Still Life: A Supernatural Romance (Wildside Series Book 4)

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Each projection thrust her into a glowing still life of color and time, and her every step led deeper into undiscovered country. Things were changing and dangerously so. She was learning who she was-- whether she wanted to or not.

Still Life (Lutin Empire, book 4) by Melanie Jackson

She was also learning dark things were on Snippets of a forgotten past were returning to Nyssa Laszlo, along with the power to project her mind. She was also learning dark things were on the rise. From the Unseelie faerie court to Abrial, the dauntless dreamwalker who pursued her, the curtain was going up on a stage Nyssa had never seen and a cast she couldn't imagine-- and it was the final act of a play for her heart and soul. Paperback , pages.

Published August 1st by Love Spell first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Still Life , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Nov 02, Karen Desmond rated it really liked it. Aug 23, Tandra Pereira rated it really liked it. Really liked this book. Different then the bookes i normily read. But i really liked it. Lourdes Bejarano rated it it was amazing Feb 11, LeAnne rated it liked it Jan 07, Lisa Ramaglia rated it really liked it Nov 06, Jessica rated it it was amazing Jun 13, Anne King rated it really liked it Jun 01, Kimmy rated it it was ok Aug 05, Brenda maire eilts rated it it was amazing Jul 28, Katrina rated it it was amazing Sep 26, Nada rated it did not like it Jul 06, Diane Wry rated it it was amazing Oct 06, Tracy rated it really liked it Mar 13, Ac rated it really liked it Oct 06, Karen rated it liked it Jun 04, Kristina rated it liked it Aug 20, Then twist them up and toss them back like an empty beer can.

I also write the Amazon Bestselling Feathers and Fire Series that takes place in the Temple Universe about a young female wizard named Callie who hunts monsters for the Vatican: Leia mais Leia menos. Detalhes do produto Formato: BD9M8 Leitura de texto: Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes.

Wildside Paranormal Romance Series by Melanie Jackson

Shayne always brings a fast-paced, action packed, plot twisting, roll on the floor laugh-fest to all his Nate Temple books and he has done it again! Taking Nate and friends into amazing and wild world of Fae is just another way Shayne shows that his imagination and creativity has no bounds! War, Gods, Fae, Shifters, Demigods, insane relatives and psychotic ex-girlfriends Nate and his friends have their work cut out for them in this book You will not believe this story!!

And that only scratches the surface.

Buy it, heck buy the whole series! Read it and Enjoy!

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You will never be disappointed with the works of this Master Story Teller!! Only sorry when you reach the end. Silvers has had a long, limit pushing track record with this series, and it shows in the momentum he has for everything that goes on in this book. While it makes in an impossible 'pick up and read' sort of novel, the book carries on sheer force of character detail and development on par with a genuine human being, not just a character archetype hammered into a protagonist slot. Silvers' flair for dramatic build up and sharp, veering twists in the plot structure are exemplified in bold throughout every step in the story, both small and grand in scale.

That said, the book has broken the prior mentioned trend of limit pushing. It is by no means falling short, in any regards when compared to his other works in the series, but it seems to have shown, for the time being at least, the 'ceiling' to Silvers' drama capacity for the overall story and world.

Still Life

Nate Temple is no longer struggling to adjust to every single monkey-wrench thrown his way by the skin of his fingernails, but is becoming an empowered force all of his own, which while a change for the character and development to the overall plot of the series, the execution of it through the book didn't shatter the previous status quo the way the last few entries pointedly have. This is far from a failing on Silvers' part, maintaining a bar this high after pushing it so repeatedly is a feat unto itself, and lesser authors who might have failed even to push so often so consistently might just as well start to have quality drop rather than rise or maintain.

Whether he can push higher still in the future or keep the new status quo stable remains to be seen of course, but seven books in and going strong, he's already proven his quality and imagination as an author several times over. Even if he does peak and maintain here, it will still run as contender for top modern fantasy with ease. In regards to the details for the book, it rolled a good bit longer than previous entries and encompassing as much as it did, there was a bit of staggering to the momentum of the story in contrast to the build up the last few books had been setting in place.

The inclusion of a whole new, richly layered fantasy environment is always a challenge to incorporate properly in any work, and while Silvers' take on the land of the Fae highlighted the disorienting, layered illusion and deceptive qualities that the Faerie mythos are known for, it did feel a bit glossed over. With the de facto background of St.

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Louis for most of the series thus far, there has been a consistently present setting for the story to unfold that readers can easily imagine and fill in the gaps for, but for something as distinctive as the world of the Fae, it just felt like there needed to be more to immerse the reader into the foreign reality properly, especially given the focus of struggling duality within the first person narration through that stretch of the story. Even the Fae themselves were glossed over for a good number of them, only described loosely as fearsome beasts with little detail as to what made them seem alien or formidable.

Thankfully, this was not an issue in regards to the characters. One of Silvers' longstanding issues with the first few books was while being very capable of making and introducing interesting characters to the story and their involvement with the plot at hand, some of the characters could fall very quickly to lackluster placement and details later on, especially in regards to some of the female characters being relegated to mostly supporting roles without much detail given to them.

He has expressed great improvement in this regard with the last few entries, especially this one putting more of a highlight on said female characters as they undergo the same sort of struggles as Nate through the main stretch of the story. Another good example was his inclusion of his second series' main protagonist, Callie Penrose. Rather than pushing her merely to a supporting role, their interactions highlight traits both recognizable to those who read from her perspective in her book, as well as traits that she didn't necessarily exhibit through her own perspective but show pointedly in Nate's view towards her.

She still expresses naivete in regards to some aspects of his life and magic, but surprises him with her insight and attitude towards things that stir things within him in turn that he isn't sure what to do with.

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It all shows she is not being shoehorned into a paltry love interest position to replace his ex, Indie, but rather highlights different facets to their interest and attachment to eachother that have leeway to advance into something more elaborate and significant to both their series' storylines. It is thankfully not something Silvers seems to be rushing to push forward with, giving it time and room to develop naturally, and hopefully will not fall into needless overlap between their books from them being together more consistently.

The ending, while suitably climactic for Silvers' style and record with the series, also showed a bit of faltering as well.

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It was by no means unsatisfying to read, tensions running to the peak and finality being given to issues that had stretched over multiple books in the series, but the means and execution of some parts were rather unexpectedly abrupt, with little attention or focus on them for very long given how significant some of the issues at hand were.