Tales From The Cancer Ward

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He also acknowledges the importance of love in his life:. He struggled with the side effects of chemotherapy and, like Christopher Hitchens, wondered at the time if the treatment was in fact worth it:. Tales From The Cancer Ward is about more than illness. It is also a political book, and Cox shares many of his passionate and strongly held views. He quotes Oscar Wilde:.

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Those who know what beauty is and those who know what sorrow is. He speaks openly of fear, the fear of losing his life, and of the force that makes us cling to life, and our refusal to accept mortality. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. It is not until the last chapters the author finally reaches the end point of his goal, a liver transplant with a successful outcome.

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There are many accounts of dreams throughout the book. The dreams appear to be a cathartic release. The bizarre nature of the dreams appears to be medically drug induced and hallucinogenic in nature. The dreams take the reader into a distorted and complex chasm that plunges you into an abyss of confusion at times. Thus, the dreams distract from his message that he did survive cancer. Despite the fact that the author submerged his emotions of cancer through the expression of dreams, he has endeavoured to share his cancer odyssey with anyone suffering from the same malaise in the hope that they too can triumph over cancer.

The book is a mixture of cathartic self-promotion and to some degree, reflections of human vulnerability when under siege as described in the dreams.

Tales from the Cancer Ward

It is not a self-help book for pending liver transplant recipients or any person facing similar circumstances. To recommend as a resource book falls flat as it is not an easy book to read.

The Day I Dreaded Forever - My Cancer Relapse Story

Be the first to know when a new issue is online. Cox speak is to be inspired by his wisdom as he questions the direction of the human race. His deep appreciation of life is confounded by the superficial pursuits of our generation that undermine the development of the individual. During his battle with cancer, Mr Cox was inspired by the courage of the people that died in the hospital.

The beauty that they showed in their final moments touched him.

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These were the true Australian Heroes, losing the big battle with dignity. He was close to those moments himself.

He held a Christmas dinner party and invited family from overseas to say goodbye at his last supper and then he received the CALL. A liver was available to save him in a life or death operation. The simple pleasures of a night sky silenced his deepest anxieties.

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He now views those in the medical profession as group who make a life out of giving. He claimed that the hospital stay had put him in contact with people who were very humane. He remembered the vivid beauty amongst the pain and anguish of the experience.

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