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They also give the gut punch at the beginning of Moore's run even more pain, because you've spent some time getting to know the characters. In the TPBs I've seen of Moore's run they do offer some recaps up until that moment since they know most people will be starting there. There are a number of things already happening that Moore conrinues on, such as Anton Arcane and Matt Cable, but it doesn't require a ton of work to get what's been happening. I just started reading book one of "Saga of the Swamp Thing" yesterday.

It's so beautifully drawn and so elegantly worded — true literature combined with breathtaking art. I'm looking forward to the next several books. Moore's saga is on a completely different plane of literary existence. They haven't released an omnibus edition of the series yet, there are only the trade paperback editions which I would highly recommend, Alan Moore's Swamp Thing is my favourite comic run of all time. Still baffles me that they haven't released anything more substantial than the trades yet, it's one of the most popular runs of all time, surely it would sell well?

I'm not a huge Absolute Edition fan - but this is definitely a run I'd like to see given that treatment and, yes, it's surprising no oversize format at all has been done with this material. This is exactly what Ive been thinking aswell for the last few years, not even an updated thicker trade paperback collection. Though I wish they would make an Omnibus collection of Moore's entire run that would be the dream, perhaps one or two volumes long.

Swamp Thing was the comic that made me really get into comics, specifically "Another Green World", which was just a couple of issues after this one. When I saw the scene where Woodrue kills those drunk teenage boys in their car I was completely hooked already, but then the full page where Swamp Thing wakes up and pulls himself up out of the ground just completely blew me away.

Completley agree they were both very close for me, My Blue Heaven was an existential and deeply poetic read, haunting and surreal as it was an exploration of total isolation and humanity. Don't remember the name, but I liked the episode where the stoner mushroom collector finds one of the tubers that has fallen off the Swamp Things back and he gives slices to 3 of his friends and we get to read about their hallucinogenic journeys.

Her Guardiner: Alan Moore's Swamp Thing as the Green Man

If we're talking other great issues from the same run, I'd probably put Rite of Spring as a close second and My Blue Heaven in third, but I think The Anatomy Lesson clinches it for sheer visceral impact, and the influence it's had on comics in the decades since. For my money, My Blue Heaven is the single best issue of a comic ever. Just a masterclass in the form.

Im inclined to agree with you, on this being the THE greatest single issue ever, this issue followed by Issue 56 of Moore's Swamp Thing run "My Blue Heaven" are the two greatest issues i've read so far. I'd probably stick 34 Rite of Spring at 2 and My Blue Heaven at 3, mainly because 34 has one of my favorite romantic moments in all the comics I've read. Really happy to see this here. I always considered this the greatest single issue too.


The way it flows from start to finish, it feels like a perfect song or movie. And the ideas are really cool too - the concept of the swamp gaining Alec Holland's consciousness in the same way that Planarian worms absorb memories from other deceased worms is just genius. I have a tattoo of art from this issue.

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  • “The Anatomy Lesson”:.
  • Zug in die Freiheit (German Edition).

I finally bought and read the first volume a month ago. Can't wait to get into more of it. Was expecting the "tastes like yams" page. There is so much great stuff during his run. Really love the Etrigan issues too. The hot creamy white milk that oozed out of those psychedelic swamp potatoes tasted like Cardamom according to Abby. Anyone know what Moore is referencing with the "infirm boy kings" line at the beginning of the story?

Alan Moore's SWAMP THING (is horrifying)

The line is something about rain, potted plants and infirm boy kings. I haven't read it in over 15 years so I might be getting it wrong. That issue was horrifying The narrators voice gave me chills the whole time. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Please read our image policy before submitting one. For reading suggestions, please check the FAQ. Links to pirated material or piracy sites will result in an immediate ban.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. This run is a classic, a must-read for anyone who enjoys the comic book medium. Moore used Swamp Thing , a DC comics book, as a soapbox to discuss morality and ethics. But, you can still expect a few familiar faces, like Batman, to pop up from time to time. Originally, Swamp Thing was a scientist named Alec Holland who was transformed into Swamp Thing during a chemical lab explosion, pretty standard stuff.

Nope, that guy died after the chemical explosion.

Graphic Playlist: Swamp Thing by Alan Moore

Swamp Thing was actually a byproduct of the chemicals and vegetation. The vegetation became sentient and thought it was the recently deceased, Alec Holland. I usually roll my eyes at retcons, but this one is something special.