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My designs are much more advanced and impressive.

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They pop a lot more! My life is completely different to how it was when I enrolled in Feb My husband and I decided to pursue our long term goal of opening our own Natural Medicine Clinic and after only 3 months into the course we found our perfect premises and prepared for opening to clients on the 1st of July. So I managed to fit in my studies with Olga and launch a new business all while homeschooling my 2 young sons.

I really felt like she saw my potential and kept having faith that I could do it. The gift of seeing through her eyes and critiquing my designs with her guidance was invaluable to me. I still paint professionally each month and said yes to a lot more work over the Christmas period which is a great boost financially at an expensive time of year. I like painting, I like using a different hemisphere of my brain. Last but not least, we have 29 year old Elodie of France.

Elodie went through her first pregnancy during her schooling, developing a previously undiscovered talent for belly painting… on herself! She submitted her final exam entry on January 9 and just a few hours later went into labor! Her sweet baby Molly was born January 10, and Elodie also officially earned her diploma the same day! I first learned some basic skills during my training at the professional makeup school Jean-Pierre Fleurimon in Paris.

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It was after this training that I joined the face painting team at Disneyland Paris. I discovered the work of artist Olga Murasev via her videos on YouTube and I immediately loved her art and clean designs.

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  • It was on Facebook that I learned that Olga had created a school. I wanted to learn her art and her techniques especially those of the one stroke. I wanted to improve upon the Disney style, and especially improve my style! What I gained by doing school… I would say everything! This training is, for me, the Bible of face painting. We learn a lot of things that can not be found anywhere else. Olga gives us valuable advice that motivates us to move forward.

    I was surprised to have a lot of creativity and to succeed in painting complex designs like tigers and superheroes. In this training, I was sometimes really overwhelmed but I gave a lot of energy towards my success. And now, I emerge that much more grown up! I am still at Disney, but I will soon retire to start a new adventure.

    With the school, my face painting has evolved so much. My designs have become harmonious, the composition is more balanced and my features are finer and mastered. I have purchased insurance, I am much better organized, and I have far more confidence in my art. When I learned that I was pregnant, I was overjoyed at the thought of being a mother.

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    I was also excited at the thought of being able to do belly painting on myself. It was very difficult at first, painting your own belly in a mirror is not an easy task! But, I stepped up to the challenge and learned how to properly balance my hand and keep my design properly leveled, thanks to Olga and the courses in the School. It was a beautiful experience both for me and for my baby as I felt her move under my brush strokes.

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    • I have a thousand plans in my mind! I would like to officially create my own business and specialize in belly painting during my pregnancy I made more than a dozen on my own belly. I would also like to publish a French book on the art of face painting because there is very little provided on the subject. We have so many amazingly talented students that we are so very proud of!

      We Howl Together ||Mystreet|| Dottie x Blaze Fanfiction

      It was terribly difficult to narrow it down to just a handful, and we want you to know how very proud we are of the astonishing accomplishments you all are achieving! Here are a few more remarkable before and after photos from some of our students from all over the world! The great self-confidence that our students gain from the miraculous increase in their skills gives them the push to not only excel on the job, in their businesses, but to truly put themselves out there professionally to gain notoriety and face paint fame!

      You all are truly making waves in the face painting community, and people are noticing! Just take a look! The sky is the limit! Graduate and now a certified School instructor Kristin Olsson also made it to the cover of the WetPaint magazine with the artwork she submitted for her final exam at the School.

      We are so very proud of each and every one of our students and the amazing progress that is being attained by you all. There are so much talent and potential in our students and we absolutely cannot wait to let you loose on the world to make your colorful mark! The world is your canvas and you hold the brush that unlocks your future.

      Meet the All-Stars

      Are you ready to take that leap of faith? What are you waiting for? This is a call to action! Subscribe today to receive expert tips and tricks, fresh face painting ideas, step-by-steps, and more. How the School is paving a pathway to success. Meet the All-Stars These students have really impressed us with their dedication and blossoming talent. What was your reason for enrolling in the School?

      Christmas is coming soon!

      What made you decide to enroll in the School? Why did you choose to enroll in the School? How has your career and life changed since the School? What are your plans for your face painting business? Why did you choose the International Face Paint School? The human capital paradigm is completely different so I'm hopeful and I'm rooting for these kids and teachers that the success will maintain, and time will tell.

      It's a fair observation. As someone who's been in this work a while — and I'm a white woman — I've definitely learned to be a better listener and I learned that lesson in some cases the hard way. We see that our teacher workforce doesn't look like our kids and that matters because there's a growing body of research that shows that students do far better academically when they are taught by a teacher that looks like them.

      There's significant effort in my own work to recruit candidates of color into the field and I would say that we have a lot of work to do to get that right. On whether ACE can turn the tide on failing schools without financial help from Austin: I don't think so. We're exploring what it takes to save failing schools in North Texas in an in-depth multimedia project. His journey to a master's degree in conflict resolution is like no other.