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The friendship storyline is underdeveloped, and the friend and acquaintance both felt like placeholders sometimes rather than characters, although the friend did have an intriguing backstory I would have liked to read more about.

Something, Maybe Summary & Study Guide

The family story was interesting, but not particularly compelling. Most of the secondary characters could have been better fleshed out. Hannah was not a particularly fascinating character, either. She did not appear to have any interests outside of boys. She was not particularly intelligent or deep. It was a fun way to pass an afternoon. I love Elizabeth Scott generally, and while I enjoyed this book, it was not up to what I was expecting. It was cute and fun and generic and forgettable.

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Hannah begins to notice that Josh may not be her "soul mate" and that she has an effortless connection with Finn. A conflict starts for Hannah when realizes that she may have feelings for Josh and Finn and this conflict continues for her throughout the book.

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When Hannah's father is more thoroughly introduced, it becomes clear that Hannah feels unloved and that she harbors feelings of resentment towards him. After insisting that she come to New York and that no cameras would be present, Hannah agrees to visit Jackson.

When she arrives, she feels that he is sincere when he apologizes for his absence in her life and says that he wants to give their relationship a second chance. Hannah quickly finds out, however, that Jackson lied to her again when a camera crew arrives. Despite her attempts to escape the situation, Jackson is able to use her brief appearance on camera against her in order to boost his show's ratings.

When this causes problems for Hannah at school and she realizes that Jackson is selfish and will never change, she chooses to end their relationship for good. In the midst of her struggles, Hannah continues her relationships with Josh and Finn. She finds it harder to deny her connection with, and attraction to, Finn although her focus remains on Josh.

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However Hannah's opinion about him changes permanently when she realizes that he is using her to get close to Candy. Josh pulls me aside. I wanted to say Like he's hesitant to say them, now i wish he'd hug me again I want you to know if I pause alot when I tell you how special you are I want you to think that I'm I like this quote because it shows what a phony Josh is compared to how real Finn is.

It's also just funny because it's true It wasn't because he didn't want her, but because her mom would have approved, to make her daughter happy, but would be left with no one.

The sun will rise tomorrow. Hannah is talking about all that has been happening to her - primarily her situation with Jackson, and it being aired on television. She is trying to decide what to do with herself, and with help from her mom and Teagan, decides that all she can do now is move on. Important Quotes A romantic coming-of-age story, Something Maybe was a genuinely good book.

From the very beginning, it caught my attention, with Hannah's strange parents. I felt it was well-written and I liked the simplicity of it. It wasn't the most exciting book, but parts of it did have me wanting to find out what happened next.

Something, Maybe Summary & Study Guide

I would suggest this book to girls who enjoy chick-flicks like The Vow , and I truly feel like Elizabeth Scott is an amazing writer; she knows how to make a scene come alive! Themes A good lesson in this book is do not be too quick to judge - whether it be positively or negatively.

Hannah had to learn that the hard way when she realized what a fraud Josh was, what a sweet person Finn was, and that her dad actually loved her and her mom although he couldn't show it well. She would have been able to see these characteristics earlier if she had taken the time, and not be so quick to judging. Another good theme from this book is to keep looking forward. Hannah had a lot to deal with - her dad, her mom, Josh, Finn, and people who would tease her because of the kind of parents she had. Even through it all, she was able to keep moving forward, despite her often wanting to give up.

In the end, she got the guy of her dreams and a better relationship with her mom - all because she didn't let the obstacles in her way keep her down. I would have to compare this book to another book by this author called Perfect You. Something, Maybe and Perfect You share the fact that they're both about invisble teenage girls who have strange parents. The girls in both books work at the same place as guys that irritate them at first, but in the end, become the ones who help them through their situation.

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This book relates to me because like Hannah, I am a quick judge of character. Sometimes, I see people as good when they're not really, and people as bad when they're not, but like her, I've learned to take time to know people before judging them. The characters in this book can be related to people known in the world today.