What you should (and shouldnt) know about your local flower shop.

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These are short stemmed roses, slightly more than 1 foot in length. Also, this item does not include any greenery or fillers such as baby's breath. As we progressed through our order, we were notified of something we already knew: ProFlowers made the claim that your flowers will arrive "when you want them to, not when a florist wants to deliver them". Who wants them to sit in the freezing cold all day?

We call all recipients first to ensure they'll be home, and we never leave flowers on a porch when the weather is so bad! Read their full shipping disclaimer, and you'll see that their promise of "when you want them" falls short. As we neared completion of our order, we found our next surprise. You can't change your order!

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That's because your flowers are already sitting on a loading dock, waiting for their shipping label. There's no going back when you click OK. With a real florist, you can call us right up to the time your flowers are on the van and make changes to your order--you can change your card message, or what's in the vase, or even where it's going. When it came time to ship our order, it originated in Philadelphia. So much for "fresh from the fields".

In reality, ProFlowers pre-stages products in warehouses around the country. Like we mentioned above, your order is just sitting there, waiting for a shipping label. In an article in Business 2. From there, bouquets are shipped in refrigerated trucks to 12 regional distribution centers and then by FedEx Ground or UPS to customers--a process that keeps shipping charges to a bare minimum.

According to the tracking information above, our flowers were delivered at 2: Our high was 15 degrees F. By the time we arrived home, the temperature was 7 degrees F. The photo below shows our thermometer hung on the box.

Sure, you can order flowers at 3 a.m. from 1-800-Flowers, FTD, or Teleflora

In the large view, note the instruction to the driver that it's OK to leave the box. The fun really began with the unboxing. We recorded a small video of us unboxing the flowers. They're frozen solid, and unarranged. We think a lot of people expect their ProFlowers orders to look like the photos on the website. We have to hand it to their photography staff--they do a fantastic job. Your flowers will arrive wrapped in plastic--the arrangement is up to the recipient. It would take our staff some serious effort to make what we received look like their photo.

Guys, there's something important about Valentine's Day you need to know. Remembering her is only part of the event. Deep down inside, she wants her friends to envy her. And the vases of roses below is not likely to make anyone envious. This Valentine's Day, choose a real pro--your local florist. Read what other consumers have to say about the service they've received from ProFlowers. Flowers were delivered on-time, but appeared to have "freezer burn" with many of the outside rose petals brown and wilted.

The box was delivered on time, but since nobody was home it was left out in the rain and 35 degree weather. What we got was a far cry from what was actually ordered. The flowers were not even in the vase! They were in a box with the vase wrapped up next to them. My wheels were in motion from then on. The first look at my first wedding — True Love! I started to learn the ins and outs of the shop. I quickly fell in love with all the different kinds of work we got to do and all the different people I got to meet. I bonded so instantly with my workmates, too.

I think the most important first for me, though, came a few months later, in the heat of late August, when Lydia had entrusted me with my first solo wedding ceremony. I was filled with nerves, of course, but I truly had no reason to be. Kaitlin and Eric exchanging vows. My big year of firsts has proven to be an amazing journey.

It has been a wonderful year of learning from the masters, and I look forward to learning more and more, and sharing with you all of the firsts that this season will bring. The shop is warm and inviting and filled with a carefully curated collection of bridal fashion and kitchy decorative accessories. It is located in the hip, trendy downtown section of town, surrounded by great galleries, good food and stylish boutiques.

While chatting about our couples and our wedding adventures, it became clear just how similar our clients are. Whether tying the knot at the shore with the wave and wind in their hair or in the wood with moss at their feet and pine in the air, our couples are more unconventional than most. And our brides tend to gravitate to a less formal and less traditional aesthetic. It is easy to see how they would be just at home in a barn or at the beach!

Etherial ball gowns take on a lighter approach when made with soft, breezy fabrics and a more relaxed silhouette. Color is a popular choice this season.

Blush gowns are feminine and flattering. Take a peak at styles available in the seasons favorite colors of Rose Quartz and Serenty Blue. Bohemian chic is taking a turn with two piece separates and crop top styles. Afraid to commit, try this tempting option for after the ceremony. Then, dance the night away. Minimalist sheaths offer clean lines and an elegant simplicity that are still on trend.


ProFlowers.com vs Florists

This stunning aesthetic is cool, chic and comfortable. Lace , lace and more lace…need I say more. What a treat to trade tales with my southern counterpart. Melissa is smart, charming and talented, a true professional. A great day and I learned something in the process! Sarah Janks Ivory lace mermaid silhouette with almond lining: As a wedding planner, I can control many things, unfortunately, the weather is not one of them.

As long as you are flexible and prepared your day can be as beautiful and often more memorable than planned. Tip 1- Start at the beginning. Have a rain plan from day one. When looking at outdoor venues, ask about their plan B. If you are not happy with it, move on.

If you have your heart set on an outside ceremony, make sure your venue and vendors can be flexible with the start time. It is great to be able to adjust the schedule to allow for a passing shower! If you are hoping for alfresco dining, please, please have a indoor option available or order a tent as back up. I know it is an added expense but it will ultimately insure the comfort of you and your guests.

Tip 2- Be prepared. Have cute wellies or cowboy boots for you and your wedding party. Ask if your venue provides umbrellas, if not, get some. There are many inexpensive options on line. Somehow they keep raindrops at bay! Tip 3- Be Decisive. Do not agonize over the weather on your wedding day. If inclement weather is in the forecast, commit to the plan and move on. Believe me, once you make the decision, you will be relieved!

Yes, you are disappointed, but getting upset will not change the outcome. Make light of the cloudy skies and you will weather the storm. If you are smiling and happy, your partner, family and friends will be too. Tip 5- Trust your event planner. They will steer you in the right direction while looking out for your best interest. They see the big picture and will work to make everything fall into place. Remember, you are marrying the person of your dreams.

What do I need to open a flower shop? (The Legal Stuff)

Cherish every fleeting moment, come rain or come shine! A little back story on me; my introduction to weddings was back in when I was approached by two of my friends to photograph their wedding. I had been photographing anything and everything my entire life, so I decided to take the plunge and just go for it, and I wound up really enjoying myself. This started not only my career in weddings, but as a photographer of many different genres. So fast forward four years. I was still working a full time job at a bank, trying to book weddings on the side, and make them bigger and better than the years prior.

I realized this just ISNT working for me. And that was a little heartbreaking because I just wanted that to work! I love weddings, I love the hustle and excitement and the joy each wedding brings… But trying to fit the actual dates into my schedule, edit the photos, keep wedding clients happy, keep other photo clients happy, AND work a separate full time job and countless part time jobs … To say it was stressful is putting it mildly. So I decided that it was time to regroup.

We met a couple times and ultimately decided that yes, this is going to work out nicely! It was initially a challenge, but I think anything worth doing should be a little challenging.

26 Secrets Your Florist Won’t Tell You

I love coming to work and learning new things, helping people out, and laughing… We really do have SO much fun here! Tropical flowers in a geometric vase without a lot of greenery, mounded arrangements of just one type of flower, and woody branches with fruit or berries. Come on, my name goes on that. Would you buy your steaks there, then bring them to the caterer to prepare?

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That cheap glass vase that came with your bouquet?