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The Master fled to the end of the universe and made himself human when defeat seemed inevitable. The Master reveals that the three are now England's most wanted criminals and has stripped them of any help, including sending Torchwood on a wild goose chase to the Himalayas.

The Master asks the Doctor where Gallifrey is, and the Doctor responds that Gallifrey is gone and burned. Hiding in an abandoned building, the Doctor uses parts of Martha's laptop and his TARDIS keys to create perception filters so they can move about unnoticed.

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He explains some of the Master's past and tells them how, as a child, the Master looked into the time vortex and was driven mad. They see a TV report that the Master is planning to reveal Earth's first contact the next day with an alien race known as the Toclafane. Saxon and moving it to the flying aircraft carrier Valiant.

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The Master accepts the changes and boards the Valiant with his wife. The Doctor, Martha, and Jack teleport aboard with the vortex manipulator and discover that the TARDIS has been converted by the Master into a Paradox Machine that is building up power to be activated at the appointed time of first contact. The Doctor tells Martha and Jack to try to get their perception filters around the Master to reveal who he really is to humanity.

They enter the bridge unnoticed, and the first four Toclafane appear on the bridge and demand to see the Master. Saxon reveals himself as the Master and orders the Toclafane to kill President Winters, who is promptly disintegrated on the spot. The Master also reveals that he can see around the perception filters, and uses his laser screwdriver to kill Jack and age the Doctor years by suspending his ability to regenerate.

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Jack, having been revived, gives Martha his vortex manipulator and tells Martha to get off the Valiant. The Master brings Martha's family onto the bridge as the Paradox Machine activates. He taunts the aged Doctor about the nature of the Toclafane and his impending victory. The Paradox Machine activates and a massive rift opens above the Valiant , allowing six billion Toclafane to descend upon Earth.

The Master orders the Toclafane to kill one-tenth of the Earth's population and the Valiant echoes with the screams and pleas of humans as they are slaughtered worldwide. Martha tends to the aged Doctor, and he whispers into her ear. Unable to save the Doctor, Jack, or her family she promises she will return and uses the vortex manipulator to teleport away.

Martha arrives on Earth and flees into the distance as the Toclafane wreak havoc on humanity.

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The Master gloats about the fall of the human race and the Doctor is forced to look upon his new dominion, devastated by his failure to stop the Master The first televised black Time Lord appears during this Gallifrey flashback. Black Time Lords previously appeared in the spin-off novel The Shadows of Avalon by Paul Cornell , published in , as well as in the Big Finish Productions audio plays, in which Lord President Rassilon was played by actor Don Warrington whose likeness is used for the character in official artwork.

Whilst the boy Master wears a black-and-white outfit like those worn by the first Time Lords seen on screen, in The War Games in , [2] the adult Time Lords are depicted dressed in the ceremonial robes first seen in The Deadly Assassin in Created by then BBC staff designer James Acheson prior to his film career, the huge stiff collars of these outfits remained the distinctive look for officials of the Doctor's race. The collars used were the originals, on loan from the Doctor Who Exhibition in Blackpool.

The Seal of Rassilon —the equally well-established Gallifreyan symbol employed by Acheson originally in the non-Time Lord-related Revenge of the Cybermen —appears here for the first time since its prominent use in the television movie.

Armin van Buuren feat. Laura Jansen – Sound Of The Drums (Bobina Remix)

When talking to the world's press cameras toward the end of the episode, the Master begins his speech "Peoples of the Earth, please attend carefully. The Master refers to his wife, Lucy Saxon, as his faithful " companion ", a title regularly assumed by the travelling partners of the Doctor.

The Master is shown enjoying an episode of Teletubbies , continuing a fascination with children's television first seen in The Sea Devils , when he was shown watching Clangers. He wryly analyses both series' characters, remarking how amazing it would be if they were real. Although that episode hinted at her downfall due to the Doctor's intervention due to her having a vote of no confidence in the House of Commons , this episode confirms it, mentioned as being at the same point that the Master appeared.

In his first cabinet session, the Master refers to the reconstruction of the Cabinet Rooms and Downing Street , which were destroyed at the climax of " World War Three ". Martha's television is branded Magpie Electricals—this company originally rented and sold televisions manufactured by other companies in the s, as seen in " The Idiot's Lantern ".

The Master reveals that he was responsible for Tish getting the job working for Professor Lazarus —whose work he was funding—in "The Lazarus Experiment", hoping to trap the Doctor and Martha. In that episode a circular symbol can be seen throughout the main building featured, the same symbol is visible as being part of the Master's ring in this episode, a hint that he is connected to the Lazarus project.

He has since incorporated the genetic manipulation technology into his new laser screwdriver. The Doctor has previously been prematurely aged in The Leisure Hive This is the first episode in which it is explicitly established that the TARDIS' anachronistic nature goes largely unnoticed in part due to its "perception filter". The Doctor makes reference to having to end the Time War.

This is echoed in " The Satan Pit " when the Beast calls the Doctor the "killer of his own kind", suggesting explicitly the Doctor's involvement with the destruction of all the Time Lords in the last great Time War. In "The Day of the Doctor" it's later revealed that the Tenth Doctor had a hand in it as well as his past War Doctor incarnation and his future eleventh incarnation , but that things didn't end as he had previously believed. We'll have things fixed soon. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Sound of the Drums Lyrics [Verse: Waiting For the Night. Sound of the Drums. Turn This Love Around.

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