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Some people also complain about the Euro, but this is a side-factor to the French loss of … mind s. Fortunately, France has a top secret French plan. Many competitors in the world are frightened by The Napoleonic French Plan. But they never do when Fantasy France speaks, thinks, paints, draws, plays, sings or writes instead of working.

But they always do about France as a matter of principle and because they know France all too well. Why the Hell should the French care about details? Though they could just read the Terra Nova report on the issue of competitiveness by Louis Schweitzer and the late Olivier Ferrand: All this may help, at least, it cannot h arm more armoire? God only knows … but to tell the truth, her book is less stupid than the title that was chosen for marketing. God can make miracles bless France … the good news is, the French believe in many Gods and they know for sure that: In socialism and dialogue social God and Gallois the French trust … So, they have planned, plan and will plan, again and again st all ods ….

And they trust the French their Frenchonomics may work Frenchonomics rule 2: France could read another a book for free which is good news, in view of their budget situation. Lemaitre a rendez-vous avec Bolt et Blake http: Tank Crew commands now have their own input settings section; Starting altitude shouldn't reset in QMB; Wrong aircraft type issue in QMB has been fixed; Air turbulence and wind direction randomness work correctly in QMB; Wind direction randomness near the ground works correctly in QMB; Precipitations during bad weather work correctly in QMB once again; Mission track records will be named correctly; Mouse pointer won't disappear after opening Settings menu while replaying a track record; GUI shouldn't flash after alt-tabbing anymore; With Imperial units selected in settings, the atmospheric pressure is indicated in mm Hg in Career missions forecast; Speed tooltip appears correctly while hovering the mouse cursor over a waypoint; Career interface won't glitch after exiting a Career briefing using the top navigation buttons; Chat messages delay in singleplayer has been corrected; A possible crash bug tied to changing settings during a mission has been fixed; Technochat has been optimized, making the game smoother in many situations; Technochat tips have been moved to the main chat area;.

Engine oil in case of a leak or engine failure won't be splattered on the windshield or pilot goggles for P; Aircraft fuel tanks may detonate the probability depends on the amount of fuel left ; Fuel tank explosion correctly nullifies the fuel reserve; You need a greater sideslip motion to put off the fire on Flying Circus aircraft; Collimator reticles look better; In addition to critical aircraft damage or loss of controls on one axis lateral or longitudinal the tip suggesting to bail out will appear in the following additional cases: Artificial engine assistant now uses different mixture control lever positions: Radio direction finders corrected for all aircraft inverted ; An error in aerodynamic momentum calculations while pushing the Bf G14 rudder to the left has been corrected; Different mixture error that appeared while controlling Bf G2 left and right engine throttles separately and that caused the power difference between them has been fixed; Bailing out tip added for Fokker Dr.

Indication errors corrected in Fokker Dr. I fuel and speed gauges; C1 descriptions corrected; Bomb lever delay fixed on SPAD The default amount of fuel in GUI corrected for different aircraft; All FLying Circus airplanes ground collision made more detailed; C1 visual damage appearance corrected; Oil leak effect added to all Flying Circus planes;.

AI fighters, AA guns, etc. AI planes pursuing a target evade the ground better; AI wingmen following the leader evade the ground better; AI pilots check their speed and altitude before attempting Split-S and downward spiral maneuvers; AI maneuver more efficiently after passing each other in a dogfight; AI wingmen keep formation a bit better; Turrets aiming at enemy planes corrected; AIs controlling detailed Tank Crew tanks takes into account the different ballistics of various ammo types; AIs aim the tank guns better;.

Pilots bailing out from Flying Circus planes are animated better; Sound volume balance between engine and wind sound has been adjusted; The issue when the first login attempt resulted in failure message has been addressed; Burning fuel tanks sound added; Mouse control pointer in mouse control mode won't disappear if aircraft suffers heavy damage; MG fire heard from inside of a tank has been made different and more realistic; Steam locomotive explosion power has been reduced; Iron sights textures won't blink on IL-2 mod.

Water drops correctly appear on all He H-6 windows; Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Posted October 16, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted October 24, Posted November 10, Posted November 13, The Coalition points are taken only for killing the pilot;. Posted November 24, Posted December 3, We ask all hosts to decrease the number of server clients in case if tickdelay gets higher than 18ms; - Time of drawing plane's skin was decreased; - A plane that is caught in the enemy airspace after the side rotation on a MP server is no longer getting the "captured" state; - You may hear dogs barking in the villlages.

Posted December 22, If a tank is empty the indicator won't show that tank; Proximity of fire in fuel tank or engine now depends on the projectile energy. For instance, the chance to set a fuel tank on fire depends not only on rate of fire but also on bullet's caliber and muzzle velocity. All skins need to be DXT5 with Alpha included to work. You can download the Skin Templates from these links: Posted February 24, Full mission editor added.

The approach to default roll and yaw trimming changed: Fixed tabs on Bf and Fw were tuned so that the default stabilizer position is now more convenient;. Landing flaps can now stuck or break off at speeds that exceed the normal speed which these elements are supposed to withstand;. Flap control lever on Yak-1 was fixed: He trimming range corrected, it is now possible to trim the plane for horizontal flight at any speed;.

HE and fragmentation ammo influence on armoured elements fixed: An issue with ground vehicles placed near each other not exploding in Multilayer was fixed;. Airframe durability has been tuned and increased in most of the cases adding more resistance to direct hits;. Fixed abrupt blackouts that pilots of Bf experienced when using flaps while the slats are out;. A rolling gear wheel aerodynamics fixed.

This should decrease the chance of nose over and as a result make landing a bit easier;. All soviet inline engines in the game got their durability fixed, and as a result - incresed. All inline engines in the game now have roughly similar durability. Radial engines are approximately twice tougher than the inline ones;. An opportunity to extinguish fire in the fuel tanks on flight.

To do that increase speed and sideslip;. Engine and wind sounds shouldn't clip and disappear when played simultaneously with numerous bullet and shell impacts;.

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It’s Dragon 2.012 n°3, Stupid !

AI dive bombers Ju 87 and Pe-2 will do vertical dive bombing only if the need to spend not more than 2 minutes to gain the necessary altitude; next dives the do will be flat ones;. AI that go to home base because of low ammo or minor damage should now be going on max speed;. AI that was damaged, or has low fuel or zero ammo will now perform evasive maneuvers on its way to the home base;.

In Campaign and Quick mission, a transport convoy will move off the road and spread if attacked from the air;. Distance is now shown on markers of ground targets 3km and less for group leaders and 1km for each object ;. It is now possible to set a pool of missions to put the to rotation on a ranked server.

To add a mission to the pool you need to contact us;. Two multiplayer missions created by DED team added to this version to begin testing of the ranked servers system;. Posted March 17, Pilots and gunners vitality decreased now it takes not slowed by an armor 7. Taxiing on Fw improved landing gear settings tweaked to make turning at low speeds with released tail wheel manageable ;. The issue that made it impossible for AI to control the plane after any manual stabilizer changes was fixed;. AI bombers and attack planes won't attempt to dogfight in Duel missions, they perform evasive maneuvers and rely on their turrets;.

The trees that blocked takeoff for heavily loaded planes on the Pichuga airfield were removed;. Objects that carry no tactical value were removed from the stats half destroyed objects, aircraft shelters, etc. Flash objects and images can be used in custom missions via mission editor;.

It is now possible to see your route and all the events that happened during a Campaign mission in the debriefing;.

J'PEUX PAS ! - 16 & Rou feat Steve Hostile - On peut pas être plus clair ! 2011-2012

The error that used to show up when trying to respawn during a death penalty has been fixed;. Finishing flight is only possible after landing on Expert difficulty and can be set on Custom difficulty. This list of single missions only shows the missions of proper kind single missions ;. Plane setups are now saved for the next respawn on that plane in multiplayer. A setup is stored until the user leaves the server or clicks the corresponding button in the GUI;.

Morley Mini George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah wah pedala

An option to edit missions using a topographic map is now available in Mission editor;. Advanced Properties dialog in the Mission editor was reworked to make it better visible on wide screens;. It should now save all the files that are stored in the corresponding folder along with the. Posted April 22, Posted July 7, The following rules are now applied to server names: Added cameras attachable to objects: Scroll bars in the GUI are now working in a more traditional way; Pe-2 wings could appear randomly broken fixed ; Fw additional guns status lamps are added to start and stop sequences so they are turned off on parking ; Fw flight stick texture error fixed; Z-fighting on seat back and canopy fixed; Enemy AAA should no longer appear close to player airifield in quick missions.

Posted August 11, Posted September 29, PE-1 has some unique features available for the first time in our project: Ultra-violet lighting of cockpit gauges, information plates, needles and labels 2. PE fighter is availble for those who pre-purchased premium edition of Battle of Moscow, other players will be able to see it as an enemy. DServer and overall multiplayer stability improved, found memory leaks fixed. High-G effects are working again. AI pilots correctly use rockets against ground targets.

AI pilots behavior tuned for higher skill levels, aces are now more aggressive. AI pilots pursue and attack fleeing air targets better. AI pilots better attack targets flying at low level. AI avoid a fleeing target better previously it could crash into it after attacking. AI should no longer 'stuck' and fly into the ground during low level dogfight was a random issue.

Ju AI flight members better assign targets between them. Bombers and transport planes don't make evasive maneuvers in high priority flight mode. AI pilots now return to base after spending all ammo. A high level AI takes into account only enemy fighters while making decision to attack previously they could cease an attack against a large group of any enemy planes. AI pilots now correctly drop their bombs with a player after being ordered 'do like me'.

AI pilots now drop all smaller bombs or launch all smaller rockets at once while engaging a single target to reduce the time being under fire. AI pilots maneuver for attack runs almost two times quicker than before. AI wingmen take off on their own if flight leader player took off without following take off procedure. A signal flare is correctly visible to multiplayer clients.

AI should no longer continuously turn engine boost on and off happened in some combat situations. AI correctly turns engine boost off after disengaging. Default trimming for airplanes with manually controlled stabilizer has been changed from trimming by stabilizer to trimming by trimming tabs. Default trimming for all airplanes is set to standard atmosphere, m altitude, horizontal flight at maximum unlimited engine mode.

Trimming reset command now resets rudder and aileron trimmers to neutral position instead of cruise flight position as it was before.

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Altimeters now indicate negative altitude if a plane altitude is lower than airfield altitude and altimeter is set to airfield altitude. Air speed indicator delay reduced. Bomb air fuse is now animated, it rotates and disappears after a correct amount of rotations, arming a bomb. Bomb fuses reworked, air fuses and electromagnetic fuses implemented. Graphical interface optimized to reduce memory footprint and fragmentation this should improve overall application stability.

Plane marker in F2 camera mode should no longer blink at a certain distance. Your last position in Scenarios menu subfolders is correctly stored. Additional logging added to find a source of incorrect colors in multiplayer chat and ladder. User interface should no longer hang in case of lost connection with a master server. FPS should no longer severely drop during opening a topographic map using O button. If an object is inside an area of forward observer, its marker will no longer turn grey at larger distances.

Time should be displayed correctly during track replay. It's now possible to tune a color of lines and zones on the mission map for custom missions 10,0,0 - enemy color, 0,0,10 - friendly color. Issued commands will no longer 'stuck' during track replay. Now you can use the mouse to look around an object without the need to turn the interface off using H button in track replay mode. Camera no longer switches to external view after a failed bail out attempt because of too low of an altitude. Engine sound of destroyed ground vehicles is removed correctly now.

Destroyed rail wagons can't 'teleport' to a nearby railway any longer a rare issue. DShK fire effect now works correctly. Effects work correctly in MP game previously an intact vehicle could emanate smoke like a damaged one. Multiple instances of bomb impact effects. Flight leader now correctly addresses a forward observer when entering its area. Check Zone and Proximity triggers now work in multiplayer. Waypoints in campaign are placed further away from enemy airfields.

Tactics overlay frontline in campaign is shown not only during mission selection, but in mission briefing and on flight map as well. Posted October 27, Today we reach a major milestone in IL-2 Sturmovik project and we sincerely hope you'll enjoy the new stuff. First of all, we added the long awaited summer and autumn seasons along with the new campaign that covers early stages of Stalingrad battle from last days of flaming August to the middle of November when first snowflakes started to fall on the ruins of the city.

In the new campaign we've tried to implement some of your requests and it contains static scenarios in addition to regular dynamically generated ones. Each one of them is a short story of a Russian or German pilot, a small episode of the world war. Second, a new plane appeared in the 'already released' list of Battle of Moscow aircraft - Bf E Now all customers of Battle of Moscow can fly it while those who have only Battle of Stalingrad can choose it as an enemy, as well as all other BoM planes.

Third, today is a happy day for those who pre-purchased standard edition of Battle of Moscow - now they can jump into pilot seats of I type 24 and Bf E-7 only the owners of Premium version of Battle of Moscow could fly them earlier. Just in case you haven't noticed, there is an active sale underway. Now you can add La-5 and Fw A-3 to your account if you own standard version of Battle of Stalingrad at half the price.

Please note that additional planes should be added on Steam for Steam version and in our store for non-Steam version. See you in the sky, pilots! For a safe take-off don't forget that engine power is significantly lower at higher summer temperatures than during winter. Bf E-7 fighter is now available to customers who pre-purchased standard version of Battle of Moscow. Anyone who own Battle of Stalingrad can set it as an enemy. Interaction between an aircraft and ground has been improved to the next level of detail, you'll notice a distinct difference between concrete and dirt runways, fields, ice and other terrain types.

In addition, they become more slippery during rain. AI plane control improved, this should decrease the probability of AI getting into uncontrollable spin was especially profound on Fw AI ground attack routines improved, it now maintains a higher speed, resulting in higher survival rate. AI landing routines improved, which should reduce risk of colliding with other planes or objects. Elevator controls now being damaged correctly, so it's impossible to have only half of elevator damaged.

Playing back the record including PE-1 with kg bomb will no longer cause an error for tracks recorded in this version. Minor improvements for mission creators lines type Please discuss the update in this thread. The end of November is here and, as we promised, the work on the next update is finished. It is a big step forward in the development of the project once again and it brings two huge chunks of new functionality and content: Of course, it adds a new playable plane for Battle of Moscow owners as usual: Previously in our developer diary we told about the new additions in detail, you can read them here:.

Developer Diary, part You can operate them using the following controls:. At the release, there are two multiplayer missions where you can try them or provide air support:. First mission is a territory capture that can be played on tanks and planes simultaneously. Tanks need to capture enemy tank spawn points designated by flags, getting closer to the enemy airfield.

Players who prefer air power can take off from the airfield either on ground attack planes to support their own ground forces or on fighters to counter enemy air. To capture a flag, ground forces must preserve numerical superiority in its vicinity for a short time. After capturing a couple of enemy flags, tanks can move further to the enemy airfield and wipe it out for good, winning the mission. Second mission is simpler, but can be more hectic. Players on tanks can participate in the endless AI tank battle roughly 2 vs 2 tank companies with artillery support to turn the tide in their favor.

Here you immediately jump into the heat of battle. If many players participate in this mission, it can grow up to battalion vs battalion size. Supporting your side from the air is also possible. A mouse controlled plane has the same flight model, damage model and weapons systems as joystick controlled plane, there are no simplifications in the simulation.

Mouse controls only pitch, yaw and roll, the rest of the systems engine, weapons, landing gear, flaps, brakes, etc. Server owners can allow both control types on a server or restrict it to be joystick-only. Default mouse controls are mapped to:. German two-seater Bf E-2 is available for all customers who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow. All other players can set is as AI plane in skirmish or scenario. They can be controlled by one or two driver and gunner players.

Mouse control scheme added experimental. Flight model is the same as with joystick control scheme player points the mouse cursor in a direction he or she wants to fly and a special helper adjusts control surfaces to fly in that direction. Server owner can restrict control scheme to joystick if desired. New flag object added that can be used in multiplayer missions for capturing objects and territories. Planes made for Battle of Moscow are added to Battle of Stalingrad campaign as AI controlled planes based on their real life participation in the battle they appear in certain time periods: This makes the campaign more interesting and its chapters more diverse.

This may be useful for taxiing. ATA limiter removed from PE-1 since there was none on this model. You can increase pressure above If in-game engine helper is switched off Expert mode , it won't return to normal values automatically after spending time limit, potentially breaking the engine. Bf F-4 and G-2 thermal balance corrected using 'African' reference: Message in technochat about extending or retracting flaps is not displayed when they are fully extended or retracted. Technochat symbol showing that engine assist is on is restored for Bf , Fw and MC. Bf F-4 and Bf G On-plane automatic radiator control symbol changed in technochat.

Contrail appearance altitude now depends on season temperature. Contrails are intermittent at the altitude of their appearance. AI controlled fighter carrying bombs or rockets now behaves like ground attack plane and doesn't enter combat on its own. If attacked, it will drop the bombs and engage. The simulation will no longer crash while attempting to delete an AI controlled Ju during its bombing run with siren switched on.

AI controlled tanks armor structure made more detailed, they have correct armor angles and they can't be destroyed by hitting secondary parts if the main armor body is intact. Target destruction messages 'player destroyed something' are visible only for the player coalition in multiplayer so they won't reveal the player position to the enemy. We're glad to tell you that the work on new update 1.

This new version contains numerous additions and improvements, new plane, design changes and so on - you can read the full change log below. The main addition is the Soviet fighter MiG-3 series 24, which is available to all players as AI controlled plane in QMB and early Stalingrad campaign in the time frame when it was actually there while customers who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow can fly it already. Another significant addition to the game is the new languages support: The long awaited feature of propeller wash affecting grass is also made it in.

Later we also plan to make planes bend the grass by their fuselage and wings like player controlled tanks do. In addition, a significant amount of work has been done on physics and plane 3D model improvements, tank armor made more detailed, multiplayer changes including victory points allocation. Fighter-interceptor MiG-3 series 24 is available to players who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow. Those who only have Battle of Stalingrad can set it as an AI plane in single player or encounter it in multiplayer. In MP, dots showing enemy and own objects near airfields and tank bases have been removed.

Airfields and tank bases now use different symbols 'under air attack' or 'under ground attack' instead. If server hoster wants to keep previous 'radar' functionality, it's possible to add a spotter unit to the airfield. Airfield symbols in multiplayer were redesigned to make their selection easier when positioned near each other. New multiplayer scenario 'River clash' added. In this scenario tank and aircraft players must work together to cross the rivers and eventually reach the enemy airfield. New system preserves your multiple joysticks mappings in case of their ID was changed by DirectX after disconnecting and reconnecting or PC reset it identifies various control devices by GUIDs and names.

Early war tanks added: H and Pz IV Ausf. You can use them in custom missions or encounter in QMB. They will appear in Battle of Moscow campaign in the future. IL-2 engine now automatically enters boosted mode by enriching mixture when engine helper is active at Normal difficulty mode. AI turret gunners now engage attacking fighters at 3 times longer distance if they have plenty of ammo left. Tank suspension made more detailed.

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Now it's easier to hit hull sides between the wheels, but it's harder to hit a track itself. Tracks on player controlled tanks are now more resistant to bullets and smaller caliber rounds. LOD models added for player controlled tanks, this should improve performance in large tank battles in multiplayer. Victory in MP is granted to the side which has more points left after time runs out or to the side which reduced enemy points to zero. Coalition victory points in MP can be reduced by 50 by achieving special goals set by mission designer.

Victory can be achieved by completing a Mission Primary Objective specified by mission designer. Balancer functionality that adjusts the number of players between coalitions now works for tanks as well. Balancer now allows up to 2 Pz. III players per 1 T player, depending on total player amount. Fw escort missions corrected in the campaign starting altitude was too low when escorting ground attack planes.

Posted January 28, Our team is proud to present you the new update 1. Preparing it was not an easy task, since it brings three new planes at once: Bf F-2, IL-2 mod. In addition, there are many fixes and a number of improvements. Thankfully, we were able to finish it in time, thus delivering three new planes to Battle of Moscow owners in the end of January, as it was promised. You can learn about main features of these planes in our developer diary The work on the remaining Battle of Moscow content continues according to plan and the next update will bring you the final, 10th, aircraft of BoM project: German bomber Ju 88 A Moscow map is closer and closer to its final look and the work on the campaign continues as well.

Therefore, we plan to finish the entire project in time and release it to you this spring. Those who only have Battle of Stalingrad can set them as AI controlled planes in single player or encounter them in multiplayer. Random "Can't load object" error that could pop up in multiplayer when attacking ships fixed.

Multiplayer server hangup with "void SysOrientedTrail:: Critical speed when rudder and ailerons start to shake decreased for all Bf modifications based on German test report and several pilot memoirs. All non blow back action turret weapons can be reloaded even if there is no misfire and magazine isn't empty. Information panel now works correctly for player manning a turret of another player tank in multiplayer.

Standard map lines colors corrected: It is now impossible to select incompatible unlocks in plane setup, resulting in an empty loadout selection list. AI gunners engage targets at large distance, but conserve ammo when there are less than rounds left. German bomb detonators now function correctly when dropped from extremely low m altitudes. Added additional logging information to find a cause for random game crash with error message about memory address.

Posted February 19, Since Ju A-4 won't be released until early March and we have some issues in the current version we'd like to correct as soon as possible, we decided to publish this intermediate update 1. It brings the following changes and improvements:. Crash dump files saving added. There is a special forum thread 1 for submitting such a file if you encounter a game crash, helping us to find and fix it;. Workaround for 'invisible planes' bug added it doesn't fix the cause of their appearance since it is still unknown but eliminates its consequence ;.

Logging for 'invisible planes' bug added we'll create a special forum thread 2 about it to collect logs submitted by players ;. Performance in the first Soviet scenario mission first, summer, chapter of Stalingrad campaign improved;. Crash that could happen while playing back large recorded tracks has been fixed. Unfortunately, tracks recorded in previous versions of the game won't work;. Compatibility with third party overlay software improved for example, Steam and Teamspeak overlays ;. It will be possible to tell which side controls an airfield before choosing your own allegiance in multiplayer;.

Multiplayer mission author will be able to specify a range of allowed unlocks, not just individual ones;. IL-2 sight can be moved back and forth using LAlt-F command;. Fineness ratios of all planes were re-checked with their flaps extended. Other planes fineness ratios were found to be correct. Twin turret machine guns are now reloaded one after another not simultaneously ;.

Bf F-2 radiator functioning in manual mode was corrected: There are contradicting sources available - text one and hydraulic schematic. Text one says "die kuhlerklappen durch den luftdruck geoffnet" which means that radiator was opened by approach flow. However early Bf F-2 hydraulic schematic shows that radiator was manually opened by fixing the valve in 'open' position. After discussion we decided to follow the schematic. MiG-3 cooling system has been corrected: MiG-3 elevator trimmer won't work if the right side of the elevator is lost where trim tab is located.

Engine thermal model and thermostat corrected for all Bf planes. Engine temperature maintained by thermostat and radiator effectiveness in relation to a degree of its opening and air conditions correspond to reference data better. Coolant indicator 3D model corrected for all Bf planes. He bomb sight has gyroscopic stabilization effective at small roll angles as it should. Selected modifications won't reset after re-entering the modifications screen;.

Spotters correctly spot enemy aircraft closer than specified distance with the exception of ground vehicles - they can be detected only closer than 3 km ;. AI gunners will fire at any enemy planes, not only fighters;. Various graphical bugs caused by crossroads fixed missing road parts, etc. Airfields and taxi ways pavement corrected for autumn Lapino map;. La-5 canopy texture mapping fixed as requested by skin authors it is no longer symmetric ;. Good game, by a top GM. The winner did not necessarily have to win the tournament, but at least performed notably - say, above average.

BTW, Giri finished dead last, and Gashimov was not too far behind. I am pretty sure there won't be a lot of excitement about a game by two tail-enders I wonder though what it would cost to stage a tournament like Tata Steel A. Quarter of a million dollars? I wonder how many true chess fans there really are? I don't think there would be 25, others. A well deserved victory. The early last round has never been my favorite, but I managed to muster sufficient motivation to play for a win as black against van Wely.

The Stonewall variation is a little better for white, but I managed to equalize and was quite optimistic after e5 and Rxe5. Qe6 was a mistake as his response f4 forces enough exchanges to make it fairly easy for white to reach a drawn ending. In retrospect I should have tried d4! Taking into account the unacceptable number of blunders I made in the second half of the tournament the end result could well have been worse. It is not surprising that most of the competitors including myself make more mistakes than usual during such a long event held in the dark of winter but I need to try to find a remedy for the future.

My impression was that the well-organized event chess festival really experienced more visitors than ever and I hope to be invited back for the 75th edition next year. I travelled back to Norway on the morning flight together with my father and sisters Ellen and Signe who had visited the tournament the last week and look forward to a week or two of relaxation. This is unusual for me, but hopefully blissful ignorance will make it easier to properly relax and recharge the batteries for future challenges. Magnus Carlsen, Haslum, January 30th, I watched the top board Luke McShane and Shabalov the male version and I was the only member of the audience.

Granted it was not Carlsen and Aronian and granted that many of what might be the audience was actually playing in the Open, but still Hey Benjinathan, Did you happen to know Bryon Nickoloff? He died before I started playing chess. I thought the commentator on the last video on the official site was saying "traditional piss-up" until I saw them all eating pea soup!