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Dubric believes that the disappearances are a simple case of a serial killer being on the loose. Things This is the second book by Jones that features Dubric Byerly as the lead investigator.

Things end up being more complicated than Dubric could have guessed. I thought this book was much better than the first book of the series. Dubric and Lars are great characters. The story is well written and well put together. There is a lot of action, lots of plot twists and turns, and the characters have a lot of depth and are interesting.

This really is a well-written series, it's just not my type of series. I have trouble reading these books because they go outside my areas of comfort regarding the blood, gore, and torture in them. This book crosses into uncomfortable, hard to read about areas for me. They are also very scary and I am not big into scary books, they tend to creep me out and give me nightmares. The only reason this book is considered fantasy is because it takes place in a fantasy type realm castles, pages, etc.

So, while this book is superbly writing, the characters are very unique, and the plot is deftly twisted I won't be reading any more of these books because they are too scary for me. Laugh if you like, but my husband was getting sick of me turning all the lights on in the house at night, so no more of these scary books for me. Jul 04, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: The second novel in the Dubric Bryerly series, I enjoyed this one more than the first novel, Ghosts in the Snow.

While "Snow" was enjoyable, it was not as well paced, and seemed to lack the quick pacing and easy chemistry between it's four leads that this novel had. I'll be interested to see if the third book continues the upward swing. Threads of Malice is a dark, twisted horror story at first glance, more so even than "Ghosts.

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The interlinked towns, the b-story line with Lars and the Saworths, and the thread of Stuart and the Conrys ended up weaving together much better than the first novel, where I felt a little surprised by the ending. In this book, Jones seems much more confident as an author, and better able to weave the threads of the plot together not unlike the villains of the piece weaving their own, malicious cloth. There is a stronger supernatural element in this book than in "Ghosts," and the rules of Dubric's curse are more clearly defined. Jones also doesn't shy away from causing permanent damage to her four main characters in turn: First Dubric, then Otlee, then Dien, and finally Lars in the slightly ridiculous yet chilling climax.

I really enjoy the rich world and the strong characters Jones writes here, as well as the mystery plot, and the well-written horror. This is shaping up to be an excellent series, and I'm very pleased overall with the first two books. Feb 05, Jen rated it it was amazing Shelves: I had forgotten how much I love this series. It's been over a year since I read the first one, and I fell for it hard. Dubric Byrley is the Castellan of Faldorrah, meaning he's the overall law-enforcement for an entire kingdom.

He also has a big problem - he sees the ghosts of murdered souls until he avenges their murders. Not only is that a little creepy, but it causes him physical pain. And when the ghosts have been around for a while, they gain the ability to actually touch and move things, a I had forgotten how much I love this series. And when the ghosts have been around for a while, they gain the ability to actually touch and move things, and so they can torment him by tossing his notes and things when he's taken too long to solve their murders.

In this book of the series, someone has been taking the boys of the Reach, a rural area of Faldorrah, from thin air in the middle of the night. The local people believed it was a night spirit, and that's why no one ever found any remains of the boys - until a body washes up in the river. When Dubric arrives and inspects the body, it's clear that it's been brutally abused, both beaten and viciously raped, with a weird thread coming from the temple of the head. Dubric and his team immediately begin investigations, but when his youngest page disappears in broad daylight and he finds out his oldest page is at the top of the kidnapper's hit list, Dubric realizes he's running out of time.

The story is pretty gruesome, but it's one of those can't-put-it-down books where the story is really interesting the whole way through and moves extremely quickly. It's not the kind of book to make me reflect on the world an my place in it, but it's a damn good mystery novel!

Threads of Malice by Tamara Siler Jones |

Nov 14, Virginia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Tammy's book is amazing. Great characters in a future setting after the world that we know has been destroyed and the rest of civilization is creeping back toward civilization. Though the story is supposed to be years in the future, it has a medieval feel with castles and Pages. Dubric is the detective who is haunted by the spirits of the dead until he can solve their murders. He is the law in the area, in his sixties he is scarred from a fire in the past and suffers from arthritis but still Tammy's book is amazing.

He is the law in the area, in his sixties he is scarred from a fire in the past and suffers from arthritis but still an appealing character. This story is more graphic than her first but she did warn me. It is about a Gacy like serial killer so what he does is disturbing. I think she handles the subject well pulling you into the story because you have to find out if any of Dubric's young Pages survive.

I will definitely read the third in the series now. Mar 13, Captain Sir Roddy, R. Threads of Malice is a genuine, dyed-in-the-wool pun intended thriller that will absolutely keep you riveted to the edge of your seat. There are some seriously horrifying "OMG" moments in this extremely well-written fantasy mystery. Tamara Siler Jones has carved herself out a rather unique niche in current fantasy fiction--she calls it "forensic fantasy"--with her main protagonist of Castellan Dubric Bryerly, a survivor of the 'Mage Wars' and now the 'Chief of Security' in his Lord's castle.

Y Threads of Malice is a genuine, dyed-in-the-wool pun intended thriller that will absolutely keep you riveted to the edge of your seat. Young men are being murdered, one after the other, but who is doing the killing and why? This is loaded with mystery, magic, and some crazy-good old-fashioned suspense. This is a terrific series of novels, from a terrific new writer. I really do recommend that you read the first in the series, Ghost In the Snow , before reading this though. May 18, Michael Kucharski rated it liked it. Ghad, was this book brutal to its characters, a fine tradition started by Katherine Kurtz.

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Granted exhausted but satisfied, not pleased but satisfied. As I said about Ghosts in the Snow, this is not for the weak at heart. Even though Denny has assured me that although the third book is perhaps better than the first and second novels, it is a little less brutal, I am. Even though Denny has assured me that although the third book is perhaps better than the first and second novels, it is a little less brutal, I am going to give myself a month or so before I go out and pick it up.

Jan 25, Katherine rated it it was ok.

Threads Of Malice

I was given this book from one of my preschool students. His mom works for the Tribune and brought us in all the new books that they had to read and reveiw. I picked this one thinking that it sounded interesting. Wow, this book is disturbing. I still have images of horror running through my mind when I think of this one.

I would not recommend this one if you are weak of heart. It is hard to understand how people can be so cruel to each other, especially young people. I would definetly not let my I was given this book from one of my preschool students. I would definetly not let my husband read this, he sees this in real life everyday, he doesn't need to read about it to. Feb 19, Alethea rated it liked it. This series is billed as forensic fantasy, although this particular volume might better be called forensic fantasy horror, as it's particularly bleak and gruesome.

I found it interesting, and entertaining it its way, but I'm not certain either my stomach or my nerves are going to be up to reading it again Still, as with the first in the series, it's an interesting genre mashup, and I could definitely wish for more of the breed. Jul 20, A. Williams rated it really liked it. Captivating and engaging from beginning to end.

This book was far more disturbing, though. The stakes were higher, and there is a lot more action. A lot more darkness. A lot more grit. But it was masterfully and tastefully done. Jul 08, Valerie rated it liked it Recommends it for: Jan 07, Nan rated it really liked it Shelves: Extremely graphic horror and well-written fantasy.

May 14, Michelle added it Shelves: I only made it a few chapters in and couldn't finish. Bought it at the library sale and today it's in the trash. Not even worth the 50cents. Jul 28, Heather rated it really liked it. What draws you to modern Science Fiction? Science-fiction is a perfect medium to ask some of those tough questions, not to mention work out vicarious fears about the uncertainties we face today. Who is your favorite author and why? A few of the names that come to mind, for various different reasons: All have influenced me in one way or the other.

What came as the biggest surprise when you became published? Getting the phone call that my book sold.

Threads of Malice

And pretty much everything since. All published writers have a writing horror story. Sitting in a room full of producers trying to pitch ideas for Star Trek: The Next Generation without having a heart attack. One of those stories was about a society that cloned people for body parts, which ended up being the premise for that Michael Bay flick The Island. Maybe I was on to something. What are your long term plans as a writer?

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To write full-time one of these days. What do you do in your spare time? That said, I love the chocolate peanut-butter waffle cone. A lot of people imagine writers of dark fiction as tormented, possessed figures trying to exorcise their inner demons. Others… not so well, but I enjoy playing with the dichotomy. In fact, I encourage it. I do write to exorcise my demons. I also make these amazing chocolate chip caramel cookie bars.

Have you ever written something so horrifying that you scared yourself? Nope, never scared myself. What I write barely scratches the dark rancid meat beneath the chipper surface. I do, however, forbid my daughter to read my work. And why do you think readers are fascinated with such subjects? And to then figure out how and why? That taps into our innate curiosity as well. Forensic fantasy is an incredibly unique concept. She read the manuscript, saw that shining nugget, and had me re-write nearly the whole thing.

How do you view the role of violence in a book, particularly of the graphic variety? I am not a good judge of where that line is. Personally, I have yet to read anything that was too much for me and I have some pretty gruesome reading material. Have you ever imagined yourself as any one of your characters?

I do dream about them, yes, but always watching them. How does your writing routine work?

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And how do you handle the temptation to procrastinate? After supper we run errands, handle homework… whatever. Then, after things settle down, I write. I write almost entirely at night, from about 8: Procrastination is a constant battle for me. Writing a novel is often a solitary experience, but publishing a novel involves some heavy collaboration.

What are your thoughts on the editor-author relationship, and how do they compare to your expectations before your first book sold? I heard zillions of horror stories about those nasty people known as editors. They rip you to shreds! Fear the Red Pen of Death!! This is pretty cool! She cuts right to the heart of it and… wow! Thank God for my editor! All my writer buddies are insanely jealous at how happy I am. I think, though, that a lot of the relationship is what you bring to it. How dare you say it has ugly hair!

First and foremost, people equate published author with incredibly rich. We actually have less money now since I quit work to do this full time. There have been several people who never used to give me the time of day but now hang on every word. The strangest celebrity moment was this past summer at the grocery store.