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Spying the whiskey bottle, he asked, "Do you mind? Our first guest is arriving tomorrow, I was delayed in Treborne, and Reilly stayed longer than expected at his friend's cottage. I'm sorry you arrived to an empty house.

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But with that storm out there, I was grateful the door wasn't locked. He set down the glass. A shower every day and two on Sunday.

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I realize you're probably exhausted and just want your bed, but you should eat a bite. I'm sure Reilly has something ready by now. My nap revived me and now I'm hungry. May I take a quick shower and change my clothes first? Of course you'll want to get out of your traveling clothes. The food is probably something cold anyway. She looked away from his warm, unwavering observation and caught a glimpse of her former weapon.

Did I hurt you? He led the way into the hall where she'd dropped her bags beside the front door. She followed more slowly, appreciating the way he moved, walking to a beat only he could hear. She watched him blink then swallow as the sound echoed into the hall behind him. Then he turned with his load to switch on the strong entrance hall chandelier. In its exquisite gleam, Traveller stared down at them with indignant yellow eyes from the top of the stairs while Ellie looked around with delight.

Trev seemed pleased with the approving sounds she made. Penwith wasn't a huge manor house but it had grace and character. She followed him up the polished, graceful wooden staircase that swept upward then split, leading to halls on the right and left on the next floor. White fan vaulting soared above the main hall. The ceiling between was painted a soft blue to highlight its delicate curves.

The wide blue and gold patterned carpet runner on the floor and stairs picked up the color in the ceiling but in a darker tone. A small gallery, with a carved handrail and banisters in dark wood, swept across the top of the staircase. The halls, leading to the wings of the U-shaped house, were mere shadows on each side of it.

Trev turned to the right-hand stairs then led her down the right wing hall to a pretty room. By that time, she understood and heartily agreed with Trev's decision to use light, bright colors to offset the dark, carved wood paneling throughout the house. This large room's accents, draperies, and bed covering were in a cream cabbage rose-pattern with touches of pink and sage, with a cream and sage Aubusson carpet underfoot. The effect was relaxing, yet formal. He put her small bags on the floor beside the bed and the large one on a luggage rack against the wall.

Traveller hopped onto the bed covering, turned around once, then settled down in a furry apostrophe. She was so black that she became a featureless shadow when she closed her eyes. I've enjoyed her company. It's the first one I renovated. Her mouth opened in surprise at his words and at the gentle color flowing beneath his skin. She spoke into the awkward silence. A frown creased his brow. We're not officially open as a bed and breakfast, yet this Spaniard insists on staying here and using us as a hotel.

He'll be attending an estate sale near Treborne in a few days.

She sat down on the tufted bench at the foot of the bed. Is that why you say he's difficult? He didn't even pause before he paid it. I'm trying to be gracious. At the price he's paying, we're including lunch and dinner for his convenience. Maybe he heard about us by word of mouth. We've already received a few reservations that way for our official opening at the end of next month. That's why I'm putting on the push now. I have six weeks to get the final touches in place. I dealt with his personal assistant throughout. He's probably a frail, elderly little man.

Maybe an executive fighting retirement and accustomed to getting his way. He moved away as he continued to speak. Behind it are stairs that will bring you directly to the kitchen. I'll see you shortly. Ellie stared after him before she moved to the tall, thick wooden door he'd just closed. Trev had added a modern lock, which probably meant a spare key or master key downstairs somewhere. Mindlessly, she toyed with the ancient slide bolt. It moved soundlessly and smoothly, despite its age.

She sighed and turned toward her bags.

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Instead of opening them, however, she sat down on the bed and reached out to touch the cat. She hadn't taken any liberties thus far, but Traveller's shining black fur made an inviting, pretty contrast against the light tones of the bed covering. Her furry traveling companion was at Penwith now because earlier that day Ellie had forgotten in a pub car park that she was in the British Isles. She had opened the left-side door to climb in. The black cat had brushed past her, sat down on the passenger seat, and refused to get out again.

When Ellie recovered, she had gone back inside to ask about the cat.

Cross of Burgundy

The owner told her that Traveller belonged to no one and, when the mood was on her, climbed into a vehicle of her choosing for a look at some new country. Eventually she would return to the vicinity of the pub, in her own good time. He offered to remove her, but by that time Ellie was delighted with the story and pleased that she had been chosen. She had welcomed her feline passenger on the last leg of her journey. She snapped out of her reverie when she caught a glimpse of herself in the dressing table mirror across the room.

This is how Trev first saw me? No wonder he had studied her so intently when she wanted a shower and a change of clothes.

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Her brandy-colored eyes returned her horrified stare through a curtain of red spider webs. Some eye drops were definitely in order.


Her pale oval face was framed by thick, straight brown hair badly in need of attention and a brush. Her rumpled clothing bore stains from meals she'd shared with rough, friendly lorry drivers during her rest stops. She'd developed a soft spot for truck drivers after the accident. Ellie reconsidered the two reasons she had come to Penwith and found both were still sound. First, whatever Trev had to offer her was essential for her to heal and move on.

She was certain of that. No compromises, no explanations, no embarrassment. When she thought she was dying, she had wanted Trev, she had called out for Trev. Second, coming here was an act of faith. All her life she'd been a firm believer that the farthest distance between any two points was between the head and the heart. November Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Spanish Cross in Bronze with Swords. Awarded by Nazi Germany. Portals Access related topics. Augustine, Florida, the Cross of Burgundy is daily flown over the historic forts, built by Spain to defend their lines of communication between the territories of their New World empire. The flying of this flag reminds people today of the impact Spain and its military had on world history for over years. It was also used by Spanish military forces. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Historical colours, standards and guidons. Flag and royal standard of New Spain.

Journal of Medieval History. Crossed diagonally by two arms forming the cross of St. Andrew, also of silk and purple. This viceroyal banner lasted as a symbol of colonial New Spain to the aforementioned 24 August Unidad Militar de Emergencias. Estelada Cross of Burgundy. Retrieved from " https: Webarchive template wayback links Articles containing Spanish-language text All articles that may contain original research Articles that may contain original research from October All accuracy disputes Articles with disputed statements from November