Applied Software Project Management

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The main downfall with the waterfall approach is it's assumption that everything about requirements is known at the beginning of a project.

Applied Software Project Management

Iterative approaches on the other hand assume that requirements will change during the project either because users gain a better understanding of what they need, or because of changes to the business environment. Based upon this assumption, iterative methods are designed to better manage this changing environment.

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With waterfall approaches, changes in requirements often require the project to revisit earlier stages with a corresponding increase in costs and effort. The authors spend barely a page on the Rational Unified Process RUP and the authors should look more closely into how their practical advice and processes might be used on alternative iterative approaches to the waterfall approach. Finally, I think the book tried to be too broad by appealing to three different groups of people. Firstly, part one is aimed at those involved in a software team project managers, analysts, programmers and testers.

Part two is aimed at consultants hired to improve project management practices and project managers who need to manage software outsourcing projects.

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The book would have been better had it focused solely on those involved in the software team. The penultimate chapter dealing with managing an outsourcing project is dealt with in a cursory way almost as if the authors felt they needed to mention it because outsourcing is such a business priority these days.

The final chapter dealing with process improvement is also too short to deal effectively with such a large topic. Separate books dealing solely with these issues would have been more appropriate. Not withstanding these points, this book is an excellent guide for those people involved in software projects, both project managers and technical team members alike.

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They will find much they can apply directly on their own projects. I would recommend this book to anyone who works on a software development team because the book has so much practical advice to help people improve their capability to deliver quality software. Come to think of it, I would also recommend it to senior managers of companies who have a negative view of their own software development teams.

Perhaps then senior managers might understand why committing resources to process improvement is one of the best investments they can make. AgilePM Foundation Gain an understanding of agile methods in just 3 days. Subscribe to receive email newsletters from Knowledge Train Subscribe.

Applied software project management

She has led multiple large-scale outsourced projects. Between the two of them, they have managed every aspect of software development.

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They have worked in a wide range of industries, including finance, telecommunications, media, nonprofit, entertainment, natural-language processing, science, and academia. For more information about them and this book, visit http: Using Project Management Effectively 9. A diary of a risk manager provides insight in implementing risk management processes. Bringing together concepts across software engineering with a project management perspective, Applied Software Risk Management: A Guide for Software Project Managers presents a rigorous, scientific method for identifying, analyzing, and resolving risk.

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A Boundary Problem Expressing Risk: Minimum Risk Management Model 4: Medium-Scale Risk Management Model 5: Implementing the Procedures Procedure 1: Request an e-inspection copy. Process-Based Software Project Management. Software Sizing, Estimation, and Risk Management: When Performance is Measured Performance Improves.

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