The Belgic Confession

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Calvinism , the theology advanced by John Calvin, a Protestant reformer in the 16th century, and its development by his followers. The term also refers to doctrines and practices derived from the works of Calvin and his followers that are characteristic of the Reformed churches.

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Reformation, the religious revolution that took place in the Western church in the 16th century. Its greatest leaders undoubtedly were Martin Luther and John Calvin. Having far-reaching political, economic, and social effects, the Reformation became the basis for the founding of Protestantism, one…. Help us improve this article!

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The Belgic (or Netherlands) Confession of Faith

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Others wanted the church to accept the state as the legal power enforcing the doctrines and demands of the church. The debate over Article 36 has existed since ; the dispute came up again at the Synod of Dort in Feature , Study Questions.

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The Belgic Confession does both. He was executed for writing the Belgic Confession. Were those differences worth martyrdom? Why is it good to place the teachings of the church in a logical order? But what dangers might doing so present? Belgic Confession Article 36 calls for the separation of church and state. The water of baptism is the sign and seal of the twofold benefit that Christ has won for us and that He gives to us, cleansing our souls from sin justification and regenerating us this was the pre-Synod of Dort way of speaking of sanctification.

Yet the Confession goes on to say,.

Belgic Confession

Not that this is effected by the external water, but by the sprinkling of the precious blood of the Son of God; who is our Red Sea, through which we must pass to escape the tyranny of Pharaoh, that is, the devil, and to enter into the spiritual land of Canaan. This prayer, as summarized into our Confession, is filled with the full biblical significance of baptism as a passing through death and an entrance into spiritual life.

What is so crucial to understand about these two paragraphs is that when our Confession speaks this way that it does not make a simultaneous link between receiving the sign and the thing signified. The sacramental union between the outward water and the inward washing is not physical, contra the Roman Catholic Church. This means that it is not the water that cleanses us.

Belgic Confession of

Furthermore, this union is also not local, contra Lutheranism. The Saxon Visitation Articles of , Art. Confusing statements like these occur when the Protestant and Reformed doctrine of justification by faith alone sola fide is forgotten in a discussion concerning the sacraments. The preaching of the Gospel and the holy sacraments both present Jesus Christ as their object, and He can and must be received only by faith.

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The Reformed view of the sacramental union is that it is a spiritual union, that is, the Holy Spirit effects it. Several commentators on the Belgic Confession understand this and express our view.

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He goes on to explain what this promise is, and how one receives it, saying,. The promised benefit of cleansing is only received in the way of faith, to which the Lord also encourages us through holy baptism…to receive what is promised in holy baptism one must go to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore the confession speaks differently. All the benefits God has promised are truly ours if we accept them with a believing heart. The ministers, therefore, on their part administer the sacrament and that which is visible, but our Lord gives that which is signified by the sacrament, namely, the gifts and invisible grace; washing, cleansing, and purging our souls of all filth and unrighteousness; renewing our hearts and filling them.