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Ask what you need to do now. Act to resolve the situation by applying physical strategies, emotional self-care, and thinking methods, and integrating these into new behaviours. Should you find yourself feeling stressed or emotionally disturbed you can quickly re-establish your inner sense of calm and control by following these six tips:.

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Developing the habit of focusing on the positives in your life and reminding yourself several times a day of those aspects that are working and going well enables you to regain perspective. The Emotional Healing Toolkit This map represents a summary of all the most important healing tips. Planning for a Difficult Personal or Professional Situation When you face a difficult situation or meeting, planning both a successful outcome and your emotional state pays dividends.

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These four tips can help you achieve this: Identify what emotion can help you manage the situation well. Bring back a remembered sense of this feeling mentally and physically. Visualise yourself maintaining this feeling through the situation. Repeat an empowering word or phrase that keeps you on track.

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  5. Five-Step Emotional Healing Process Become familiar with the situations that disturb you, take action to enable yourself to balance your emotional response to them and make this emotional healing process an integral part of your life. Notice the situation that upsets you.

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    Embrace change with emotional needs as your guide. Six Tips to Calm Your Body through Breath Should you find yourself feeling stressed or emotionally disturbed you can quickly re-establish your inner sense of calm and control by following these six tips: Physical Strategies for Emotional Healing. Mapping the Emotional Environment Chapter 8: Facing up to Emotional Challenges Chapter 9: Managing Relationships Chapter Strategies for Getting through Tough Times Chapter Mindfulness Practices to Rebalance Chapter Lifestyle Strategies for Emotional Healing Chapter Becoming the Emotionally Healed Person.

    Planning to Manage Emotions in the Future Chapter Inspiring Healing in Others Chapter Helping your Child to Heal.


    Ten Exercises for Emotional Healing. Helen Whitten is an accredited coach and mediator specialising in cognitive behavioural coaching and neuro-linguistic programming. She is Managing Director of Positiveworks, a coaching consultancy that helps people make the best of their lives. Home Subjects General Self-Help.

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    Description At some point in their lives, most people will have thought: Emotional Healing For Dummies covers: He uses methods described in this book to create mind—body toolkits to help individual clients restore their wellbeing, health and vitality. Table of contents Introduction.

    Exploring the Physiology of Emotion. Tuning In to Your Emotions. Emotions and Your Body. Unravelling Feelings and Food: Following Your Body Rhythms.