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The Kennedy Club is the story of the titular club, a group formed in Harvard university, hoping to live up to the ideals of JFK. They decide to rally behind their Jack, to one day earn him the highest office in America. But the road to the presidency is one of betrayal, as Jack must juggle love, his ambitions, and navigate the nasty world of politics, and answer the question of if it's worth it.

The Kennedy Club is a riveting read that should prove hard to put down. Schultz has written a novel that is engrossing, entertaining and filled with 'edge of your seat' excitement Taking each step with the characters brings the gamut of emotions to the reader. I recommend this Goodreads novel as a great summer trip Gripping, moving, inspiring, and poetic, The Kennedy Club is a "must read". I look forward to reading more of G. Schultz's work and highly recommend this book.

Schultz uses his razor sharp narrative skills to make the reader feel as if they are experiencing these events along with the novel's protagonists Schultz has so brilliantly managed to blend human drama, political intrigue and adventure to produce a book the reader will not soon forget. C ome along on an action-packed journey back to the 's, where you'll experience pre-Civil War border raids, Quantrill's sacking of Lawrence, and the Battle of Westport before moving to early-day Kansas City and the colorful people and places that figured in its rise. In settings ranging from Kansas City's West Bottoms to Quality Hill, you'll follow the lives and fortunes of five very different men, the women they love, and the families they create in G.

Schultz's historic saga about the settlement and growth of one of America's great cities.

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Schultz has polished Kansas City's past and placed it on his mantel like a treasured antique clock. Schultz has caught the flavor of a robust, thriving, conniving, American city of the nineteenth century. Schultz] has the finesse and skill to present scenes of rapid fire action, mind-numbing rejection and loss, violent battle, and intense passion so that the reader smells, hears and sees the action before he feels it—it's as if the reader is reveling in his own memories C ome along on and action-packed adventure filled with romance, murder, and mystery, as the U.

Government tries to gain control of a political crisis in a small Kansas town.

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From the battlefields of Vietnam to the wheat fields of the nation's heartland, you'll be swept up by the lives and fortunes of two boyhood friends, the women they love, and the crisis that threatens to destroy them. The award is named after the longtime literary editor of the Kansas City Star. S horty is just a scrappy fun-loving kid when he and Katie and their gang witness the infamous Union Station massacre in That incident starts him on a path that leads to small time crime, run-ins with the Mafia, and an association with the powerful Pendergast political machine that controls Kansas City.

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