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The Steelers finally solved their Patriots problem at the right time to maintain their half-game division lead over the surging Ravens and also improve their own playoff chances to at least fall back on a wild card.


Late for Work 12/4: Evaluating Ravens’ Playoff Chances, Including Winning AFC North

They will hope they can finish a game ahead over the final two weeks, and with it, also steal home field. They kept pace with the winning Steelers in the North and are still within striking distance. Clinching scenarios for Week Who's knocking on the door: The Colts and Titans kept pace with and kept the pressure on the Ravens.

The Dolphins fell out of the mix by losing to the Vikings. The Browns are barely alive because they can no longer win the division but can still get in if they win out and create a three-way tie between the Colts and Titans, which would also require those teams tying each other in Week The Bengals were eliminated after the Steelers, Colts and Titans all won. In the process, the Saints also jumped back over the Rams in the race for home-field advantage.

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Now they finish with two of the most inconsistent contenders in league in their final three games. They need to win out to at least avoid losing the second bye to the Bears, to whom they also lost on the road.

Late for Work 12/4: Evaluating Ravens’ Playoff Chances, Including Winning AFC North

They also gained a game on the losing Cowboys to better secure the No. They're still a long shot to jump the Rams, whom they beat in Week 14, for No.

Does Lamar Jackson give Ravens the best chance to make playoffs?

The Colts, even if they were to also finish , would lose the next tiebreaker: Indianapolis can finish only as strong as in the AFC; the Ravens can end a game ahead, at The Bengals were the last team to claim the division with just nine wins, but such a feat is not an impossibility for the Ravens. If they split their remaining games, the Ravens would need the Steelers to lose to both the Saints and Bengals. Because of the possibility of a strength-of-victory tiebreaker — more on that later — if the Ravens had to lose, they would be better served by a loss to the Cleveland Browns than to the Chargers.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Ravens hold the all-important head-to-head tiebreaker over Tennessee, but if Indianapolis is to finish as well, it cannot afford to lose in its Week 17 finale against the Titans. A loss Sunday to the Giants, while damaging, would not be fatal. Colts win the wild card straight up. Titans win the wild card straight up.


Wild card still to be determined. In the last scenario, it gets complicated.

2018 AFC North Standings

The Titans would be eliminated because of their winless head-to-head record against both the Ravens and Colts , who have not met this season. The second tiebreaker, winning percentage in conference games, would not be decisive: The third tiebreaker, winning percentage in common games, would also produce a stalemate. Only at the fourth tiebreaker would there likely be some relief. Strength of victory, defined as the combined winning percentage of all the opponents a team has defeated, should produce a wild-card team.

Entering Week 16, the eight teams the Ravens have beaten are a combined.

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  4. Those winning percentages will fluctuate over the next two weeks. The end might arrive before then: