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It is not unknown that there has come to fore a continuous and insistent extermination of human lives to the point that such a cruel and terminal act still makes the news although there is nothing new about it. Such day and night downright executions have not only adults but also young people as their targets.

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So it is that dead bodies are found in houses, on the streets and at garbage dumps even. There are even human corpses placed in big plastic bags—with the usual tags stating their supposed criminal actuations. All the above-said mortal assaults at human lives already appear to be beyond but reminding those concerned that they should not kill—that they should follow the dictates of sound reason and elementary ethics about the inherent gravity of the right to life.

So it is that mere pleadings to save and not terminate human life already appear to be futile—useless and hopeless. God never cursed us but it is thru the wickednes of the lawless and the inaction of the good that we allow the afflictions and plague visit the nation. Let us open our eyes and see the poor being despised by the strong.

Coruption abounds from the highest office up to the simplest social unit.

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The rich twist the statutes by the might of their wealth. Religious leaders themselves are toppled with insincerity, fraud and incompetence. We are now reaping the fruits of our blunders and wrongdoings. Our lands, being shed with the crying bloods of the weak yield no more produce.

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  • Poverty, diseases, unpeaceful, chaotic and unsecured community enslave the nation. But thank god, he is inviting us for free healing and deliverance. What we need to do is just to repent thru praying with utmost humility accompanied with actions by turning away from wickedness and seek him in the glory of his grace. In one accord, we must do it now, because, this is the day of salvation.

    Not tomorrow nor in the days to come but "today before it is too late". So many people now forgotten the lord god almighty. The god who spake in the old testament; 2chronicles 7: He is your creator but not your father.


    You can't call him as your father if no relationship. Only through jesus christ that you can go to the father. Come to him now, ask forgiveness for your sins, reconcile now with the god before its too late! Thank you for your time reading it and god bless you. God can see how the world now becoming so sick and sinful.

    God loves us so much that doesn't want us to perish that is why he is calling our attention to repent and comeback to him.

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    But we should bear in mind that this god who is so mindful of us is just and holy. He is a very loving god, that's his nature but also a god of righteousness. Stop fighting with god, you are no match! Hallelujah to the Lord 8. You Have It All 9.

    Jesus King of All Nations

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