Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll

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Find Coach Coach Directory. Join Apply to Join. Audio Visual Release Policy. A disruptor by nature, Barton's irreverent wit cuts directly to the heart of any issue while illuminating spaciousness within paradox. He is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, inclusion expert, and international speaker who provides powerful change agents, organizations, and their teams the essential tools to hone impeccable clarity, unshakable presence, and integrated leadership within the workplace and beyond.

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The owner of Get Unpalsied Coaching and Cutter's Edge Consulting, Barton now serves as Accessibility Consultant for the Coaches Training Institute while offering leadership development coaching and consulting to organizations and private clients globally. Leadership Coach and Inclusion Consultant.

Husband and wife zoom around in it like kids at an amusement park. Barton Cutter does wheelies. Their home is marked by dings and dents from encounters with the wheelchair. The sex mentioned above has brought down at least one wheelchair. She depicts the mutual delight of any intimate couple as well as the embarrassment of having other people walk in on private moments.

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Disability professionals also cautioned against marriage because Barton would lose benefits and resources where they lived in Alabama were inadequate. What was unquestionable though, was the very visible connection the couple shared and their joy in one another. The families came around and Barton and Megan were married and enjoyed a beautiful wedding at which Barton stood to embrace his bride.

Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll

The Cutters found their obstacles did not end with getting married. They needed to relocate somewhere with better services available to Barton and where they could both find fulfilling jobs. Once in North Carolina, the Cutters dealt with problems similar to so many couples. Financial and career worries, health issues, and the desire to start a family.

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Exhaustion and anxiety contributed to difficult talks and hurtful words. Each person struggled to overcome their own disappointments, emotional history, and reluctance to burden the other. Nothing unusual in that. However, gently educating other people about life as an inter-ability couple and responding to negative and intrusive comments by insensitive or well-meaning but uninformed people took its toll as well.

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Gradually, and with support from a life coach and others, the Cutters have moved forward together. Stories to Make Love Roll is available on Amazon and http: Feb 13, Bob Rickelman rated it it was amazing. I was anxious to read this book, since I know the authors through our common work related to individuals with disabilities in North Carolina.

I was also curious to learn more about Barton and Megan, since I've been an ardent follower of their blog, Love Rolls On. I was not disappointed. In fact, I finished the book in a day. I could barely put it down. The authors call themselves an inter-ability couple, which is a great description. Barton has Cerebral Palsy.

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In the book, they talk about the hig I was anxious to read this book, since I know the authors through our common work related to individuals with disabilities in North Carolina. In the book, they talk about the highs and lows of living in a typical marriage, while at the same time being forced to confront the realities of living in a world of stereotypes related to what people in wheelchairs can and cannot do.

They directly address issues like identity, relationships, work and play, and even sex, in an open, almost brutally honest way. The book is written in a alternating style, with Megan and Barton sometimes commenting about the same stories from their own points-of-view and sometimes talking about very personal issues to them as individuals. Not only did I learn more about two people who I deeply admire, but I also learned to challenge my own biases about disability.

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And the lead-ins to each chapter contain amazing poetry. Even if you have never met these two amazing people, you'll be rewarded with thoughtful commentary about life and living. I highly recommend it to everyone!

A View with the Authors of “Ink in the Wheels”

The Cutters are already speaking publicly near their home of Raleigh, N. Stories to Make Love Roll. Certainly across the U. Our vision is to impact as many families as we possibly can, fostering a belief of inclusion and possibility, as tools for success. Both Cutters work with people of all abilities. Megan is a writer and editor who puts on creative writing and expression workshops.