Der blasse Hund: Eine Erzählung (German Edition)

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Yes, permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council gives China and Russia distinct advantages over most other countries. But both are nevertheless skeptical of the existing order. As a practical matter, the BRI allows China to translate its economic might into geopolitical power.

Europe, migrants and trade

At the BRICS summit in Xiamen, China, Xi indicated that he wants the group to represent something larger than its current members, given the premium that it already places on cooperation among developing countries. These three developments underscore the extent to which an emboldened China now wields outsize power relative to its BRICS partners. The ultimate goal must be to support and reinforce a rules-based order. Please note that we moderate comments to ensure the conversation remains topically relevant. We appreciate well-informed comments and welcome your criticism and insight.

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What counts and what doesn’t

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The poor fellow is safely in custody now and will most likely be shipped off to where he came from in the most swift and efficient fashion, and so are a number of his defenders who have fallen afoul of the law by defending him and thereby have foregone whatever slight chance they might have had to legalize their status. The insurgence is quashed, the rule of law is restored, and security officials, conservative MPs and FAZ editorialists fold their hands, lower their heads, open their mouths, to intone, as the organ booms, their hymns of gratitude.

The rule of law, as you know, is most dear to me, too, of course.

A Hymn to the Rechtsstaat | Verfassungsblog

I am not quite prepared to sing along, though, and that has to do with some questions going around in my head. Rechtsstaat … the power of the state is constrained by law, right?

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The state may do as is allowed, not as it can. Unlike, for example, the state of Hungary in the case of refugee distribution, and the state of Poland in the case of its so-called constitutional court "reform"…. Italy… Those black fellows who sell those pesky luminous-parachute-flinging thingies on the Piazza del Duomo to tourists — why are they all in Italy? Never seen one of those here, I believe.

Plenty of tourists in Berlin, too. But no parachute flinging. I wonder why that is.

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Must have to do with the rule of law…. No Rechtsstaat remains a Rechtsstaat if it allows its citizens to simply disregard what has been lawfully decided. The rule of law is entrusted as a res publica to the respect and care of all citizens; we are no longer mere subjects to authority after all. And if the police, when it arrives to enforce the law, is smirkingly recommended to run for their own safety, then the rule of law is done for.

Heinrich Böll

Who are told that they can stuff their participation in our German res publica? To whom explicitly nothing is entrusted for respect and care, for lack of a so-called "prospect of permanent residence"? Expecting law-abidance, but denying rights — does that fit together?

The law also applies to them as long as they walk on German soil. But, so… is that what the rule of law is about?

The rule of law is what enables us in here to keep those out there at bay? Or is the rule of law rather what demands that we in here, instead of keeping those out there at bay, keep their rights in mind? These are all terribly difficult questions. But how is a guy supposed to concentrate with that constant hymn singing?