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During an interview with Famitsu , Takashi Iizuka explained that Sonic Mania was not intended to have a physical release; Sega staff requested one, but a retail version would have presented a challenge for the production schedule.

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After the game launched, fans also expressed interest in a physical version. As a retail release would cost more than the downloadable version, the team added value with new content. When the team had to decide on Mighty and Ray's special actions, Mighty received his " Hammer Drop " after the team reflected on his "strong guy" setting and hard shell, while Ray received his " Air Glide " as a callback to his species. Multiplayer was also updated to have up to four players at once because there were more characters to select from.

Hyperkinetic Studios was part of the development of this update. One of the people who are part of Hyperkinetic, Hunter Bridges, worked on the new music tracks since Tee Lopes was busy working on the soundtrack for Sonic Mania Adventures. After freeing them, the Heavy Magician reveals herself to have been disguised as one of the prisoners the one that the player did not select to team up with.

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She steals the Phantom Ruby, leaving Sonic and his new teammate to chase her down. Making their way back to Titanic Monarch Zone , the heroes once again fight Dr. Eggman in his Phantom Egg. After defeating the doctor, the Phantom Ruby is claimed by the Heavy King as Eggman and the heroes escape. If the player manages to collect all seven Chaos Emeralds , the Phantom Ruby will instead open up a portal that begins to destroy the base.

Eggman will escape in a rocket car as the heroes fall behind, the heroes will then activate their Super States and barrel past Eggman, causing him to get sucked up into the portal. In an end credits scene, the five heroes all meet up one of Mirage Saloon Zone 's ice cream parlours to relax. The heroes are then interrupted by the Heavy King, who appears from behind the bar with a large ice cream sundae.

The scene freeze frames on the photo of this moment with the caption "You're Too Cool! Encore Mode is a game mode exclusive to Sonic Mania Plus that takes place after the events of the game's Mania Mode and the conclusion of Sonic Forces , and sees the player progressing through altered Zones with new gameplay rules. In addition, there are new areas and different object placements that makes Encore Mode appear as an expanded version of Mania Mode.

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New pathways make use of all of the five characters' abilities. Bosses are also now either easier or harder, and some Giant Rings have been moved to other locations. The Special Stages remain figuratively unchanged from Mania Mode's, but the artistic layouts are in reverse order, and the Stages themselves are more difficult.

Also, a brand new Bonus Stage set inside a giant pinball table has been added, and can be accessed from any Star Post with at least fifty Rings.

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A Shot in the Dark: My Night with the Male Strippers at Hunk-O-Mania

Angel Island Zone has also been added as an introductory Zone ; as a result of this, Green Hill Zone is the second level in this mode instead of the first. Encore Mode also features a new party and lives system. At the beginning, the player starts with Sonic and either Mighty or Ray. To get the rest of the playable characters, the player must find a monitor with cycling character faces on it. When they break it, the character shown on the monitor will be added to the player's party. Player Swap monitors from Competition Mode are also used, and breaking one of them will change the player's character to the next one in waiting, and Random monitors will shuffle the character order.

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Instead of traditional lives, the characters behaves as lives. If the main character dies, that character will be lost and another character in waiting will take his place. If all characters are lost, it will result in a Game Over. The Competition Mode is expanded to allow up to four players simultaneously. Sonic Mania Plus adds the option to save replays of completed Time Attack attempts. Once a replay has been saved, the player can play back the replay, or challenge it.

When challenging a replay, the player's previous attempt will be shown as a ghost during gameplay.

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Sonic Mania Plus includes some of the changes made to Sonic Mania. With the announcement of Sonic Mania Plus , a wave of promotional material was announced. Exclusive to Japan, the physical release of Sonic Mania Plus included limited edition packages that featured artbooks and the game's soundtrack on CDs. New cheat codes were added which can be entered in the Sound Test on the Level Select: Sonic Mania Plus - Official Trailer.

Sonic Mania Plus Infomercial. But maybe you also want them to be your lover or, after an hour of priming conversation, you feel your chosen one already is? The bachelorette preferred one who was a hotter version of Eminem in 8-Mile. Some of the ladies looked like they were bathing after a year in the desert, jumping up and down, unable to contain themselves.

There was quite a lot of bare ass-grabbing. There were men in the crowd at the same time as onstage; I glanced over and saw a girl entirely covered by a hunk, only one spare arm sticking out, pulling him closer. My bachelorette looked like she was getting electrocuted during her lap dance, as if they were to touch two bare parts of their body together it would trip a wire. The next morning, I crawled over to get a bagel from the corner store, blinded by the July sun. As I lay in bed for the better part of that afternoon, I had ample time to ponder the mystery and the magic of what we had experienced.

Where did the hunks live: Why did I love muscles so much all of a sudden when I had never thought about them before? Had they wanted to be actors, or were they already? In New York, you could never really be sure. I flipped through my last three and a half years in this city, a mental rolodex of my exes. The list read like a cast of characters that could work in a Hunk-O-Mania dance number: The good ones had been creative, interesting and adaptive, just like the hunks, who moved to meet the tone and temperature of each woman.

Hunk-O-Mania was a fantasy life in which we were all dating one man while simultaneously basking in the affections of his barely dressed friends, the Navy Seal, the Firefighter, the Cowboy. Hunk-O-Mania was like traveling through past and future, cataloguing all of the beautiful things a person could show to you, without the bad tempers and laziness and the self-seriousness, without the force of sheer effort that it often takes in New York to get a functional relationship off the ground.