Goli Otok - Hell in the Adriatic

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This book brings light to the other gulags in the former Yugoslavia and puts to rest once and for all the myth of "Communism with a Human Face. This book is a must for the reader who is interested in post-war Yugoslavia.


Goli Otok: Hell in the Adriatic

It relates the experiences of prisoners who were punished and tortured, sometimes to death, on what is know as the "Naked Island. He is beaten and tortured numerous times in an effort to extract a fabricated confession and is finally tried and convicted. From inside the prison, he witnesses the atrocities that the Communist regime inflicted on anyone who did not abide by their ideology.

The accounts are straighforward and written in a simple manner. The author does not espouse his own political theories and refrains from relating the grisliest details. He became ill and was deported back to Yugoslavia where he was declared a public enemy. What followed was years of torture in the high-security prison.

Goli Otok - Hell in the Adriatic

A place of pain, barbarity and execution, Goli Otok was a top secret jail where Tito's Yugoslav communist regime detained over 30, political prisoners knowing that they were sure to crumble under the conditions. Forced to do heavy labor in a stone quarry, regardless of the weather conditions, extremely hot in the summer and subjected to chilling bura wind in the winter, many did not survive.

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Escaping to Germany and later moving to Canada, Mr. He did it as a coping mechanism for his never-ending nightmares, to exercise freedom of conscience and expression, and especially to alert others of the gross human rights violations in communist Yugoslavia. The prison, however, continued to operate until The rocky and inhospitable island was abandoned in following the dismantlement of the labor camp as the Yugoslav federation crumbled in the late s.

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