Vale of Shadows

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Vale of Shadows

They mention that the only way to access it is to shadow walk. This is the spell used in dungeons and dragons to access the plane of shadow. Also, the plane of shadow overlaps the material plane, and once you access it you can travel at a very fast rate making it very hard to control long distance travel. A reference to this in the film is that.

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Lastly, the creatures seem to be a re imagining of a Shade, a humanoid creature in the game which lives in the plane of shadow with other shadow based monsters. They are stronger in darkness, can shadow jump and create portals to the plane of shadow while under the cover of darkness.

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From the context it can be deduced that this imaginary place involves two worlds existing in the same location, but in different planes of reality that may be accesed by some kind of portal, artifact, or mediumship. A number of examples can be drawn from LotR's shadow world when somebody wears the One ring , the one portrayed in H. There are plenty of examples in films from the 40's and the 50's, when this topic was predominant and some more recent, such as Pan's Labyrinth , drawing from literature works such as H.

Lovecraft's, Stephen King's, and other authors'. However, the "other side" in the series would not be so much related to sword and sorcery worlds, but, rather on the ones from the literature, more modern and darker. Furthermore, in the very first episode, a scene is shown where two characters intend to watch a Poltergeist movie, which is a direct reference to a second plane of existence populated by some kind of demons or monsters that mimic their counterparts, with deformed shapes and vile conducts.

The closest thing I could find is the plane of the Abyss where the Demogorgon abides.

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Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair. Colonia , starring Emma Watson, which was in my Netflix queue behind Stranger Things , is a film set in s Chile about a woman who joins a cult to save her boyfriend, only to find that said cult, the historically deplorable Colonia Dignidad, is one which nobody has ever escaped, and is home to crimes far worse than she could have ever imagined. As I watched it, I was horrified to see such a place with people so cruel and misguided.

Gunship Tribute Part I - The Vale Of Shadows

But I suppose I can equate that to the imagination and how we thrive in our ability to choose when to leave it. It was a reminder of the crimes being committed in the day to day.

People who walk among us. To put it bluntly, we ourselves are the monsters.


We are the ones sentencing people to the Upside Down. Men send women there, women send women there, groups send individuals, individuals send themselves, and on and on and on. Barb is taken too, though arguably as a result of being wronged by a friend, the details of which acting as a catalyst to her ultimate demise.