find solace in fishing. As one man spirals further into depression, he convinces his friend to accompany him to a mysterious river in search of an She knows, in the way you just know some things, that this is the speech Helen has brought back with her from the grave. As one man spirals further into depression, he convinces his friend to accompany him to a mysterious river in search of an impossible answer to his grief.

    Structurally, this book is a story within a story. As the men make their way to the river they encounter a man who is finally able to give them some background on the river. He spins a tale, centuries old, about the mystery surrounding the river and the legends from pre-history that are the core of the story. Langan does a masterful job of a slow build, with the tension gradually ramping up throughout the book. Generally this mood is difficult to maintain through anything longer than a novella but through his use of structure and subtle wordplay, he pulls it off.

    If you like weird fiction I have to believe you will enjoy this story. How far would you go to recover love? Lottie swore the room darkened, as if the air in her father's study had filled with particles of minute blackness, making it difficult for her to distinguish Rainer. Because of this, she couldn't say for sure if what she saw next was accurate, but the pages of the book appeared to be giving off a black light, dimming her father's face. Mar 10, Anthony Vacca rated it liked it. For the first 50 pages, The Fisherman is a drawn-out first-person account of two bland widowers trying to manage their grief through fishing various rivers in upstate New York.

    With only 50 pages left, the two fishermen pay their tab and hurry to their fates at the waterlogged claws For the first 50 pages, The Fisherman is a drawn-out first-person account of two bland widowers trying to manage their grief through fishing various rivers in upstate New York. With only 50 pages left, the two fishermen pay their tab and hurry to their fates at the waterlogged claws of the undead and the cosmic terror they herald.

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    But what it lacks as an affecting meditation on love and loss and what it lacks in cohesion , The Fisherman makes up for with unpredictable plot progression, an imaginative mythos and rewarding set-pieces. May 04, David Brian rated it really liked it. The Fisherman by John Langan reads like a sprawling generational epic of a tale; albeit, it's a story which the author somehow manages to squeeze onto pages. Still, for the most part it's a job well done. The characterization in this portion of the novel is exceptionally good, and it is difficult not to share Abe and Dan's turmoil.

    The duo relish trying new locales, and as they are on the lookout for new sites to fish, they make a decision to try their lines in the waters of the little known Dutchman's Creek. This, along with a torrid rainstorm, and a chance conversation with a man named Howard, leads into a story of bygone days, and we begin to learn about Der Fischer. Der Fischer begins generations ago, and is centered around a German immigrant named Rainer Schmidt, and his family members. Rainer is a man of books; Arcane books, and it is the knowledge he has garnered from these tomes - particularly his knowledge of extra-normal realities, and entities - will be called upon to provide salvation for the entire community in which he lives and works.

    The Congos - Fisherman

    Rainer's section of the story provides a backdrop of understanding to the events that occur, and Der Fischer is a splendidly unsettling read that takes up a good pages of the book. For the last 60 odd pages we return to the present day, and events affecting Abe and Dan. This, at least for me, was the least satisfactory part of the book. Although it wraps the story up competently, and it produces a finale that matches the overall tone of the book, these final scenes still felt kind of rushed.

    Also, given how well the characters of Abe and Dan had been developed early on, I felt a level of disconnect with them following the lengthy Der Fischer. Dan's character in particular didn't seem like the same person I'd met early in the book. Nevertheless, despite what is a minor gripe on my part, The Fisherman really is a splendid read; one which I recommend to everyone who enjoys quality dark fiction.

    I have the paperback edition, and what a gorgeous cover it is. Mar 25, Jon rated it it was amazing. A heartbreaking, deeply imaginative yarn about the dangers of delving too far into one's own past. Oct 09, J. Grice rated it it was amazing Shelves: Some people may consider the horror as Lovecraftian in style, but I'm not sure that's entirely the case. At any rate, Langan weaves an utterly spellbinding tale, and this was one of my favorite reads of Aug 27, William Girdler rated it it was amazing Shelves: Holy shit Where did this book come from?

    Ummm how do I even unpackage this? The best horror is metaphorical. The Babadook is one of the best examples of this. It's a story of loss told through the lens of fear. This book was also a story of loss told through that lens, but it's also different. I can't say much without spoiling it. But towards the end of this book I started wondering when the rug got pulled out from under me.

    The loss is there sure. How could not be? The two principal characters of Holy shit Where did this book come from? Jigging World Corporation Fishing shop. RipTide Bait and Tackle Fishing shop. White Water Outfitters Fishing shop. Fatty Lures Retail company. Pages liked by this Page. The Fall Run Has Started. It looks like you may be having problems playing this video.

    If so, please try restarting your browser. Posted by The Fisherman Magazine. I just love the fisherman Mag just wish they would put a picture of my 4 foot dogfish shark that I g This magazine inspired me for decades. I learned from it's articles, and following reports.