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In , I was a member of the expenditure committee and persuaded its general sub-committee to take up Normanton's strictures. In giving evidence to us, the comptroller of the day said: The expenditure committee recalled the comptroller for questioning; he now said that his status before the PAC "was that of a witness". Digging himself even deeper, he then wrote a memorandum to the committee saying that his department was "an important instrument of the treasury".

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GOP Purse Strings Held by Saudi Lobbyist

Even a supine parliament had to take notice of the treasury's blatant encroachment on its rights, and audit reform moved up the political agenda, became Labour party policy and was mostly achieved by Norman St John Stevas Lord Fawsley in his private members' bill, which made it into law in I have written elsewhere Whitehall: Gollancz, of the establishment's skulduggery in trying to sink Stevas's bill. The chairmen of the nationalised industries, which were brought into the scope of audit, lobbied hard against it - and persuaded their trades unions to do the same.

I was asked to tea by the chancellor and invited to drop the matter because the Queen, who nominally appointed the CAG, would be annoyed.

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Some years later, I let it be known that I was considering applying to be comptroller - on the grounds that I knew a great deal about state audit in Britain - as the position was about to be vacated. I was told that the prime minister, as head of the treasury, would not allow my appointment. The act, however, was still not entirely what we reformers wanted: When rumors reach him that funding for the program is going to be cut and that the politicians who hold the purse strings have ties to his former workplace, the opportunity to retaliate is too promising to pass up.

Yes, they have all the power and hold the purse strings.


Leave politics as usual aside; Letters. Because they hold the purse strings to the Welsh Assembly. With elections in May voters can let politicians know what we think about how those who hold the purse strings look after our health care. Economic policy may have a growing role in promoting sustainable food production, but those who hold the purse strings need to be persuaded on agroeco's profitability, observes Danielle Nierenberg, co-founder of FoodTank: The Food Think Tank www.

While companies face an element of pressure in terms of access to cash for investment, with banks continuing to hold the purse strings tightly, the north Sea continues to perform well, with only a little over half its resource having been exploited to date.

Japanese wives controlling the family purse strings

Those who hold the purse strings at the station have decided the likes of Twitter and Facebook are adequate as forums for public debate, and have cited dwindling audience figures as a reason for axing the phone-in. Guide to new funding. Of course, there are times when kids need to return home to regroup.

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But assistance should help foster independence, not the opposite. And it can be difficult to recognize a dysfunctional pattern.

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  4. But money is a powerful reinforcer, write psychologist and financial planner Brad Klontz and financial planner Anthony Canale in a recent issue of the Journal of Financial Planning. Receiving money for the asking reinforces the behavior of asking, and it can ultimately lead to dependency.

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    4. Financially dependent adults often lack creativity, drive and passion.