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Niles Manning reminded me of my love for Street-Lit with this book. This was my first Niles Manning book and it won't be my last. The Price of Heir will have you minimizing your circle of friends. I never wanted to skip to the end of a book more than I did while reading The Price of Heir.

Federal Price-Fixing Probe Rattles Heir-Tracing Industry

Not because I wanted the book to be over, but because I wanted to know how Mia was going to get herself out the hot fire before her world exploded. After the brutal Book Chicks could not put this book down After the brutal murder of the love of her life and son's father, Cross, Mia is forced into the drug world that Cross controlled. She didn't have a choice, she didn't make the rules to the game, and she didn't have an exit strategy I don't know why Mia didn't follow the connect's advice And I want YOU to do it.

Don't pawn it off on one of Cross' old street goons.

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I never trusted any of those low levels. I want you heading the operation. And she promised them something she would never be able to deliver I wanted to slap her for being soooo damn stupid. One of my favorite parts Cell owed her money and was trying to make a statement by not paying her. Well Mia and Joe went to pay Cell a little visit. And you will soon find out that when Joe pays you a visit Well Cell and his crew were not trying to hear nothing Mia was talking about, until Joe crashed through the door. Mia decided to embarrass the one crew member that kept running his mouth.

I was cracking up laughing at this scene. He was just volunteering to hold my purse while we sort this shit out with Cell. I was so happy that she was finally asserting her authority. Then she told him that he was not to just hold the purse, but he had to model it. You talking about taking his street cred Mia snatched it from him. The Surprise I was not expecting OMG there were so many, but the one person I thought for sure Mia could trust With each new chapter comes a new threat! Niles Manning brings you life in this book. Jan 17, Scarlett rated it really liked it.

Okay where do I begin??? First let me say I have found a new Author that I have fell in love with. This story takes you on a serious ride. Just when you think you know what's going on, you realize you have no idea. Cross was big time in the game until that unfaithful night his life was taken away from him.

Lamia the ex-girlfriend is now put in a position where she has to undo the dirt that her man Cross left behind. I kind of felt sorry for Lamia for a minute then all that changed when she thoug Okay where do I begin??? I kind of felt sorry for Lamia for a minute then all that changed when she thought she knew the answers and refused to listen. On top of all that Cross's team had a problem working with Lamia because everyone is looking for that special something that only Cross could give. The questions is will Lamia survive the game?

This book lets you know that you can't trust anyone. This book was very entertaining especially, the humor. Mar 28, Sandra Atueyi rated it it was amazing. The Price of Heir is a good book. It's a page turner. I enjoyed reading this book. I love the concept and vibe this book.

This is my first time to reading his work. He did a good job. I enjoyed reading each of characters and plot in this book. Each characters are dealing with drugs, betrayal and many more. Mia is a something else. Author Niles Manning and this book deserve a five stars from me because it's a really good. I'm promise The Price of Heir is a good book. I'm promise that I will not say too much about this book because I know the readers have not reading this book.

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If you haven't read this book, Niles takes his time to writing this book and it's dealing lot of drama, betrayal, murder, drugs and many more. I'm looking forward to read part 2 of The Price of Heir and this author. Jun 08, Mirrlees rated it really liked it.

Ain't nothing fair about the streets. There is no way to win. That's a lifestyle that your either know what you are in for or what you stand for. Lamia was in over her head in my opinion. I know she was put in a position after Cross's death, but when the opportunity served itself for her to step back after she did her deed.

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Not sure if it was greed, the fast life or just easy money but again she should have gone her way cause ain't nobody to trust in this here game. Apr 15, Andrea Williams rated it it was amazing. Nobody can be trusted! When you think you got a loyal person in your corner, they show their true colors.

My first read by this author and other loved it. Easy to follow along and you will be hooked from beginning to end. Nov 03, Shekie Johnson rated it it was amazing. Good read I had to read this book because of a discussion!! Im glad that It was recommended.

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The investigation focuses on potential collusion among the firms, which specialize in locating family members of people who die without a will and without close family relationships. Such relatives, who typically have never met or even known of the deceased, are sometimes referred to as "laughing heirs'' because of their windfalls. It's always someone who is far enough removed that they didn't keep in touch with a branch of the family,'' said Lori Perlman, a wills and trusts lawyer in New York.

The businesses employ workers to sift through probate court filings and estates in search of people who have recently died and who may have missing or unknown heirs.

Then, using court and census records, atlases, genealogical documents and other public data, they compete to track down potential beneficiaries of an estate and then sell their services — helping heirs prove their lineage and secure an inheritance — on a contingency-fee basis. For competitive reasons, the firms typically withhold details of the estate until after they secure a binding and exclusive contract with a client that guarantees them a cut of any inheritance they secure.

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Though the companies tout their ability online to recover money for cousins far removed, they also acknowledge that their business practices have raised eyebrows. Rhetorical question-and-answer sections on some of the companies' websites include questions such as, "How do I know this is legitimate? In a pair of criminal cases, Justice Department officials have accused the industry of being tainted by efforts to eliminate competition by colluding on contingency fees and sharing customer payments.

As part of the scheme, prosecutors allege, once a firm makes contact with an heir, rival firms will agree to back off from approaching other heirs to the same estate, but still share in the contingency fees.

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If there's no competition, they can charge whatever rate they feel someone will pay and not ever have to worry about being undercut. The firm declined to comment, and a lawyer for Davis did not return repeated messages. Then, this month, Richard A. Blake and his attorneys did not return phone messages seeking comment.